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  1. Hi everyone. I'm having a bit of trouble downloading some voice files for LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, particularly Sith Rey's audio clips in VO/DX/STORY/EPISODE9/LEVEL4. I'm trying to come up with new modding ideas for other Star Wars games like JKA and Battlefront 2, and one of the characters that I've managed to come up with is an alternate, dark side version of Rey who is also the Empress of the Sith. I want to add a few voice lines for her, but it's been no small task. LEGO Skywalker Saga has the best result that I think would fit with her character. All of the audio files in that game cannot be opened by simply extracting them with something like WinRAR. The audio_data files require DATmanager, which also requires .NET6. Sadly I cannot install .NET6 - my computer keeps telling me that the setup failed when I try to. Which brings me here. Can somebody please provide me with a download link for all the extracted audio files in LEGO Skywalker Saga, including the main story and cutscene dialogue? So far, it's been a tedious and frustrating ordeal, and I cannot do anymore except give up trying to find them elsewhere. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. It's partly because I don't use it very often, but it's mostly because I worry about the possibility that uninstalling a mod that uses TSLPatcher may screw up my game's files.
  3. Oh, I understand now. Thank you. Still, if I actually wanted to upload the mod would it be wise to switch to Nexus instead of Deadly Stream?
  4. Forgive me if I sound a little stupid - I'm new to modding and to this site, but why would porting music from another game be breaking the rules?
  5. The hair colour is all wrong. I want her default head, not an altered head and not with the hood, along with the cut Darth Traya body without any alterations to the colours. Basically, you just have to replace Evil Atris' (the original Darth Traya who was cut) head with Evil Kreia's (the final Darth Traya in the game). Also, this mod uses the TSL Patcher for installation, and I'm not very fond of using it.
  6. Hi, everyone. For those of you who really like the atmosphere of KOTOR 1, which was established in no small part thanks to composer Jeremy Soule, then I have an idea for a music mod that replaces all the tracks in the game with music that Soule himself composed. Most of these are from the first Neverwinter Nights, but a couple are also from KOTOR 1 as well. I honestly wish I could do it myself, but I don't have Neverwinter Nights and I can't afford it. Unique The Sith Lords Main Theme > Neverwinter Nights Main Theme (NWN1) Kreia’s Theme > Undecided. Something mysterious. Aribeth’s theme wouldn’t be appropriate. Darth Sion’s Theme > Hordes of the Underdark Main Theme (NWN1: HOTU) Darth Nihilus’ Theme > Queen of the Shattered Mirror (NWN1: HOTU) B4-D4’s Theme > Aarin Gend (NWN1) Atris’ Theme > Dark Aribeth (NWN1) Darth Traya’s Theme > The Order of Revan (SWTOR) – sounds like Soule, has the Sith theme Light Side Points Gained > Remove Dark Side Points Gained > Remove Awaken > Remove – plays when you awake on Peragus. Light Side Short > Remove – plays whenever you talk to Adminstrator Adare on Dantooine. T3-M4’s Theme > Journal Updated Fanfare (NWN1) – plays during certain parts of the game, notably when you contact T3 on Peragus, and later when you find the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine rebuilt. Back Together > Neverwinter Nights Startup Screen (NWN1) – plays upon returning to Dxun after the siege of Iziz. Other Fanfares > Remove Lonna Vash > Coda (NWN1) – plays when you find Master Vash dead on Korriban. Normal Ebon Hawk > Ebon Hawk/Anchorhead (KOTOR 1) Ebon Hawk Adrift > Academy Attacked (NWN1) Peragus > Sewers Beneath Luskan (NWN1) Harbinger > Port Llast Mines (NWN1) Citadel Station > City of Neverwinter (NWN1) Citadel Station Cantina > Javyar’s Cantina (KOTOR 1) Telos Restoration Zone > Beggar’s Nest (NWN1) Telos Underground Base > Lair of the Devourer (NWN1) Telos Polar Region > Resurrection (NWN1) Telos Academy > Frozen Wastes of Cania (NWN1: HOTU) Dantooine > Northern Expedition (NWN1) Jedi Enclave Sublevel > The Great Graveyard (NWN1) Kinrath Cave/Trayus Academy > Dark Aribeth (NWN1) Nar Shaddaa > No Man’s Land (NWN1) Jekk Jekk Tarr > Taris Sewers (KOTOR 1) Goto’s Yacht > Enemy Revealed (NWN1) Dxun Jungle > Charwood (NWN1) Mandalorian Camp > The Unknown World (KOTOR 1) Freedon Nadd’s Tomb > Neverwinter Besieged (NWN1) Iziz > The City Core (NWN1) Iziz Under Siege > Peninsula District (NWN1) Iziz Cantina > Pazaak (KOTOR 1) Iziz Royal Palace > Castle Never (NWN1) Korriban > Korriban Sith Academy (KOTOR 1) Sith Academy > Inside the Sith Base/Ravager (KOTOR 1/KOTOR 2) Korriban Tomb > Tunnels of the Undermountain (NWN1: HOTU) Jedi Enclave Rebuilt > Bastila’s Theme (KOTOR 1) Citadel Station Under Attack > Captured by the Leviathan (KOTOR 1) Ravager > Default Malachor V > Hordes of the Underdark Main Theme (NWN1: HOTU) Combat (When the battle ends, use the in-game NW1 outros) Ebon Hawk Battle > Sith Guard Encounter (KOTOR 1) Peragus/Harbinger Battle > Snake Cult Estate (NWN1) Citadel Station Battle > Prison Fight (NWN1) Restoration Zone/Underground Base Battle > Never’s Tomb (NWN1) Telos Polar Region/Academy Battle > Aribeth Battle (NWN1) – best used for the Atris battle. Admittedly, it works well with the battle against Nihilus. Dantooine Battle > North Road (NWN1) Enclave Sublevel/Ravager Battle > Klauth’s Demise (NWN1) Nar Shaddaa Battle > Rakata Ruins Battle (KOTOR 1) – unused track Jekk Jekk Tarr Battle > Warrens of the Damned (NWN1) Goto’s Yacht Battle > War Zone (NWN1) Dxun Battle > Elk Tribe Keep (NWN1) Iziz Battle > Siege of Fort Ilkard (NWN1) – this goes really well when Iziz is besieged Korriban Battle > Uthar Wynn’s Trials (KOTOR 1) – unused track Malachor V Battle > Lizardfolk Sanctuary (NWN1) The Final Battle > Source Stone Battle (NWN1) These are all the songs that fit into the game. I'm not entirely sure about a few of them, and I know that there are a couple that I missed; this is meant for the base game, not the M4-78 mod. If you have any other suggestions for songs by Jeremy Soule that fit KOTOR 1's style of music, please put them in the comments below. Thank you for reading this.
  7. I really like the idea of the cut Darth Traya body (that was meant for Atris) going on her final in-game head (Kreia) at the end of the game and in the Kreia's Fall cutscene. I wish I could do it myself, but I'm not very good at modelling.