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  1. I haven't tested it with K1R, and I'm not sure if K1R changes Juhani's appearance in any way. If it doesn't, I suppose with just the contents of the "Files" folder applied it is compatible. It says "incompatible" because it hasn't been tested. The contents of the "Extra" folder are, however, definitely incompatible (or mostly redundant) with K1R.
  2. Great concept/idea! I would recommend changing the colour of the Padawan robes to differentiate them from Knight robes -- perhaps bleaching them until they are almost white (Tatooine regular robes style), or even using a regular robe clothing as the Padawan clothing instead of a (more prestigious and expensive) Jedi robe.
  3. Great work! I commend your consideration towards different screen ratio/resolution settings and mods as per user preference! And I thank you for lovingly sharing your work with the community. Do the loading screens appear in a random rotation, or are they matched with their appropriate location?
  4. Well, humans don't have a cat's flattened nose ridge and nose, sharp teeth, human-cat eyes, striped fur covering their bodies, and pointy, cat ears -- but if that's how you see it, fine with me. I used the comic reference image as a visual design guideline, not a direct reference. The Cathar character depicted there is Sylvar, not Juhani. I have also consulted Wookiepedia on the history and genetics (depictions) of the Cathar species in the EU/Legends comics/stories. I have taken some liberty with her hair colour (dark brown as opposed to yellow-brown), and had KOTOR's design limitations to deal with when it comes to the angle of her ears (because of the game's headwear items), and the absence of a tail (although Cathars don't have tails in all depictions). If I may give constructive criticisism in return, I recommend you actually try out a skin/model in-game before you criticise it. In any case, this is a lot closer to the original reference material than the Juhani model/skin that ships with KOTOR, and I'm personally (very much) fond of it. Take it or leave it, or even build upon it, your choice. You're welcome.
    5* Was sorely needed. Immaculate and brilliant work!
  5. Cerez

