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Some of the Dark Jedi/Sith Assassin robes in TSL were repurposed versions of Jolee Bindo’s model from K1. Because the original model and texture for Jolee’s robes weren’t included in TSL, and due to issues concerning porting content from one game to the other, this mod adds a retinted version of the TSL Dark Jedi/Sith Assassin robes to approximate the original look of Jolee’s robes in K1. Note that this does not include the lowered hood like the K1 version, as that was physically removed from the mesh. However, one bonus is that TSL added a female version of the mesh, so this is available for both male and female characters.


Because of restrictions with the way body models in KOTOR work, the only way to add the model without replacing an entire class of existing clothes/armour/robe models is as a disguise. The problem with the disguise functionality is that is replaces the entire body, including the head. In order to show a head, a separate appearance is required for every single player and party member head. In other words, each version of the item will show a specific head, regardless of whatever head you usually have. The item name references which particular head it will show, so choose the one that matches your regular head. Refer to the player head reference chart or check your head ID in KSE. Note that this only includes vanilla heads. If you use a custom head mod then you will need to modify the head ID value in one of the added appearance.2da rows to point to your custom head’s heads.2da ID.


The item has the base stats of a Jedi Master Robe and is upgradeable.


Extract the archive and run TSLPatcher to install. Add the robes to your inventory via KSE or console command. There are 40 versions of the item to cover all player/party heads. Simply add whichever are appropriate. Item use is restricted by player, sex, and party member, as appropriate.


Both the TSL and original versions of the model have some issues with backface clipping of the "skirt" polys that cause some shading errors. This is an inherent issue in the model and not due to anything this mod does. It simply uses a hex edited version of the original models, they are otherwise untouched. Trying to fix it would probably cause more trouble than it would solve.


While the robe is upgradeable, in the Workbench rotating display it shows a commoner clothes model. I don't think this is resolvable because of the way the mod works. It adds two new entries to baseitems.2da, but it has to specify a pre-existing Body Variation (B in this case, clothing). I can't get it to show the Jolee robes model without replacing one of the base body types, which would defeat the whole point of going the disguise route.


While I did some basic testing to ensure that the items were equippable and didn't cause any crashes, the mod has not had any proper testing. Thus, I am releasing it here as a DS exclusive beta in the hope that some of you lot will play guinea pig.


As an additional note, the texture is not very good, basically just a quick and dirty colour overlay of the TSL texture. If anyone wants to do a proper version then by all means feel free to volunteer.


Also, I think I got all the heads, but let me know if I missed any.

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