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  1. I did but have not heard but for quite some time, I think the email is dead and abandoned, the last time the MA was active was like 10-12 years ago.
  2. It was perfect thank you already got the new updated image implemented in-game.
  3. So I did fix the Potrait for LD a few days ago, he Looks less squished right now. I am running the widescreen patch so it does look a bit blurry. Audio/Dialogue stuff will probs be done soon. I'm not sure if I can release the updated version for everyone, I'm pretty sure this mod has long been abandoned by the Original MA, but I'm not sure how people feel about uploading a more updated/improved version of the mod.
  4. So awhile back I made a post looking for an updated version of the LD-29 mod, I had no luck but than I thought "what if I updated it myself?" so following the tutorials online, The first thing I managed to do was create a custom party portrait, Its still not great as it is a bit dark and squished but I'm still proud that it actually works, not to mention this is my first time modding KOTOR. I do want to make the portrait a bit brighter and make it look not so squished, but once I get that going I am going to try my hand at implementing some Voice over, just plain robotic text to speech but If i can get that done than I will be very satisficed.
  5. So awhile back I found that the LD-29 Recruitment mod which can be found here ( There was an updated version with some minor voice acting, A Recruitable kay Patch, and a custom potrait. However I purged my folder awhile back by mistake, and am now trying to find the updated version. The only versions I can find right now are 0.89 and 0.95. If anyone can link me to the page or send me a copy of the updated version that would be most appreciated.
  6. Its probably either been abandoned or its just been on hold for a long time becuase the mod author said he wanted to get voice overs and a potrair and im prettys sure creating an entierly new potrait is hard and as for voice overs he probably just wants to have a decent mic to record with or have someone do a decent voice over. (Remember its a droid so i can assume doing a droid like voice is pretty hard.)
  7. Hey xuul do you mind doing the LD-29 companion replacer mod for KOTOR 1? Title: LD-29 Recruitment mod Link:;88788 You need to either start a new game or have a save game before you land on dantioone for the first time otherwise it wont work. Notes -This mod starts when you land on dantioone and bastila tells you she's spoken with the counsel and that you need to speak to them too. -This is a companion Replacer mod so that means it replaces either T3 Or Juhani -This is a WIP mod but it is quite done the future updates will just add voice acting and a uniuqe potrait -What makes this mod really intresting is that LD can create war droids im not sure how many but im guessing alot