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  1. 100 percent worked!!! Thank you Darth Parametric! Time to make that disco floor
  2. Mdledit_v103 will not export self illum.color, ( in other words, if you want textures to blink). this happens here on a default texture but I am pretty sure its the same with lights. Repo error- -open Mdledit set to KOTOR 1 open and convert M01aa-01a (fist level in the game) MDL and MDX to ACII - convert ACII back to MDL and MDX file format - put MDL and MDX files in steamapps override file lights stop blinking. I have tried to exporting with every Mdledit export flag combination just to sanity check the issues.
  3. Thanks! yeah I think I am going to just work on things here and there, get them in a good place or at least a place I am happy with and see about releasing from there. English is my first language just not that great at it
  4. Sweet! Good to know I'll look out for that error and head towards this solve but try compressed first. Thank you both!!
  5. I tried what you suggested, also made new geo, new animations, tons of tests. Looks like the animation was completely inverted no matter what/up was down left was right etc. but clicking this little fella fixed it. I have no clue what it did, or what it does?
  6. I am following these steps: - Get .mdx .mdl file from Kotor_Tools -convert the .mdl to ascii through Mdledit_v1.0.3 -import ascii through Kotormax -once I have the vanilla mesh in max, I simply make a new mesh, the one I want to replace the old mesh with, align the new mesh to the old mesh, (basically the lid is on top of the lid and the base is on top of the old base) and attach the old mesh to the new mesh so it inherits animations/pivot points all that good jazz. -delete the old mesh, and leaving the new mesh in its place -I then fill the animation keys with blank keys, (read that mdledit has issues with blank keys? It crashes when I dont fill the animation bar up so) I also tried MDLOPS and it seems to handle black keys fine? -I export through kotormax, I have also tried exporting through odyseebase -convert the ascii back to mdl and mdx. -copy both the mdl and mdx to the override folder -load the game, the chest lid is in the correct location, then it all goes wrong when I open it, AKA the lid goes down, not up. I also tried setting all these to linear, or flagging mdledit to convert controllers
  7. Trying to update the chest and I am also having issues with the doors on the spire. A lot of times the axis controller seems out of whack. Everything is set to liner, but the lid animates down instead of up? Also the center part of the spire doors flips out, but the rest seems fine?
  8. These are my take ways from attempting to mod KOTOR; motivated from my love for the game and disappointment from not having any official update in all these years I felt like I could give it a go. - Using more modern techniques to get meshes and textures out the door can be pretty fast - normal maps are not bad, not awesome but not bad, and with the help of bumping some of the geo out can look pretty good in game. but I would NOT cook out normals for items, cooking down flat/tile normals are handy, (walls, floors, "flat items") if your going to make chest, chairs, droids etc I would basically lean on smoothing groups or vert weighted normals for all the shapes, and if you want damage or chips all that good jazz you can give a flat blue normal some overlay damage in painter or PS. - end results just looking at this with no real texture love ,could look pretty cool The down shot - the tools and guess work to get anything in game is exhausting. I spent more time trail and error then actually making anything. Its more, like, yes its faster to make assets these days, but the more you put into the game the more the system starts to put up walls. Its kind of like trying to pack way too stuff into your luggage, yes it all going to fit? probably, but your in for a fight, and that fight is going to take a while. It could also be a learning curve on my part, so I would also take that into account. I also want to say thanks to DarthParametric for taking time to address my questions! Here are some shots of half done stuff, with, like I said no real texture love or unification here. Also started in on some HP heads, some funky jazz is going on with some of them or I would have more images up
  9. Hate to ask, looking at the MDLs for the ebon and also checking out the M12aa and I am seeing lights but no settings that seem to get them to flicker. Tried looking into the layouts, etc. I assume the lights get additional information some where else?
  10. Awesome! Ill dig in. Thanks DarthParametric!
  11. So there is no alpha and environment map combo? and there is no alpha and normal map combo? Wondering how distortion works/VFX then. Also I would love to use alphas, normal and environment map to get some convicting decals etc. It would be cool to have some TXI combos to reverse engineer, I can only dig up a few unless I am missing something. (I have gone through the TXI "this does that" page but it limited/has not combo information. or what works with what. It would also be nice to get animating emissive texture, (the TXI texture part seems straight forward) going along with lights. I haven't looked into animating spot lights/scene lights or if thats possible. -Use case would be glowing screens, have the emissive pulse and have a animated light that affects the environment. I might post some pics of what I would be using them for.
  12. Alright!!! Everything seems to be working so far. I have the lvl, all the textures in, and can edit geo, (did a quick test on the chairs first room) This is amazing! I'll poke back if I run into anything/have anything to show as I dig in thank you DathParametric and thank you JCarter426. It was just that, the phy mats in the new max. Huge thanks again! I know its never easy showing people the ropes and just wanted to say that I appreciate all the responses, your both awesome!
  13. I keep running into max errors, I tried to find solves online and followed some other steps/versions of the same steps you have above, but no luck. Just wondering if I am doing something wrong here. Also just running through the mods, mod set up, youtube mod vids and all that. Just wondering why I am not seeing geo up res mods. Adding more verts to char, environment, props. It mostly looks like up res/modded textures. I am sure, and know of teams that have tried to port it, other passion projects. Just curious why theres not a version of KOTOR with updated meshes. Also thank you for your time and help!
  14. Thank you and makes sense! I suppose now I would ask how to get the LYT in to Max. I see the importer in the KOTORMAX but it only brings in nodes ( Example: mgf_ebonhawk.lyt, (1KB)). I assume its trying to point towards other files. What files do I need to extract, and in what dir/file structures do I need to have them in? Sorry I know this question has been asked before.
  15. Just wanted to know where to find wall/floor meshes so I up res, add pipes, etc. I feel like hitting some of the old environments would add a ton. I have made a new door, and added geo to char meshes, but cant seem to find environments floor panels, wall, etc to mess around with. Using Kotor Tools and MDLEdit