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  1. I have to second this. This sounds like a great mod idea, both inside and outside your project. This was something that always bothered me. Would be interesting to see how the camp reacts after losing several of its people, the recruit trainees usually perish, some of the patrolling guys do as well. You'd have to make sure dueling NPCs didn't end up dueling air, or maybe that would look fine, like shadow boxing.
  2. I'm having some issues installing it for k1. I've tried the above methods as explained by Thor110, but was unable to use the Load Kotor function to load modules into the editor. I attempted to fix this by: creating a "textures" folder, create a tpa folder inside that placing the tpa erf, did the same for the gui, then created a vo folder in the main directory. This gave the appearance that something had loaded, showing a tab underneath that could be selected labeled "Load module, " with another "Save GIT file" , however, I was unable to select this or type anything into it. Error: ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index
  3. Appears to be fully functioning for me. Perhaps you went to kotor1 by mistake?
  4. I'm going to give using the Kotor Level Editor (KLE) by Lachjames a try for a Korriban Academy mod. 

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    2. Logan23


      Use this version  - this is a link to GitHub for the old version https://github.com/lachjames/NorthernLights/tree/0b994f127ab1f394e20e0cae2b514aff9fca2a6a


      Let me know if you have any questions

    3. Logan23


      I'm also on Discord often   screen name    tmonahan23

    4. jc2


      Thanks Logan23, I will attempt that older version.

  5. Wow, @ebmar this looks like a very neat project! I am excited to see how it develops. My feedback is that the area in general is a bit too dark, especially in the corners and within the center circle between the tables and the outer walls.
  6. This is absolutely true, adds so much replay-ability to k1 by playing k2. Also @ZeldaTheSwordsman, on point 3 first paragraph with swtor and the promise land quest, that was heartbreaking.
  7. PlaySound("nglobedroi03000_") would be the function try, as for where to put it, place it in the script to fire. Might even be worth trying to put the VO tag, like PlaySound("nm35aadroi02000_"). Don't forget to write out the line in the .dlg file.
  8. Perhaps, you could try using a script to trigger the single line (assuming it is a single line of dialogue). You could also try putting it in the Sound category instead of Vo_ResRef. Personally, haven't run into this myself, but these 2 ideas came to mind.
  9. Just to confirm if you are speaking of K1 Party Leveler by jc2, then yes, it should be compatible with N-Drew25's mod as long as you follow his advice to install this mod first, and then install K1 Party Leveler. The order or installation is important.
  10. Yes. Additionally, I had to speak with Shadow before exiting the Ebon Hawk on Korriban (therefore, before even running into the crazed lunatic who tell about Solomon's survival). And, just to be safe, I recommend going back into the Ebon Hawk immediately after that conversation/fight and exhausting all dialogue options with Shadow if any are left. I believe Shadow requests/requires the PC to speak with her on the Ebon Hawk for privacy. Yes, after doing this, I was able to travel through the tunnels both ways without having it crash. I look forward to hearing if this worked for you as well. On an almost unrelated note, do not strike the finishing blow on the boss with Force Shoke in that Mando Wars quest, doing so will cause multiple NPCs to spawn and crash the game, it has something to do with the kotor game mechanics of both paralysis from force Shock & the extra round granted to the PC after successfully killing an opponent. This is confusing because the boss has the minimum 1 hp checked in the files, thus preventing the boss' death yet this mechanism will still grant the PC another extra attack looping the near death script check to continually spawn NPCs. I haven't heard of anyone ever running into this issue, but I thought it might be beneficial to this thread, nonetheless. In the rare case that you do attempt to kill the boss with Force Shock, simply load a save prior to killing the boss with Force Shock. Special note: reloading a save prior to entering the module is not necessary in this case so if you have a save mid-fight go ahead and use it. Since this mod, has another point or two where this scripting technique is used, I would recommend not using Force Shock (or its upgraded variants) when the boss has low hp.
  11. I found the solution to this issue. First load a save prior to entering the new Czerka modules on Korriban, somehow entering that zone before having a conversation will screw you over. You have to speak to your companion and ask about the Mandalorian Wars and it will have you warp to a module and do quest related content. Continue talking to her until you've exhausted all the options, then go into the new BOS:SR korriban modules. If you do not speak to exhaust all conversation with the SHadow before going into the new BOS:SR areas on Korriban, then you will have this crash. This is how I was able to fix this issue, and it took a couple hours to debug this solution after falsely assuming it was mod incompatibility. Let the thread know if this fixes it for you.
  12. This mod by N-DRreW25 might help.
  13. I prefer Style 1, but Style 3 is very good as well.
  14. Neat idea! Congratz on your first release!
  15. jc2

    Improved Grenades

    Just move both the .nss and the .ncs into the override it won't cause any issues.
  16. I very much like the edits by ebmar to improve Salk's VO.
  17. I don't recall anyone doing this, when I did a mod that utilized a datapad I gave it a proper name. The only exception would be the Mandalorian 1 Datapad and Mandalorian 2 datapad within the vanilla game. I would definitely encourage you to do this, should be a few uti edits or perhaps a dialogue.tlk edit.
    I got a chance to open up the dialogue file and look within, I really like the simplicity & direction of this mod. The wording is very immersive & believable. I recommend this mod to anyone that prefers a very smooth and laid back playthrough or dialogue style.
  18. Glad to see someone else take a crack at it, so does DP. I'm certainly curious to see how you did it, welcome to deadlystream btw!
  19. Yes! Finally someone who isn't complaining about how "hard" it is. I look forward to this being released!