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  1. Here is one by Ebmar https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1393-k1-handmaiden-player-head-tslport/ Another: https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1719-visas-as-pc-for-k1/ And Effix has a lot of them. Here is a link to his mods on deadlystream: https://deadlystream.com/profile/28754-effix/content/?type=downloads_file&change_section=1 Effix: https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1600-effixians-pfhb05-from-k2-to-k1/ https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1599-effixians-pmhh02-from-k2-to-k1/ Edit: Whoops didn't notice the request was specific to the ginger head.
  2. Master Dorak on Dantooine says there are Academy Archives restricted to Padawan's would be neat if there was a mod that allowed you to sneak into this forbidden zone.

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I was thinking of recommending him but I didn't want to volunteer anyone else.

    3. DeathScepter


      well Suggest idea for this potential mod is having the player and another Jedi follows a Sith Infiltrator into the Lower areas and confront that Sith Infiltrator.


      Possible Light Side Solution is to capture and question the Sith.


      Possible Dark Side Solution is to kill Sith due to potential harm that the Sith could do. 

    4. Thor110


      Perhaps it could just be re-skinned using K1 dantooine textures to look more fresh, I thought the Coruscant re-skin looked pretty good and doesn't feel bombed out in comparison.

  3. jc2

    Visas Unmasked!

    Unless I am mistaken you should be able to re-equip her face covering. The cheat code is "giveitem visasshroud" this will allow you to swap between the vanilla Visas with face covering and the modded uncovered face. This might save some hassle of trying to uninstall, alternatively, you could try deleting p_visas.utc & visasbed.utc from the override, thereby the game will return to utilizing the vanila appearance. I think.
  4. K2 Upscaled Maps by tunalex adds a nice polish to the game, especially if you have other graphic mods. Seems worth checking out, I certainly will next playthrough. 

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    2. jc2


      Huh, never would have thought of that.

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      If someone wants to run with that, be my guest. Or just make a request with that suggestion in it...

    4. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I've just made a Mod Request for it.  I expect it to be roundly mocked for its incredible scope. But if it sounds like something anyone is interested in either using or working on themselves, please drop a like on the page.

  5. I'm guessing its an appearance.2da edit, as both N_mandalorian02 and 03 both have footsteptype as 2 and soundapptype as 6 which is identical to the HK-47 foosteptype as 2 and soundapptype as 6. Perhaps change those two numbers to either what the PC normally has which if you check the P_mal_XXX anything you'll notice its listed as 0 and 0, or change it to any human NPC numbers. Since I haven't made this edit myself ever, I'm not 100% sure about it.
  6. Not gonna lie, giving bad advice, though accidental, was quite hilarious and I do not regret it. Looks like a creepy Wario. On another note, I should have caught that the NPC texture layout was different compared to the PC texture layout. Sorry about that.
  7. Install Kotor Tool (KT). Open KT > Kotor 1 > ERFs > Texture Packs > swpc_tex_tpa.erf > N > N_DeadeyeH01.tpc > extract. Simplest way is to reskin an existing head texture, but you won't have darkside textures/transformation without creating additional textures. KT > ERFS > Texture Packs > swpc_tex_tpa.erf > P > any PMHC but let's give an example one > PMHC05.tpc. Rename extracted N_DeadeyeH01.tpc to PMHC05.tpc. Copy and paste into Override folder located within the Kotor main folder, where ever it was installed to. May have to copy that file four times and rename each copy as the following PMHC05d PMHC05d1 PMHC05d2 PMHC05d3 These represent darkside transitions, I'm not sure if you gain darkside points if the face will default to vanilla files and change your face to another face texture so this additional step will prevent that possibility. Lastly, your portrait will not look like Dead-eye Duncan, because the game doesn't have a portrait of him. You can make a custom portrait with textures, or grab a sloppy screenshot, crop/edit it, then re-name it as PO_PMHC5.tpc You can find the vanilla head portrait from KT > ERFS > Texture Packs > swpc_tex_GUI.erf > P > PO_PMHC5.tpc but this would be for the normal head and not for Deadeye duncan. Notice that the player heads correspond with each other, so PMHC05 is listed as PO (for portrait) PO_PMHC5.tpc Now you have a working head and possibly a working portrait. An important note is that there are only so many file extension the game will recognize in the override, mainly tpc or tga. Good luck!
  8. What seems to be the matter with the current hood? Edit: Please take into account RedHawke's words on the matter. "I say again, if you want the mod like the screenshots you will have to have My Revan The White/Star Forge Booster Pack or Mono-Giganto's Hooded Revan Robes mod installed when you use the Crimson Sith Templar Robes or they won't look like this."
  9. I avoided dealing with this issue entirely by using the credited version of TSLRCM 1.8.5 on moddb.com, it seems that the installer automatically assumes you have lucasarts folder or creates one and puts the TSLRCM modded files there. https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-sith-lords-restored-content-mod-tslrcm/downloads/tslrcm-183 Ignore the link title claiming its 183, it is 1.8.5. This version allows you to choose the installation folder and fixes your problem. @LogicalPanda
  10. Did you install the old belt-revan's robe fix? https://deadlystream.com/files/file/709-revans-flowing-cape-and-belt-fix/ Or the older fix by Kristy, should be somewhere on this site as well. That might fix your problem.
  11. mmm, you might want to ask @Effix I believe he has a tutorial on steam under modding that explains how to do it. Let me link it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=838182756
  12. Since this mod only utilizes one file, "a_pc_jedi.ncs" it would be worth checking if TSLRCM has edited that file. The easiest way to check is to install tslrcm and search your override folder for "a_pc_jedi.ncs" if there is, then it would be incompatible. I don't know of any changes made by TSLRCM that changes the prestige class script, but I can't say for certain.
    Excellent! A very nice change of pace!
  13. jc2

