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  1. L0ki194

    Steam or GOG Version?

    Just throwing my two cents in, personally, it's all down to preference of which platform you wish to use. The nice thing about GOG of course is no DRM, and I feel like it's nice to have a back-up copy to fall on, in case you lose access to your Steam account or something. From my experience with both copies, they run fine, but that varies for some people. Considering you already own both the games on Steam, you're better off just waiting for either game to go on sale for cheap and pick it up if you feel like it (Winter/Summer/May The 4th Sales always help). Otherwise, just stick to using the Steam versions (and reverting TSL to the LegacyPC build if you have issues with the Aspyr 2015 update).
  2. L0ki194

    MOD:K1 Faster Scuba

    Big thanks to you, A Future Pilot. Glad that I won't have to resort to using the "turbo" cheat now.
  3. L0ki194

    Misc TOR Ports

    While I'm not too big on TOR's artsyle (or maybe just the way that game looks), I've gotta say, it's nice to see those models in KOTOR's engine. Interested to see what else gets ported. Also hyped for the Revan mask being ported, because that would be really nice to have. Do you think it'd be possible to have it replace the vanilla model in the cutscene where Revan takes the mask off?
  4. L0ki194

    MOD:JC's Korriban: Back in Black for K1

    Nice! I was going to do this myself as well, but I didn't get very far due to some IRL stuff. The only thing I might change (or have it as an option), is having Uthar wear the Sith Apprentice/Bandon armor. This mod's a much needed change, I find. Thanks again, JC!
  5. Haven't signed in since just before the new site update, though I did see when it changed. Looks good. Hopefully after I'm done with some IRL stuff in a couple of weeks, I can get back to mod-related stuff, especially since I finally got a new PC running a GTX 750 (which had some issues at first, but at least now I'm off my old Intel HD rig).

  6. L0ki194

    HD Yuthura Ban

  7. L0ki194

    Jedi Hermit Robes

  8. L0ki194

    Kyle Katarn Head

  9. L0ki194

    High Quality Skyboxes

  10. L0ki194

    TOR HK Skin Pack

  11. L0ki194

    Holowan Duplisaber Beta