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About this blog

Greetings friends , you can call me Val for short

Here i will share Jedi Academy Machinimas that i made

One day I'll be learning to make KOTOR scripts to make movies as well!

If you want to give any suggestions , feel free to ask

I hope you like them


Entries in this blog


KOTOR Ship and Fighter models

I always wanted to import KOTOR ships like Leviathan, Endar Spider, Ebon Hawk or other fighter into Blender and I found a way I found a page in moddb which contains those ships. Those were .max files but I converted them into .fbx format and managed to import them into blender I also used Holocron Toolset to extract ebon hawk or other ships to use them in Blender as well. With space backgrounds I managed to render some good images with those ships



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