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  1. ah yes, could be fixed in photoshop perhaps, or i will remake it. something new just came out called ControlNet which will make things a bit different from now on when it comes to replicating.
  2. that's why i like it, the whole randomness of it, of course the result is not always what i want but it's so easy to just try again i'm also not sure i'm too interest in creating 1:1 copies of artwork, i find it immensely boring to just do the same, though i do think it must be within reason and that it has to be done with good taste. i've never done any mod for any game that tries to recreate the original content 1:1...
  3. yeah, color isn't really an issue, just the noise. i denoised the hell out of the original images haha. how it works is that it uses noise in images to "dream" from, pretty much like how when you close your eyes and you are getting sleepy/dreamy, eventually dreams will start to form from the noise under your eyelids. if you just feed it shapes it will see the shapes and start adding details to it, you can draw a very crude figure and turn it into Tom Cruise or a supermodel, you can guide it in text too.
  4. yes, that's how these are done, i feed it the original image (well my upscaled and denoised version), then i render over (a selectable change from 0-100% i tend to stay at around 30-55%) over it with my model. Your texture can be used to add details, absolutely it looks great! edit: it's 2048x2048 which makes it harder + very "noisy" texture, it's possible though, would have to be denoised.. i will probably mostly work with 1024x1024 for these textures, maybe do 2048 for some specific ones, or do upscaling with denoise/sharpening A.I. AI doesn't do alpha at all.
  5. this was in similar bad shape.. not finished but: some examples of what my AI model can do Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  6. smoothed, as in blurred? Not sure i understand still working on improving the model.
  7. Some examples did my own AI model that can make doors and wall panels, spaceship hulls, consoles etc, within the press of a prompt. here are a few (not all will be used for KOTOR) [/img]
  8. Sounds great, will give it a shot. Is there a good reference page when it comes to naming, like what LYT name refers to which map and so forth? Thanks
    "Open a Camera Speed Preset folder", what does this mean? open=create? and it's supposed to be created in the KOTOR main folder? The instructions are stellar until 6)... i take it that it means create this folder, i did that, but nothing happens with ctrl+shift+c. this is where i installed the .ini - D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\swkotor\GLIntercept_1_3_3\Plugins\GLFreeCam
  9. Is it possible to edit the static maps (where objects are placed)? Would it be possible to add detail to it, or make e.g mountain (or whatever other 3D objects they made on them) have more polygons? Is it something that could be loaded into Blender and then edited from there? I did a big mod for Gothic where i added mountains and a few other additional details to the maps (grass planes etc), maybe it would be possible to do for KOTOR.. For Gothic (completely different engine, i know) you loaded the entire 3D map layout into Blender.
  10. Cool. might give it a try then as you can see in the last image, there are some additional details, higher resolution overall.
  11. result eh, kind of better at least can you edit room models? like adding assets to them? is it difficult?