Endar Spire Hull Repairs 1.4

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Start as you mean to go on. For KOTOR, that apparently means leave lots of holes in your level geometry. This mod plugs some gaps in the hull of the Endar Spire, and fixes a few UV issues.


  • Plugs two strips that run along either side of the dead-end corridor on the Command Deck that are open to space. These are hard to see, but noticeable just above the windows in this section. Additionally, an alteration to the model's hierarchy was made so that the light strips now correctly animate.
  • Removes an extraneous strip of mesh that was causing z-fighting issues (i.e. flickering) in the central corridor where the Jedi vs Sith fight occurs.
  • Plugs two gaps in the room just before the escape pods in the Starboard Section. Additionally adjusts the lightmap UVs to remove a light bloom that occurred during baking due to the offset geometry.
  • Fills some holes in the forked section of corridor in the Starboard Section just before the escape pod room. Also fixes some flipped UVs causing inverted wall trim textures in this area.
  • Corrects some misaligned polys in an inset panel in the end wall of the escape pod room in the Starboard Section. Also adjusts the lightmap UVs of said polys to correct their baked lighting.
  • Fixes some UVs causing inverted wall panel textures in a couple of corridor sections on both the Command Deck and Starboard Section.


  • Simply copy the model files across to your Override folder


  • Thanks to @JCarter426 for initially hunting down these holes and pointing them out to me
  • Thanks to @ebmar for finding a number of additional issues
  • Thanks to @bead-v for KOTORMax and MDLEdit

What's New in Version 1.4   See changelog


  • Fixed some some gaps in the Starboard Section. Thanks to @ebmar for bringing it to my attention.
  • Fixed yet more wall panel flipped UVs in the Starboard Section.
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Sweet, sweet karma.

Response from the author:


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The only one I was aware of is the Z-fighting issue with those two planes in the mid-corridor, but with ever increasing screen resolutions and the widescreen patches, these model fixes are priceless -- thank you! 👌

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La Ingobernable


Every single fix is a welcomed one.

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· Edited by ebmar


Splendid! Meesa wanna say thanks for the updated-awesome light-sockets fix!

Does working on meesa end and....

Permanent spot in the mod list has been filled.

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