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    Carth Onasi

  2. My suggestion is to open up the modding tools section of the downloads and do some some searching. It does depend on what you want to do, what tools you want, so looking will help you out and this comment is not intended to be a "well why haven't you looked!" The go-to tools for modding for me are the following: Kotor Tool, KGFF editor, and dlg editor. This will allow you to just about any type of mod that doesn't have to do with 3d modeling. Also, go to the Tutorials https://deadlystream.com/forum/25-tutorials/ and look at some of the modding tutorials there which will reference certain tools and explain some aspects of modding to let you know what certain file types are. RealRece has a very educational video on basic modding. Steam or no steam has almost 0 effect on which modding tools to use. Kotor Tool might give you some trouble with installing it, but there's a thread on this website explaining how to get it to function, it is quite simple to fix. Hope this helps, look forward to seeing what you end up modding!
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    Party Leveler K1

    That is unfortunate. To solve your issue, I recommend seeking out other force power mods so that you have extra force powers to select to prevent being softlocked. Here are a few suggestions: https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1483-k1-force-enlightenment-power/ adds 1 https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic/file/four-force-powers adds 4 but you can upgrade them, so it actually adds 12. If these force mods are not to your liking, then until further notice, consider this mod incompatible with ShemL's Force Power Gain mod.
  4. If this becomes incompatible with Save Mission, I would make a compatible version. Please don't respond to this comment, though, to prevent the thread from being hijacked from its original purpose.
  5. Yep it works, just check the steam guide for how to install mods with workshop and follow the instructions. Better yet do not even use workshop and install the mods normally.
  6. Co-incidentally, I was attempting to do this as well. Did not turn out, thus I did not write anything previously. However, I did manage to splice one of the audio lines to make the action sequence make a bit more sense. In better words, the usual ebb and flow of dialogue in kotor games is that the NPC will have the last word otherwise it comes across as jarring. "Don't push your luck fool!" is the line. @TamerBill let me know if you want it. I hadn't quite found a lip sync file that matched correctly but I did find one that almost matched.
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    Train The Disciple

    Use it to trigger conversation, conversation won't trigger unless he's a jedi. Feel free to send me a direct message, as that is more likely to get my attention, despite following my mods I am not always notified of comments.
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    Train The Handmaiden

    Just double checked the workshop modding guide on steam, yes that's where you should install it to. We can rule out installing it incorrectly, however, you have passed the moment when the mod gives you the "broken comlink" item required for this mod to function; therefore, you will have to cheat the item into the game. To enable cheats follow this Steam guide > https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=149123471. Then press tilde or the ` symbol and then type into the game (it will be invisible product of an unfinished game) giveitem jc2_comlhm . And that should give you the item, now to activate the item do the following: 1, you do not need to equip the item; 2, the item will show up in the HUD where you'd go to activate your energy shields; 3, the Handmaiden has to be either in your party or next to the player (like the Ebon Hawk). I will add a photo to this mod to show where the broken comlink will show up. Please remember the activating the broken comlink will initiate a special conversation that is independent of the normal dialogue, because it has its own dialogue file. Let me know if you have any more issues, I'd be happy to help. On a side note, the master armband mod, is that by any chance my Mentor Band mod? If so, that is certainly not the issue, as I tested them out and made this mod with the intention of being compatible with it. To answer your other question about Bao'dur, it is the unique conversation where he regrets going unconscious after crash landing on the TElos Academy surface, which grants the item, thus preventing the player from repeatedly gaining the object and making it compatible with any Bao'dur mod that edits his main .dlg file by not utilizing it.
  9. jc2

