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  1. Revan in Galaxy of Heroes looks amazing! Too bad that that "game" is just a thinly-veiled cash grab, they have some talented designers on board who obviously love KotOR!

    1. jc2


      LS Jedi Revan robe with the mask and hood... do we have a mod that does that? I like the look. 

    2. mrmann


      wait for him to be released, expect someone to rip him out of the games files

  2. UnusualCharacters

    Blog #61 - I need a tutorial for a G0-T0 voice filter

    Exactly my thoughts.
  3. UnusualCharacters

    Be Right Back

    I'm so sorry to hear that, eb. Can't say much about what you're going through other than it really sucks to lose the people you're closest to. I think you're making the right move to take the necessary time to detach and heal, away from screens. You're such a positive source of light here; to think that you're going through such a dark time is deeply saddening and I hope it's as brief as it can be. Good luck, brotha. Hope to have you back when you're able.
  4. UnusualCharacters


    Judging by that video, what they've created so far looks absolutely beautiful. I don't have much confidence in them making an actual game out of it before getting DMCA'd, but I do hope that at some point the assets they've created are released as a "walking simulator" game so that I can just kind of look around at the worlds they've built.
  5. UnusualCharacters

    [WIP] UC's HK-47 Mini Romance Mod for TSL

    Just messing around with HK's dialogue today. This isn't final, as you can tell by the lack of editing (mostly the heavy breathing), but I wanted to get something going at least. Hkromancefilterednoedit.wav
  6. UnusualCharacters

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    I would vote for using the original Kotor 1 Selkath voice. Wouldn't get on your nerves as much if he's the only one in the game.
  7. Made a little video of Revan's holocron from the first Darth Bane novel.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      You probably would've loved my project that I had in mind that for that holocron.

  8. UnusualCharacters

    Revan and Meetra heads ported from SWTOR

    Can't help you with an in-game appearance, but I took your latest attempt and made some minute touch ups up my own to fix some unnatural horizontal lines near the bags under his eyes and beard corners, as well as getting rid of a bubble near his brow ridge that was betraying the fact that it was a mirrored texture. Revan_Head_d_v3.tga
  9. Still can't believe that Bastila named her son Vaner. Mind-boggling.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. VarsityPuppet


      Helena -> Bastila -> Vaner -> ??? -> Tasiele -> Satele -> Theron


    3. narshaddaarocks



      "There has to be a mathematical explanation for how bad DrewK's book is."

      : p 

    4. ebmar



      Helena -> Bastila -> Vaner -> ??? -> Tasiele -> Satele -> Theron

      And the question is; Egg first, or Tasiele Shan first? 🤣

  10. UnusualCharacters

    Mod Idea for mod creators

    Yeah, Zayne's outfit was in a Cartel Pack for TOR, so that's a resource someone could draw on. It's been awhile since I read the comics, but Zayne's story ends as he's kind of drafted into the Republic war effort, so Republic embassies would be my best idea of where to place him. It's also very likely that he decided to step back from all the wars after seeing what his friend Malak becomes. Either way, any dialogue featuring should definitely draw on that prior friendship. I would also like to see Jarael in the game (whose outfit is also in TOR), possibly by using Nadia Grell's TOR face model with different long hair attached. For KotOR 2, I really don't know if Zayne fits. He would have to be in hiding and very secretive about his force sensitivity, lest he draw Nihilus to him. Or maybe he goes to Telos to hang out with his ol' bud Carth Onasi. Oh, and if you have Carth in your party in KotOR 1, it would be very strange if they don't interact with each other... This of course would all be a huge undertaking.
  11. UnusualCharacters

    Revan and Meetra heads ported from SWTOR

    *sees Swtor* "I never asked for this."
  12. UnusualCharacters

    [WIP] UC's HK-47 Mini Romance Mod for TSL

    I hereby grant anyone the permission to use any voice files I create for this to use in a K1 version of their own construction. After all, HK only refers to the PC as Master, not "Exile"
  13. UnusualCharacters

    [WIP] UC's HK-47 Mini Romance Mod for TSL

    No, it will be entirely separate.
  14. UnusualCharacters

    [WIP] UC's HK-47 Mini Romance Mod for TSL

    Doesn't look like anything to me.
  15. Query: What? Yes, you heard that right, what started as what was (probably) a joke made by @A Future Pilot on the r/kotor discord has gotten my creative juices flowing. If you're like me, you might have asked yourself at some point "HK-47 is my favorite companion in the KotOR games, so why can't I romance him?" Well, soon™️ you can! The goal of this mod is to make a believably written, slightly tongue in cheek but also emotionally sound "mini romance" option between a dark sided player character and her/his homicidal droid companion. What do I mean by "mini romance"? For now, I am going to try and keep the scope small while I learn the fundamentals of modding. I have finished a first pass at the script, and will be working on recording the voice over sometime soon to get a feel for how it all sounds when spoken. Right now, it is a total of 2 to 3 conversations, depending on whether you pass a [Repair/Computer Use] (player's preference) skill check on the first try or not. Perhaps this will expand in the future, but right now, I think it gets the job done without needless beating around the bush. This is an optional/additional romance and its not meant to rival/replace any of the vanilla options in terms of complexity. The non-spoilery gist of it is, HK has discovered that he has developed what he sees as a flaw in his programming since he's started travelling with you, that's since grown stronger with every act of cruelty you inflict upon others. The player character has the option to dismiss outright, confusedly entertain his concerns to an extent, or try their best to understand the situation, some of which open up a path to a whole new look into his "abnormality" that's formed. Basically, I'll be using this thread to update with progress and let you know how it's going. Keep in mind, this is my first ever mod and thus I have no idea how long this project will take me. I'm also attaching to this post a design document that features all of the dialogue that I've currently written for the mod, if you're interested. I would appreciate that if you'd like to mention something about it in this thread, that you properly spoiler tag it. Thank you. - UC P.S. Let me make this point for you, so that you don't have to. HKromance.docx