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  1. Is it possible to adapt a few well-made extra party member mods (Kay, Maxis, Mekel and Yuthura for K1, Dustil for TSL) into PartySwap-style way of summoning so that the new party members still join the party but don't take somebody else's spot?
  2. On Nexus, there's a mod that adds The Witcher 2 music to Dragon Age: Origins. So I guess they're OK with that.
  3. Now we have the answer to the question "If an Ithorian wore a hat, how would he use it?" Anyway, it's a great mod.
  4. At least it is not obligatory to have a massage. But I understand why some people may need this.
  5. I agree. I wish this choice was ambiguous like Bhelen/Harrowmont choice, not "This girl has a Jedi Master as a bodyguard, so she is 100% good".
  6. One other fan had an idea. How about a mod that alters Calo Nord's appearance on Leviathan and one of the Star Map planets? Maybe include some cybernetics or wounds? There's no way Calo would survive a pile of metal unharmed.