    Train The Handmaiden

    Hey Bagram, I'd like to help if you are still having issues. Just a few clarifying questions. Do you have TSLRCM installed through Steam WOrkshop? When you say tried to install the mod where TSLRCM was installed, were you successful in tracking down that folder and installing it? Did you install this mod before going to the Telos Academy for the first time? The busted comlink is the method of initiating conversation with the Handmaiden, trigger it standing next to her and you will access a unique conversation (this was done for mod compatibility which is why it is a bit weird) that will allow you to train force feats and powers to the Handmaiden. This requires, of course, you to fulfill the vanilla requirements to first make her force sensitive. You do need the broken comlink, if installed correctly, you would have recieved the broken comlink during a conversation with bao'dur right after your first conversation with Atris at Telos Academy. The broken comlink should be found where the "energy shields" are kept in your User Interface (UI), or HUD, so try cycling through your "energy shields" and see if you find a broken comlink. If you've already passed this point in the game and you still don't have it in your inventory try using the cheat code, which requires enabling cheats, " giveitem jc2_comlhm " (without quotes though). Let me know if you have any more questions or need any more assistance.
  10. Happened to me as well.
  11. A very clever way of modding the game and a handy feature at that!
  12. I have to second this. This sounds like a great mod idea, both inside and outside your project. This was something that always bothered me. Would be interesting to see how the camp reacts after losing several of its people, the recruit trainees usually perish, some of the patrolling guys do as well. You'd have to make sure dueling NPCs didn't end up dueling air, or maybe that would look fine, like shadow boxing.
  13. I'm having some issues installing it for k1. I've tried the above methods as explained by Thor110, but was unable to use the Load Kotor function to load modules into the editor. I attempted to fix this by: creating a "textures" folder, create a tpa folder inside that placing the tpa erf, did the same for the gui, then created a vo folder in the main directory. This gave the appearance that something had loaded, showing a tab underneath that could be selected labeled "Load module, " with another "Save GIT file" , however, I was unable to select this or type anything into it. Error: ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index
  14. Appears to be fully functioning for me. Perhaps you went to kotor1 by mistake?
  15. I'm going to give using the Kotor Level Editor (KLE) by Lachjames a try for a Korriban Academy mod. 

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      Use this version  - this is a link to GitHub for the old version https://github.com/lachjames/NorthernLights/tree/0b994f127ab1f394e20e0cae2b514aff9fca2a6a


      Let me know if you have any questions

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      I'm also on Discord often   screen name    tmonahan23

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      Thanks Logan23, I will attempt that older version.

  16. Wow, @ebmar this looks like a very neat project! I am excited to see how it develops. My feedback is that the area in general is a bit too dark, especially in the corners and within the center circle between the tables and the outer walls.
  17. This is absolutely true, adds so much replay-ability to k1 by playing k2. Also @ZeldaTheSwordsman, on point 3 first paragraph with swtor and the promise land quest, that was heartbreaking.
  18. PlaySound("nglobedroi03000_") would be the function try, as for where to put it, place it in the script to fire. Might even be worth trying to put the VO tag, like PlaySound("nm35aadroi02000_"). Don't forget to write out the line in the .dlg file.
  19. Perhaps, you could try using a script to trigger the single line (assuming it is a single line of dialogue). You could also try putting it in the Sound category instead of Vo_ResRef. Personally, haven't run into this myself, but these 2 ideas came to mind.
  20. Just to confirm if you are speaking of K1 Party Leveler by jc2, then yes, it should be compatible with N-Drew25's mod as long as you follow his advice to install this mod first, and then install K1 Party Leveler. The order or installation is important.
  21. Yes. Additionally, I had to speak with Shadow before exiting the Ebon Hawk on Korriban (therefore, before even running into the crazed lunatic who tell about Solomon's survival). And, just to be safe, I recommend going back into the Ebon Hawk immediately after that conversation/fight and exhausting all dialogue options with Shadow if any are left. I believe Shadow requests/requires the PC to speak with her on the Ebon Hawk for privacy. Yes, after doing this, I was able to travel through the tunnels both ways without having it crash. I look forward to hearing if this worked for you as well. On an almost unrelated note, do not strike the finishing blow on the boss with Force Shoke in that Mando Wars quest, doing so will cause multiple NPCs to spawn and crash the game, it has something to do with the kotor game mechanics of both paralysis from force Shock & the extra round granted to the PC after successfully killing an opponent. This is confusing because the boss has the minimum 1 hp checked in the files, thus preventing the boss' death yet this mechanism will still grant the PC another extra attack looping the near death script check to continually spawn NPCs. I haven't heard of anyone ever running into this issue, but I thought it might be beneficial to this thread, nonetheless. In the rare case that you do attempt to kill the boss with Force Shock, simply load a save prior to killing the boss with Force Shock. Special note: reloading a save prior to entering the module is not necessary in this case so if you have a save mid-fight go ahead and use it. Since this mod, has another point or two where this scripting technique is used, I would recommend not using Force Shock (or its upgraded variants) when the boss has low hp.
  22. I found the solution to this issue. First load a save prior to entering the new Czerka modules on Korriban, somehow entering that zone before having a conversation will screw you over. You have to speak to your companion and ask about the Mandalorian Wars and it will have you warp to a module and do quest related content. Continue talking to her until you've exhausted all the options, then go into the new BOS:SR korriban modules. If you do not speak to exhaust all conversation with the SHadow before going into the new BOS:SR areas on Korriban, then you will have this crash. This is how I was able to fix this issue, and it took a couple hours to debug this solution after falsely assuming it was mod incompatibility. Let the thread know if this fixes it for you.