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  1. I'm afraid I do not anymore, sorry about that. The robe model is from this https://deadlystream.com/files/file/412-kotor-prequel-robe-replacement/
  2. You know, part of me wonders how K1 ported into TSL would work (any technical issues or limitations aside). Main reason I think about this is just because of how TSL handles things better than 1, such as upgrading items, datapad pop-ups and the ability to swap weapon sets. Another pro I could imagine would be better widescreen support, considering TSL is less of a hassle to work with compared to K1.

    1. L0ki194


      Theoretically speaking, perhaps one way of accomplishing said idea would be something akin to that of Fallout New Vegas' Tale of Two Wastelands mod. An example of how the player could start K1's story would be having a new prompt during the prologue that sends the player instead to the Endar Spire (or, if you want to skip ahead just have the player wake up in the Taris Apartment, or even further ahead to the Dantooine enclave.)

      Again, these are just ideas, I'm not here stating that I'm starting a conversion project or something. Just think the idea would be really cool, because TSL brought a lot of improvements that I wish could be carried back to K1 in some way (like how upgrades, datapads having a pop-up, and how the game handles higher resolutions better than K1).

  3. At some point in the near (and I mean near) future, I'll be putting out a mod that changes a few things regarding the Exile's clothing in TSL, cause those random commoner clothes aren't cutting it. Soon

    1. jc2


      Good luck! And "soon" is such a subjective term ^^

    2. L0ki194


      Haha, yeah, it really is. Really though, I just need to organize files and get some proper screenshots to show the mod off.

    3. Sith Holocron
  4. I think I've encountered the same thing before in the past, but I'm not sure as to how it happens. Last time I tried adding these, it worked but perhaps I messed something up in the item files for this mod. I might look into when I get the chance, but I'm also going to be redoing this mod at some point, I think.
  5. Time sure flies... I have a good handful of mod ideas I've messed with over a good year or two by now, but it's been very spread out. One day I'll get something out of my WIP folder and into the wild.

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Anything near completion?

    3. L0ki194


      @Sith Holocron It's a bit of a mixed bag. Some are near finished, just need UTI and Icon adjustments, others I still need to begin. For now, I've set up a "roadmap" for myself, so I can focus on one thing at a time.

      The closest mod I have to completion is a mod for TSL that alters the Exile's appearance rows, allowing them their own model for clothing, similar to how Party Members have their own model. Comes with Light/Dark Side texture swapping as well. Additionally, it replaces the Exile's armband on the Harbinger with their own custom clothes item, which can be upgraded. That will be the first out of the gate.

    4. Mellowtron11


      I like the exile's clothing idea! Looking forward to its release!

  6. Pausing mid-animation can yield some... interesting results.


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      That droid is screwed.

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      Top 10 Haunting Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster.

  7. Just throwing my two cents in on this... In my head, the overall tone and mood sticks across both male or female characters. For K1, the quips through combat and other interactions (like in the video SH linked) help form a little more of an established tone for K1 PCs for me. Usually, I imagine them as "Cocky in a fight with jobbers/grunts/cannon fodder enemies, but a little more serious with the likes of Sith Masters and other serious threats". Normal Dialogue still retains some form of the cocky/smug attitude, but usually is respectful and serious enough. I also imagine a more "up-beat" tone of voice when they're talking with companions/other characters. In regards to the characters age, I imagine they're about 21 - 23 years old during the time of the Mandalorian Wars, and about 25/26 - 27/28 during the events of K1. TSL's a bit of a different story though, as the player is entirely silent for the most part. I imagine the Exile as someone who has a mostly serious tone of voice, sounding a bit calm and maybe even jaded because of their time during the Mandalorian Wars. The age of the Exile I always imagine as anywhere from mid to late 30s. If I want to be specific, maybe... 36. One voice I could definitely imagine as a female exile would be Laura Bailey. Best example I can give is this clip from Fallout New Vegas' Dead Money DLC That's about all I can think of, for now.
  8. Well, unfortunately, models isn't my forte at the moment, so that'll have to be by somebody else. My pack will mostly be a texture/item thing, models will be up to the player choice anyways.
  9. @djh269Oh don't worry, I hopped in on finding as much as I could for reference. From the looks of it, it's just the standard Star Forge robes but with Revan's mask and the hood added on, which is fine. I don't know if a model exists for just having the hood and mask raised, and not using the other belt items Revan's robes has. Still, should be a very simple job.
  10. I'm still kinda active, I've just been side-tracked with other things (namely in real life) at the moment. I do still plan on releasing that pack that I've been working on, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist and ended up redoing things from scratch again (still messing around with the template file in photoshop). This time though, I will definitely be using that Galaxy of Heroes look for the Star Forge robes. Might even see about some 2da editing to add disguise items for the full experience. For now though, what @djh269 suggested is a good alternative.
  11. Just throwing my two cents in, personally, it's all down to preference of which platform you wish to use. The nice thing about GOG of course is no DRM, and I feel like it's nice to have a back-up copy to fall on, in case you lose access to your Steam account or something. From my experience with both copies, they run fine, but that varies for some people. Considering you already own both the games on Steam, you're better off just waiting for either game to go on sale for cheap and pick it up if you feel like it (Winter/Summer/May The 4th Sales always help). Otherwise, just stick to using the Steam versions (and reverting TSL to the LegacyPC build if you have issues with the Aspyr 2015 update).
  12. Big thanks to you, A Future Pilot. Glad that I won't have to resort to using the "turbo" cheat now.
  13. While I'm not too big on TOR's artsyle (or maybe just the way that game looks), I've gotta say, it's nice to see those models in KOTOR's engine. Interested to see what else gets ported. Also hyped for the Revan mask being ported, because that would be really nice to have. Do you think it'd be possible to have it replace the vanilla model in the cutscene where Revan takes the mask off?
  14. Nice! I was going to do this myself as well, but I didn't get very far due to some IRL stuff. The only thing I might change (or have it as an option), is having Uthar wear the Sith Apprentice/Bandon armor. This mod's a much needed change, I find. Thanks again, JC!
  15. Haven't signed in since just before the new site update, though I did see when it changed. Looks good. Hopefully after I'm done with some IRL stuff in a couple of weeks, I can get back to mod-related stuff, especially since I finally got a new PC running a GTX 750 (which had some issues at first, but at least now I'm off my old Intel HD rig).