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  1. This is such a meaningful touch without affecting the story, I would add this to K1CP.
  2. So, do I need to install a patch on a patch that involves fixes and bug fixes to the official patch? Ah, screw that chain. I'm already through Taris.
  3. Since we're implying k1r as an almost dead cow, is it compatible once CP is installed?
  4. Dudes, I want to say a warm thank you for the patch, fixes a lot of ridiculous things that BW and LA etc didn't bother to fix. I respect the gameplay and story part, dialog fixes, animations, etc, actually that's why I installed it. BUT why not make a small part of the patch optional? For example -high-polygonal npc models, I do not care about graphics at all, and my computer is ancient. I do not know the guts of the game, but on Taris after installing the mod began terrible lags, in all cantinas and the upper city. I could be wrong, but this patch replaced some wandering mooks with MC player, am I right? I'd like to enjoy the story, not the graphical contrivances. What do you think about that, hmm?
  5. Putting my hand on my heart, I don't know the first thing about modding or what mdl is, but as far as I can tell it fixed everything for all 8 dead jedi carcasses.
  6. If anything, no other mods, your mod is installed on a pure vanilla version. Except for the wide screen. There were no errors or warnings during installation either.
  7. The bubble doesn't appear, that's the thing. MC just jerks around.
  8. The mod is cool, especially the hot blue twi'lek, but I have a question - why can't I talk to them anymore? Last time I played, I distinctly remember being able to talk to them - kinda like jedi free, jedi dry, etc. Now my MC is dribbling when interacting with them. It's more like moonwalk, though.