    Duel Room Final

    Quite an enjoyable addon to the game. Would be worth installing as an endgame trial to determine how powerful your character truly is. Very challenging!
  14. If you have enjoyed Western movies, the old Clint Eastwood westerns, then you may enjoy this TV show. It feels Star Wars, but has a slower pace to it and carries a strong lone renegade vibe.
    Challenging. Immersive. & Enjoyable. For those that find the Undercity or the Sewers to be boring, sluggish, or easy. Ebmar has managed to breathe new life into the zone by "restoring" this NPC and giving it a new look. It is terrifying and powerful, and can easily be distinguished from other rakghouls allowing for tactical targeting. The change in size was an outstanding concept and feels very unique without seeming un-immersive. This will increase the difficulty slightly for each engagement, but if you have an accompanying difficulty.2da mod may result terrifying encounters with large predators and their poisoned tipped claws!
    I finally got a chance to install this and begin a playthrough with this mod. I took ebmar's advice and installed it alongside ShemL's mod & JCarter's mod. The game sounds beautiful and dynamic. The vanilla force SFX can be overused and if you've played through the game over 5 times, may become irritating. Ebmar's Force Powers Sound Pack diversifies the sound being heard and amplifies the feeling of power behind using the force. The enhanced SFXs add to the immersive feeling of being a Jedi or Sith. Star Wars relies on SFX for crafting an immersive experience. Ebmar has built upon that legacy to bring an authentic and powerful sound pack to re-engage players with kotor!
  15. Ha! 86 hours! 952 saves! I'm glad you were able to have so much fun with the game and very much enjoyed the mods that resulted from it. Especially, Selven & Rakghoul Fiend & Janice Nall mods. I look forward to seeing what ideas you come up with for TSL!
  16. jc2

    Force Zeal

    Yeah, you did. I was wrong, too tired when I wrote that I guess. Well, its your call, but the solution could be as easy as just sending you the .nss script file itself that the installer seems to not find.
  17. jc2

    Force Zeal

    This is a Kotor 2: The Sith Lords mod. This particular mod (perhaps this version of it) is TSL only. You've installed it to the wrong game, which is why everything has gone wrong.
  18. Thanks! I will have to look into this, I'm still not quite sure what's going wrong though. I'll see if I can recreate them disappearing, might be a mod incompatiblity. Do you have any other mods that edit upcrystals.2da? Or any other lightsaber mods? Or workbench mods?