    Iriaz on Dantooine

    Indeed, the Iriaz are docile (as supposed to be in the story) in this mod. They are attacked by the vicious Kath Hounds, so you can help them thrive by hunting down the Kath Hounds (the more Kath Hounds you kill, the more Iriaz will show on your next roam). Your party members will attack the Kath Hounds (if they are threateningly close), not the Iriaz.
  6. "You fought in the Clone Wars?" "I was once a Jedi Knight, the same as your father." "You knew my father? What was he like?" "He was the best star pilot in the galaxy, and a cunning warrior..." Star Wars The Clone Wars Rezzy's Chronological Episode Guide Introduction: We know that The Clone Wars (3D) animated TV series came after the prequel movies and was based on their content, but did you know that The Clone Wars can actually stand on its own without any need for the prequels' story -- in fact, in many ways it even works much better that way? That's right, you can watch the original trilogy, then dive straight into The Clone Wars without ever needing to see the prequel films. You can choose to forget them entirely (if you wish to). The following guide is a curation of The Clone Wars episodes into a comprehensive (and no-nonsense) story on the historic events and battles of the Clone Wars (matching official sources), telling of Anakin Skywalker's life as a Jedi Knight, and eventual fallout with the Jedi Council at the time of the crumbling of the Jedi Order. It's a marathon of an epic, detailing the heroic times of the noble and brave Jedi Knights, who fought to preserve peace and justice in the galaxy, and exploring the vast world of the Star Wars galaxy. Let's dig in, the Clone Wars await! Note: It is recommended that you watch A New Hope before getting started on this lengthy saga, as the first episode makes direct references to it (or vice versa). The Chronology: Cat and Mouse (2,16) The Hidden Enemy (1,16) Clone Cadets (3,01) Supply Lines (3,03) Ambush (1,01) Rising Malevolence (1,02) Shadow of Malevolence (1,03) Destroy Malevolence (1,04) Rookies (1,05) Bombad Jedi (1,08) Cloak of Darkness (1,09) Lair of Grievous (1,10) Jedi Crash (1,13) Defenders of Peace (1,14) Trespass (1,15) Blue Shadow Virus (1,17) Mystery of a Thousand Moons (1,18) Storm Over Ryloth (1,19) Innocents of Ryloth (1,20) Liberty on Ryloth (1,21) Holocron Heist (2,01) Cargo of Doom (2,02) Children of the Force (2,03) Bounty Hunters (2,17) Landing at Point Rain (2,05) Weapons Factory (2,06) Legacy of Terror (2,07) Brain Invaders (2,08) Grievous Intrigue (2,09) The Deserter (2,10) Lightsaber Lost (2,11) The Mandalore Plot (2,12) Voyage of Temptation (2,13) Duchess of Mandalore (2,14) Death Trap (2,20) R2 Come Home (2,21) Lethal Trackdown (2,22) Corruption (3,05) The Academy (3,06) Assassin (3,07) ARC Troopers (3,02) Sphere of Influence (3,04) Heroes on Both Sides (3,10) Pursuit of Peace (3,11) Senate Murders (2,15) Nightsisters (3,12) Monster (3,13) Witches of the Mist (3,14) The Citadel (3,18) Counterattack (3,19) Citadel Rescue (3,20) Padawan Lost (3,21) Wookiee Hunt (3,22) Water War (4,01) Gungan Attack (4,02) Prisoners (4,03) Shadow Warrior (4,04) Mercy Mission (4,05) Darkness on Umbara (4,07) The General (4,08) Plan of Dissent (4,09) Carnage of Krell (4,10) Kidnapped (4,11) Slaves of the Republic (4,12) Escape from Kadavo (4,13) A Friend in Need (4,14) Deception (4,15) Friends and Enemies (4,16) The Box (4,17) Crisis on Naboo (4,18) Massacre (4,19) Bounty (4,20) Brothers (4,21) Revenge (4,22) A War on Two Fronts (5,02) Front Runners (5,03) The Soft War (5,04) Tipping Points (5,05) The Gathering (5,06) A Test of Strength (5,07) Bound for Rescue (5,08) A Necessary Bond (5,09) Revival (5,01) Eminence (5,14) Shades of Reason (5,15) The Lawless (5,16) Sabotage (5,17) The Jedi Who Knew Too Much (5,18) To Catch a Jedi (5,19) The Wrong Jedi (5,20) Condition Unknown (6,01) Conspiracy (6,02) Fugitive (6,03) Orders (6,04) Additional Notes: Because production of the episodes was not done in chronological order, some episodes feature chronologically later happening illustrative footage in their intro/briefing sequence. This may become apparent once you've watched the entire series at least once, and you are familiar with the sequence of events. The Downside: This being an animated series, the comedy is a little bit more light-hearted (childish) than in the movies, and actions/movements, as well as all visual features are stylised, but you will quickly learn to 'translate' them into a depiction of real life visuals and movements as you progress through the series -- because the style is representational of real life features and consistent. These things go hand-in-hand with the nature of the medium. We never get to actually see Anakin fall to the Dark Side, but the hints are strong enough to let us fill in the details between the end of The Clone Wars and events of A New Hope. We don't necessarily need everything explained, do we? Some things can just be left up to imagination -- and tend to work better that way. The moment old Obi-Wan says "Droid? Don't seem to recall ever owning a droid," (and the fact that he doesn't recognise R2) is still a bit awkward in A New Hope after watching The Clone Wars, but it can be attributed to Obi-Wan never having much fondness for droids, and to the extremely long time passing since he's last seen R2D2 (many other droids have come and gone since) leading to him not connecting the dots straight away. We never find out what happened to Ahsoka after her departure. Her later life is left open to (fan fiction and) interpretation. What You Don't Need to See: The Clone Wars feature film, and any episode not listed here. Treat them as goofy bonus content, fun to watch, and not a part of the main series. The prequel or sequel trilogy of films. I sincerely recommend you avoid them entirely. The truly light-hearted, kids' TV show called Rebels. Download (Printable Version): The Clone Wars Guide.pdf
  7. They bought a universe, and they threw it away...

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    2. Cerez


      Hey Bek,

      You know, I keep telling this to people, you can reach me anytime on my email address (noted in any of my mods), which hasn't changed. Just because I'm not on JKHub, or any other SW site, doesn't mean I'm unreachable...

      I'm fine. Life hasn't been easy for me. I've had a little more free time lately, so I've started getting back into modding. (Still working on The Clone Wars Missions, haven't given up.)

      (Still haven't forgiven Caelum, Eez, and the awful things that transpired at JKHub, either. I never did receive an apology for being discriminated against, abused, and wronged, which speaks volume about their character and the nature of their leadership and community...)

      How about you?

    3. Bek


      I've been fine man. I've taken a long break from the nodding scene. I've been thinking about uploading some of the old mods I haven't finished, though I have half a mind to just finish them up and be done with it all. Haven't really as much free time as I used to.

    4. Cerez


      Probably best to wait until you feel passionate about working on them again. I find that giving things a long break, then rewatching old movies and shows I love, when I feel the need to, gets me going again (paying no mind to the passage of time). This is content that is mostly timeless because it speaks to the human condition, so it doesn't matter even if your work comes out decades later, and Disney hasn't exactly been helpful in keeping anyone motivated with their new content lately -- intent on doing their own thing, they've been doing zilch to build on any existing world and culture, and, as a result, the Star Wars fan and modding scene has suffered in the recent years tremendously...  So you're definitely not alone here.

      Personally, I've been digging into my other interests as well. When there's not enough for me to work with in Star Wars, I turn to other games and literature I love and enjoy. I've made quite a few new discoveries since. Variety is healthy and variety is key (as well as independence) to imagination and quality of work. After all, that's how George Lucas created Star Wars to begin with.

