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A Mod for Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic
Author: N-DReW25
1.3.0 Release Date: 03.03.2024

Please install the K1 Community Patch FIRST!

Install Duros: Armed & Ready BEFORE Heart of Beskar (This mod is required for Heart of Beskar to work properly)!

Simply click on the INSTALL.exe, click install then sit back and watch the TSLPatcher do its magic.

Heart of Beskar is a total NPC Overhaul for the Mandalorian faction in Kotor 1. This mod shall add new Mandalorian Soldier variants, add new items, and add new loot drops for Mandalorian NPCs found throughout the Kotor galaxy.

New Mandalorian Variants:

1) Mandalorian Recruit: The Mandalorian Recruit is a fresh convert to the Mandalorian belief system, embracing the Mandalorian culture as one embraces a new religion. As fresh recruits, they are the weakest form of Mandalorians you shall encounter. The Duros NPCs who help the Mandalorian faction on Dantooine are mostly made up of recruits and shall wear the new Mandalorian Combat Suit.

2) Mandalorian Initiate: The Mandalorian Initiate is not a full fledged Mandalorian yet, though they're not a fresh recruit either. They replace a select few Duros NPCs on Dantooine and shall wear the new Mandalorian Heavy Suit.

3) Mandalorian Soldier: The Mandalorian Soldier is the normal blue Mandalorian Soldiers from the vanilla game. They wear the Mandalorian Light Armor which replaces the vanilla Mandalorian Battle Armor.

4) Mandalorian Scout: The Mandalorian Scout is a Mandalorian variant from the popular mod "Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge", the Scouts are included here as a homage to the old mod. They're found on Dantooine and wear the new Mandalorian Scout Armor.

5) Mandalorian Marauders: The Mandalorian Marauder is a Mandalorian variant who only ever appeared in a Star Wars Miniatures toy series. These Mandalorians have been brought to life in the Kotor game and shall primarily use melee weapons against the player, they're mainly found on Kashyyyk and wear the new Mandalorian Marauder Armor.

6) Mandalorian Heavy Trooper: The Mandalorian Heavy Trooper is an elite veteran class of Mandalorians, their armor is based on the Mandalorian Heavy Armor item found in the vanilla game. They're encountered on Dantooine and Lehon.

7) Mandalorian Shock Trooper: The Mandalorian Shock Trooper is the in-game recreation of the Neo-Crusader Shock Trooper from the Kotor comics, their armor is based on the Mandalorian Assault Armor item found in the vanilla game. They're encountered on Kashyyyk and Lehon.

8,) Mandalorian Rally Master: The Mandalorian Rally Master is the normal red Mandalorian from the vanilla game. Sherruk is considered a Rally Masters.

9) Mandalorian Field Marshal: The Mandalorian Field Marshal is the normal yellow Mandalorian from the vanilla game. The Kashyyyk Mandalorian Commander and the Lehon Mandalorian Captain are Field Marshals, in addtion, the helmet items that they drop shall now be yellow instead of blue.

The Heart of Beskar mod wouldn't be complete without actual Beskar... what is Beskar? Beskar is a metal that's mined on the planet Mandalore, armor forged from Beskar can withstand blunt force, lightsaber strikes, and repeated blaster fire... the viewers of Disney's The Mandalorian TV Series should be familiar with Beskar and its protective capabilities.

The lowest tiers of Mandalorian Armors are forged with Beskar Alloy, this alloy is a mixture of Beskar and other metals thus reducing its protective capabilities. In-game, armors forged from Beskar Alloy will have a very low energy immunity bonus whereas stronger Mandalorian armors will have a higher energy immunity bonus... the highest energy immunity bonus in the Heart of Beskar mod is 90%.

The new protective buffs from the Mandalorian armors shall also be applied to the Mandalorians themselves as every Mandalorian NPC will now wear the armor of their rank, so for example a Mandalorian Scout will wear Mandalorian Scout armor and shall recieve the buffs from that armor.

A basic test run on the normal difficulty has been tested and I can confirm that a competent Kotor player should be able to defeat the Mandalorians even with the armor buffs, though you are welcome to report back to me if a specific Mandalorian is giving you trouble. 

New Mandalorian Items: 

Mandalorian Combat Suit (Inspired by the TSL item): Dropped by Kandon Ark, sold by Eli Gand
Mandalorian Heavy Suit (Inspired by the TSL item): Sold by Igear, found in a Dantooine Mandalorian's backpack
Echani Heavy Armor (Replaces the cut Mandalorian Armor): Sold by Greeta Holda
Mandalorian Light Armor (Replaces Mandalorian Battle Armor): Found on a Mandalorian Corpse near the Grove
Mandalorian Scout Armor: Found on a Mandalorian Corpse in the crystal cave, Found on a Corpse near the Sand People Camp
Mandalorian Marauder Armor: Sold by the Dreshdae Czerka Store
Mandalorian Heavy Armor (Restored item): Found in a container in the Sith Academy's torture room
Mandalorian Assault Armor (Fixed item): Sold by Mika Dorin
Mandalorian Marshal Armor: Sold by Mika Dorin
Mandalorian Rally Armor: Sold by Mika Dorin
Cassus Fett's Battle Armor: Sold by Mika Dorin

Mandalorian Training Mask: Sold by Tyvark

If you have any feedback, feel free to comment it down below: if you feel the mod is too overpowered or you have a suggestion for a change or a future feature I am more than happy to hear it!

Known Bugs:
This mod shouldn't have any bugs though if you find any please report them to me on Deadlystream.

Incompatible with any mods that modify the same UTI and texture files included in this mod.

Compatible with: JC's Darksaber for K1

Incompatible with: JC's Mandalorian Armor for K1 1.2

Please report any further incompatibilities!

Do NOT claim credit for this mod and do not use assets from this mod without my permission.

If you want to use assets made by 90SK or TK-664 you'll have to contact them for permission.

The Female Mandalorian Model by Inyri Forge does not need permission to be reused and anything made by SilverEdge9 doesn't need permission to be used either.

The Cassus Fett Battle Armor textire can be reused if you credit Effix as the original creator.

Thanks to:
90SK: Creator of the Mandalorian Mask, Mandalorian Heavy Trooper & Shock Trooper skins!
SilverEdge9: Creator of the Mandalorian Scout & Armor skin!
Inyri Forge: Creator of the Female Mandalorian Model!
TK-664: Creator of the Mandalorian Combat Suit Texture!
Effix: Creator of the new Cassus Fett Battle Armor Texture!
Obsidian Entertainment: For developing the new Ulic Qel Droma Armor skin for K2, which was reused in this mod!
Bioware: For such an amazing game
Fred Tetra: For Kotor Tool
Stoffee: For TSLPatcher
Everyone who downloads the mod!


What's New in Version 1.3.0   See changelog



* Removed the Mandalorian Assault Rifle drop on Dantooine

* Removed the Mandalorian Blaster drop from Bejik

* Removed Sherruk's lightsaber and modded loot drops

These removed features have been added to the brand new K1 Loot Overhaul mod!

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