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  1. Awesome work! I was half-expecting you to port the soundset from Jedi Outcast for the bowcaster but all in all this is leagues above vanilla. Keep up the good work JC!
  2. In my defense... I was half-asleep when I read this mod over.
  3. I would but I have no way to decompile the scripts. My decompiler stopped working out of nowhere. I get "Error: Couldn't initialize the NwnStdLoader." Otherwise, I'd try to make the edits myself.
  4. Ah. So, I'm assuming there is no viable method for removing this particular restoration? I'm having an issue where I'm having clothes equipped instead of my Jedi robes.
  5. Does anyone know which script causes clothes to be automatically equipped in the Sand People Enclave? I know it was introduced by K1CP, I just don't know which one it is.
  6. It is. I'm looking for the script that dictates the weapons/implants/belts that spawn in the footlocker in the player's quarters.
  7. Could I get a decompile, please? k_pend_chest02.ncs
  8. SLM, as it functions in TSL, isn't possible in K1. There are certain scripts and functions that are only present in TSL's engine that the mod requires. Duplicating SLM for K1 simply isn't within the realm of possibility.
  9. So... I have 1 mod that affects the module with the final showdown involving Bastila. I have romanced her but no matter what dialogue I pick, I can't redeem her. She always attacks me at the end. Is anyone else having this problem?
  10. So, I have compared the details of the spells.2da for both games and am wondering if it would be possible to port or simply replicate the exact effects of the droid shock arm from TSL and put it in K1. If it is possible, is it as simple as creating a new list in the spells.2da and assigning a droid weapon to that spell? Or are there other details I have to consider?
  11. It says that appearance.2da was already detected in the Override and it skipped it. Will it have modified what was already there?
  12. Well... I loaded an old save from before I reached the Leviathan after editing my level back to 19. After beating it again, Canderous' dialogue remains unchanged.
  13. So, I can't unlock the dialogue if I'm level 20 by the time I reach the Leviathan?
  14. I thought the Davik convo wasn't a level restriction? I was under the impression it unlocked once the Leviathan was completed? EDIT: I went through the .dlg file and it says that Canderous needs to have his state at 8 to unlock the dialogue about working for Davik. His state has been stuck at 7 since I completed Jagi's Challenge. Does that mean anything?
  15. I had the issue with 1.8 as well. But K1CP is the only mod I have that affects Canderous' dialogue tree.
  16. I'm already on Lehon. I have the files in my Override yet the dialogue does not trigger. My point is that I can't even get the background into him working for Davik, which originally unlocked as soon as I escaped the Leviathan.
  17. Yeah. I've long since escaped the Leviathan and he's still talking about Jagi. I cannot get the conversation about working for Davik nor the final dialogue tree about how his life turned out. I completed all prerequisite conversations on Taris and completed Jagi's Challenge on my first trip to Tatooine immediately after Dantooine. Yet his dialogue remains stuck. According to KSE, Canderous is still at G_CAND_STATE: 7. Was he supposed to be at G_CAND_STATE: 8?
  18. Nope. I'm on Lehon and Canderous is still talking about "this thing with Jagi."
  19. Is anyone else having an issue where they can't finish Canderous' dialogue chain. I'm stuck on him saying that this "thing with Jagi" has him thinking. Post-Leviathan can't get any more out of him. EDIT: I think the next chain is supposed to be me being able to ask Canderous about working for Davik and then there was the Unknown World dialogue about how his life turned out. I just can't seem to get him to advance. I know K1CP adjusted his dialogue provisions. I'm level 20 and I managed to complete all of Canderous' pre-Jagi dialogue before leaving Taris.
  20. So, I checked the .uti for the Krayt Dragon Pearl but there were no properties. How do I change the effects of a crystal?