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  1. I experienced the same issue as described by the author, but I followed the steps described above and managed a workaround. The only difference is that I am using a different lightsaber mod - KotOR Saber Replacement 2022. Fortunately, that mod also creates a backup of the danm14ac.mod file.
  2. Hmm, I see. Well, I downloaded the version hosted here on DeadlyStream and it works flawlessly. I forgot to mention that I am using the CD version of KotOR, I don't know if that will affect anything. In any case, I got it working. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hey, thanks for the quick reply! When I try to install that I get a message that I have another version already installed. I checked my installed programs and I have two other x86 Visual C++ redistributales - a 2013 one and a 2015-2022 one.
  4. Hello, I downloaded the stable 3.3.8 release. How exactly are you supposed to run this thing? I started the KPF.exe first, and it found my KotOR 1 folder (I only have that one installed). I try to start kse.exe but nothing happens.
  5. Hello all! I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question. Quite frankly I'm not even sure it can be answered but I figured there's no harm in asking. My problem is exactly as the title says. I speak to Ajuur to set me up with a duel. I get to the cutscene, the announcer introduces Duncan, then introduces me... and then I get a crash to desktop. No error message, no nothing. I'm running like a 100 mods but the only ones that are affecting that specific module should be K1R and some mods for armor/weapon visuals upgrade. Anyone got any pointers as to what may be causing this? Thanks in advance for the reply! Update: I started experiencing some other annoying crashes when looting crates and other stuff, which prompted me to research this issue further. I eventually stumbled on this Reddit post and adjusted the menu font size to very big. The font mod in question is this one. The uploader has left information that the font size which I had chosen causes crashes, but I seem to have missed that. In any case, changing the font size also solved my issue with the crashing within the Taris dueling arena module. Figured I should update this post in case anyone else happens to experience this issue.
  6. gua543

    KSR 2022

    Hello, I have a question. Will this mod interfere with
  7. gua543

    Random HD UI Elements

    I am not sure I understand. Do I require downloading any of the other two mods to have the animations and canon positions?
  8. gua543

    Random HD UI Elements

    Hello, I have two questions. I see that there is a small preview window as in Sith Holocron's Animated Galaxy Map mod, are the planets in your mod animated as well? And also, since I see that you are using the canon positions of the planets as in Kexikus's Canon Galaxy Map mod, are there icons for the Unknown World and the Star Forge in your mod? Thank you in advance for responding.
  9. Funny thing is KotOR 2 is both better and worse than KotOR 1 in terms of party member interaction. It's better because you see them talking to each other every time you enter your ship (I remember entering the Hawk, watching a conversation between them, the exiting and repeating the process) but it's worse because if you are light sided you can max out your influence and hear their life story in less than 20 minutes. I mean, you just met this guy/gal and after 20 minutes you know their life story and they want you to train them as a jedi. Only the droids, Mandalore, Kreia and Atton take more time to please.
  10. I mean in the conversation itself, not after that.
  11. I think only the sith warrior gets some companion interaction (spoiler ahead) - if you're light side and Jaesa is also light side, you will get a convo with her about her wanting to help some light sided sith. However, Pierce shows up, says he's heard you're talking about and demands an explanation. I don't remember a lot after that, only that you could have told him how you're going to kill them or something like that, tell Jaesa to explain it to him or tell him to shut up and get lost. (spoiler ends, the rest is common knowledge) You also get companion interaction if you flirt with both Vette and dark side Jaesa. The smuggler and the agent should get something like that too, since they can romance both their female companions.
  12. I once searched for a way to change my armor's color or at least to choose from the already existing armor colors' in the game (almost everybody from my team wears military camouflage armor because that's the color of the Predator M something armor, which is the best) and that's how I found it.
  13. Guess I just love to shoot things About the mods thing - I read somewhere that ME's engine is practically unmoddable, don't remember the exact reasons. I just found a graphics enhancement mod, but you had to install a program for it and you had to change some stuff in the game files. After a very bad experience with a Crysis 2 mod, which required almost the same things, I just dropped it. The game looks good anyway.
  14. You know, the other DLC for ME1, with the simulations and all, is good too. I trusted a friend of mine's opinion about it but one day I had nothing to do and said "Why not?". It's really good actually, not much of a story but a lot of shooting. It's quite easy and fun, but that may be because I'm a level 53 or so soldier with the best armor, weapons and mods possible (not bragging at all here )
  15. (Sorry about the long reply, had a lot of work in school) No companion interactions? Not even at later stages? Man, this sucks. I really hoped for M1-4X and HK to have a little chat about C2-N2's non-pew pew nature.