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  1. Very interesting! Personally, I think the only things from the TSL engine/game that I'd like to see mechanic wise for use while playing KotOR is the higher level cap and the more in depth weapon customization/item crafting and I figured these two things wouldn't be possible to move over to K1 but IDK. I'm sure others could think of some other things. I guess it would be cool to have Force Enlightenment and have it work the way it works in K2 while playing K1. I'm sure people will grab the Force Crush animations and sounds and make a number of cool Force Power mods with it for K1. I'd really like to see people bring over the, IMO, much better Jedi robe designs that can be found in K2 and all the new armors and items in general which I'm guessing will be fairly easy at least in regards to the models and textures. Mainly I'm just throwing ideas out there. I'm so busy these days I probably won't get to enjoy or help with some of the awesome things the community is going to do.
  2. So porting is finally good to go? In my honest opinion, this is long overdue. I can't wait to see what awesome content the community can storm up. Maybe eventually we'll even be able to get most of the story from KotOR onto the TSL engine.
  3. ChrisC26

    Battlefront Turmoil

    I almost completely agree, however I would say this new 2017 Battlefront II is quite an improvement over the 2015 Battlefront and is very fun. The gameplay is smooth, it has great sound design, beautiful visuals, and decent action. In fact I would say the only major issue with 2017 Battlefront II is this whole micro-transaction bullpuckies. I think the silver lining here is to get Disney and LucasFilm to notice that the fanbase is NOT happy with EA and that they need to have a talk with them. EA may be hot Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in the gaming industry, but LucasFilm with Disney's might, could end them if they wanted to. In my opinion, it would be poetic justice after all the developers EA has shut down. Admin: Your post has been censored. Your next profanity violation earns you a three month time out.
  4. I think I have a solution for you. Copy the entire contents of the "Knights of the Old Republic II" folder in "Steam\steamapps\common" and rename it something else like "VanillaSWKotOR2" or "TSLRCMSWKotOR2" whatever it is you want to designate it. Then whichever mod (or collection of mods) you want to play, simply rename the the folder they are in to "Knights of the Old Republic II" but just make sure no other folder is currently named as such.
  5. Link? Here is the link. Any recommendations on what pages to skip? I remember back in the day following the progress on the different big projects around LucasForums. Was so much younger then... lol
  6. ChrisC26

    Help to HK-47

    I just edited HK's .utc file to make him even more bad ass. And I edited the skill.2da file so that he would earn more feats overall.
  7. Awesome work DP! I'll hopefully be able to take a look at them this weekend in-game and I'll try to provide screenshots with different texture mods. I think I can almost speak for everyone when I thank you for taking up the request!
  8. Once again DP you have done some awesome work. I'll give it a try this weekend!
  9. You can still expand on it personally, just not release it without the author's blessing.
  10. First you'll need the KotORTool by Fred Tetra. It should be on this site somewhere. There is also a HK47 melee weapons mod out there that should already do most of what you want for KotOR. A quick google search will find the mod. I don't remember if there is a KotOR2 version. Using the KotORTool you'll need to edit the .UTC files for HK47. It should be p_hk47.utc for KotOR but I don't remember what it is for KotOR2. You'll be able to change many of HK's beginning attributes, skills, feats, etc editing that file alone, so play around with that until you've got HK exactly how you want him. To change his feats progression, you'll need to use the KotORTool to edit the feat.2da file. This will let you change how many feats per level up character classes get. Since HK is the only character using the combat droid class, you can give him whatever amount you want.
  11. ^^ Yah just be patient. This mod is a request to begin with. It takes a back seat to the other projects of DP and/or anyone else who takes it upon themselves to give this a shot.
  12. As I said earlier, my knowledge of how the models and animations for KotOR work is very limited but would it be possible to export the male model and adjust its size to match up to what the female model should be? The model would not have the womanly figure though that the vanilla one does if any. Then it would be matched to the correct male animations?
  13. Wow I am so happy than many of you took interest in the idea. That is some awesome work there DP! That last shot without the cape looks really good. These make the already bland vanilla robes look worse! Do you think once finished we will be able to simply use textures from say ZimmMaster's Jedi Revan Robes or say Svosh's Revan Redemption Robes? Or do you think there would be texture issues because those mods use the hooded + masked version? If not, I suppose one of us will just have to make some cool texture skins to go with. I feel like a freeloader, I can provide .uti files I suppose if we don't want to use the vanilla ones..... I think I remember how to use KotORTool for that.
  14. You could try applying the texture from Avol's Darth Vader mod to an item of your choice. I've done this in the past and it seemed to work although the textures and models were more naturally compatible than what you're requesting. I was able to do it just by renaming the texture I wanted to the texture name of the model I wanted the texture to replace. Obviously you would not be able to release it without permissions.
  15. Thanks to Sithspecter we have the great Revan flowing cape mod. I don't have any experience with the models and animations with the games but I was wondering if it would be possible to apply those animations to the version of the robes without the mask on. If possible would we then be able to remove the hood or model the hood in the down position so that the character's full head and hair can be seen and we can avoid the texture clipping? Then lastly make a few different colored variants with and without the cape. The classic black/red. The beige/brown. A brown/gold variant. A dark grey/black variant. Permissions would be needed from Sithspecter. In my opinion the "Darth Revan's Robes" and "Star Forge Robes" the vanilla game offers us has always paled in comparison to the more elegant design of the robe's caped version with the belt and all its extra additions. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this.