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A Mod for Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic
Author: N-DReW25
1.0.0 Release Date: 17.06.2023

Please install the K1 Community Patch FIRST before this mod!

Simply click on this mod's INSTALL.exe, click install, sit back, and watch the TSLPatcher do its magic.

In the Kotor games, certain alien NPCs can wear the same robes and armor the player can (such as the Twi'leks and the Devaronians) whilst other aliens can't (such as Trandoshans and Rodians). The reason why this is is because of the way these aliens are setup, for example, the Twi'lek is made up of two models: the head and the body, whilst the Rodian is one single model containing both the head and the body.

The Duros NPCs are one of the aliens that use 1 model for the entire NPC instead of two, this prevents the Duros from visibly wearing any armor that's equipped on the Duros NPC.

Whilst most players won't really notice the single model alien NPCs who can't wear armor, what they might notice is how the Duros on Dantooine who are aligned with the Mandalorian faction there aren't wearing the iconic Mandalorian armor. One could argue that the Duros themselves aren't Mandalorians as they're only ever referred to as "allies" of the Mandalorians, but one longer has to argue, as this mod is here to change everything!

In 2015, JCarter426 released his Head Modder's Resource for K2 on MediaFire which took many one model aliens and separated the heads from their bodies. This allowed one model NPCs like Rodians to wear Jedi Robes when previously they couldn't.

This was not a mod; however, it was a resource for other modders to pick out assets they wanted to use in their own mods. In the past 8 years, the only thing that has come from the Modder's Resource was the Duros Jedi cameo in the Full Jedi Council mod by Kexikus and Duros Mandalorians in the Smash City Studios fan film "Star Wars KOTOR: Episode 1: A Familiar Path".

The idea of Mandalorian Duros has been a dream ever since I first saw the "A Familiar Path" fan film, and today we get to live that dream!

The Duros who accompany the Mandalorians on Dantooine and the Duros who work as Miners on Tatooine shall wear Mandalorian armor and Czerka uniform instead of the Duros outfit we all know and love.

Originally, I wanted to have two totally different separate mods that edited the Mandalorian Duros and the Duros Miners on Tatooine separately... but to ensure the cleanest installation process I've decided to release this mod, "Duros: Armed and Ready!", before those two mods so that if players don't like those two secret mods then players can simply opt for this simplier mod instead!

Those two secret mods shall require "Duros: Armed and Ready!" for the Duros aspect of those mods to work properly, but until those mods are released players do not have to worry about this.

Known Bugs:
This mod shouldn't have bugs, but if there are feel free to report it to me on Deadlystream.

It is possible that Duros modified in this mod shall perform 'idle' animations that clip through the Duros head (such as when an NPC brushes their hair, the Duros who perform this animation will brush right through their face). This bug isn't fixable without brute work modding (possibly involving a new unique Duros heavy battle armor and Czerka body model with different animations), though it shouldn't really be noticable as the Mandalorian Duros will turn hostile and attack the player if you approach them... the bug is only noticable if you focus on the Duros Miners.

When the Duros Miners on Tatooine speak, their lips will not move. This might either be an oversight on JCarter426's part back when he made the heads or a result of porting the head to K1, this might be fixed in a future update.

Please report any incompatibilities!

Will be incompatible with any mod that changes the Mandalorian Duros on Dantooine or the Duros Miners on Tatooine, though I don't know of any mods that do this.

The Duros in this mod use the heavy battle armor and Czerka uniform body model, so any changes to these models will affect the Duros (Again, I don't know of any mods that do this).

Duros reskins, Mandalorian Armor reskins and Czerka uniform reskins should be compatible with this mod, though how they look together is up to personal opinion!

Do NOT claim credit for this mod and do not use assets from this mod without my permission.

The Duros head models themselves are free for any modder to use!

Thanks to:

JCarter426: For creating the Duros heads in the first place, without you this mod wouldn't have been possible!
Smash City Studios: For using the Duros heads in the "Star Wars KOTOR: Episode 1: A Familiar Path" fan film, their appearance greatly inspired this mod!
Bioware: For such an amazing game!
Fred Tetra: For Kotor Tool!
Stoffee: For TSLPatcher!
Everyone who downloads the mod!


What's New in Version 1.3.0   See changelog


* Fixed the Duros head model. Their lips will now move when you speak to them on Tatooine.

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Emperor Devon

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This is a great set of tweaks. The duros on Dantooine now feel like proper Mandalorians. (Isn't their shtick supposed to be that they recruit members of any species?) The duros working for Czerka now look like, well, they work for Czerka.

I'd love to see a version for the Czerka duros employees in K2.

Response from the author:


I'd love to see a version for the Czerka duros employees in K2.

I'm not sure if K2 has Czerka Duros employees, there's Opo Chano but he has a unique body model and texture (he's also an independent contractor hired by Czerka, not working for Czerka)




 (Isn't their shtick supposed to be that they recruit members of any species?) 

That is true, and I've applied something similar to that in my Heart of Beskar mod with a Twi'lek Mandalorian to showcase that. Though you may find HOB to be too extreme for a new player as it does fundamentally change the Mandalorian item stats a bit.



The duros working for Czerka now look like, well, they work for Czerka.

I do have future plans for the Czerka Duros, I do intend to replace some (not all, only some) Czerka Duros with "brand new aliens"... I won't spoil exactly what those will be but I will say I'm sure it'll be loved.


And I do plan on adding a Czerka Armor for the Czerka Duros, the current Czerka Duros do have the capability of wearing armor so when this future "armor" mod is released the player can install Duros: Armed & Ready and the armor mod to get Czerka Duros with armor.

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