      I don't listen to corporations (couldn't care less), I don't follow mainstream trends, and I will always be both open to and critical about any form of art. Art should always be free from such such efforts of control and restraint, and it belongs in the hearts of those who truly appreciate it.

  8. Shem's mod made changes to game difficulty (NPCs' stats). This version simply changes the clothes the NPCs are wearing, leaving the original game stats and playing experience untouched.
  9. Cerez

    Be Right Back

    Don't worry about being (or not being) active here, @ebmar -- you need dedicated time to process this, just take it slowly and take care of yourself. This is the greatest loss known to us, but also life's greatest companion. It gives genuine values and offers us new perspectives of our lives and existence. Remember your loved ones, grieve your and their loss, but you can honour those who have passed by bringing their spirit and your shared experiences with you going forward (and growing) in life. In this way, a part of them will always be with you, and their spirit and loss will be honoured, will find purpose/fulfilment, and live on.
  10. "Remember, abilities are not inherently good or evil, it's how you use them. Every Jedi is naturally stronger in different areas of the Force, and it will be up to you to decide what to focus on." ~ Kyle Katarn

    The only one I was aware of is the Z-fighting issue with those two planes in the mid-corridor, but with ever increasing screen resolutions and the widescreen patches, these model fixes are priceless -- thank you! 👌
  11. Cerez

    Ahsoka Tano

    Not quite the experience I've had. You may get that impression when occasionally visiting, but not when deeply involved in the community. Although well-spoken and intelligent, the staff do little to prevent abuse and emotional harassment there, and, in fact, often engage directly in it, or support it implicitly. They've even covered up incidents (evidence) to protect the perpetrators, and to twist public perception (psychological games and victim blaming). But enough about JKHub -- it's a deeply tainted place, starting with its owner and administrator... Of course! I've already uploaded my KOTOR mods, and if I end up creating more, they will naturally follow. I'm replaying the game again after a longer hiatus, now. (I've also been trying out Bioware's Jade Empire, but I'm not really happy with it -- the story isn't as ambiguous/Taoist as promised, the gameplay is not quite balanced, and, storywise, there are just too many complete experience breaking bugs. KOTOR had its share before the community fixes, but not as bad as this -- mostly due to better overall game design.)
  12. Cerez

    Ahsoka Tano

    Thanks! *chugs down that good ol' Corellian ale in a clean glass* (yuckk!) 😋 JK is a quite different experience to KOTOR, so I'd say that's a great plan. Keep in mind that you don't play JKO/JKA for the story so much as the free movement and action -- with the former still having a relatively decent story, although being more challenging in terms of difficulty to play. There's no beating the JK series in free-moving, mixed lightsaber and ranged weapon combat action, for instance, and in the hoards of different enemies you get to face, but just like KOTOR initially, it does take some getting used to at first, learning its organised system and quirks. My recommendation: KOTOR 1 & 2 in sequence for the story, then JKA for learning the new action system and working your skills up, and then JKO as the prequel for a challenging and engrossing story-action mix. But the real beauty of the JK series lies after the single player story experience, in just how much new community-made, amazing content you can find for the game and how you can effectively build your very own Star Wars action game! From KOTOR's environments and characters to locations from The Clone Wars and so much original trilogy, new, and EU/Legends content, it's all there for you to add to your game and customise as you please. You can build your very own digital Star Wars collection, all in one game (JKA), then, with a little learning, easily build your own sandboxes and levels to play. Using the popular Quake 3 engine, and with a detailed SDK, JKA is one of the most moddable games ever made. (Not that you need convincing, I'll stop infodumping, this is just my passion for it showing.) Anyhow, there's so much great Star Wars world and gaming content ahead of you, it makes me excited! Enjoy! :3
  13. Cerez

    Ahsoka Tano

    Thanks @Deltm! Not a big fan of the JKHub community anymore, seeing as they have limited to no support for cultural, genetic, and gender diversity. Despite how closely people associate me with that site/forums, I was aggressively assaulted by many discriminating and abusive members on countless occasions there, and staff behaviour/response was unacceptable, hence why I conclusively left. Glad to have finally found a new and more mature, spacious, and versatile home for my Star Wars mods to be honest. Hopefully others will follow in time, and the monopoly of JKHub as the closed, only, and now old, de-facto Jedi Knight modding resource and community will eventually come to an end, as it should. Talking about the game, in different ways -- known for its multifaceted action -- the Jedi Knight series is as extensively loved/modded and timeless a Star Wars game pack as Knights of the Old Republic. Its mods really do deserve a home here, and I'm glad to see DeadlyStream open up this new branch. I'm showing my full support for it by featuring/hosting Ahsoka here, helping shape the new path by both spreading the word and contributing, and, hopefully, sharing/releasing brand new mods I'm working on here sometime in the near-future. So -- in the spirit of Ahsoka -- DeadlyStream, make room, I'm tagging along for this ride! (Does anyone have a proper deck of Pazaak to pass the time?)