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  1. Sithy_Kayse

    PFHA02 HD

    Oh, I didn't know, I am sorry about that and that makes much more sense now. Thank you for clarifying. I do realize that it takes effort and time to re-texture a model, texturing is like an art and not everybody sees art in the same way as eachother. For me, I think the model should have been different, but that's simply my opinion and upon re-viewing it with what Dark Hope said to my original comment, I do see it for what it is and do find it looking good, and do realize that the texturing might show up better in-game. I realize that this is a much older game on a much older engine with horrible limitations, and appreciate greatly what Dark Hope has done with re-texturing the in-game models. I apologize for any disrespect.
  2. Sithy_Kayse

    PFHA02 HD

    I feel like the eyes should be closer in color to the original, more emerald and less forest green. Also, the skin is too pale and rather out of place, especially considering this is an Asian character portrait. I also feel it's lacking enough texture and looks too unnaturally smooth.
  3. I agree with you as it being more of a sequel and possibly it's own standalone mod, as that's what I was initially thinking when I was writing it down, and having it go through my head. I went ahead and cleaned up my first message and made some alterations, and better explained myself for sake of clarity and simplicity. As for you making it as a mod, yourself and working on your K2 project, it would be absolutely amazing to see you work on an alternate sequel to kotor. It makes sens you would do it after your current main project and I would want you to finish that well before any other mods just because of what you're doing is so amazing and ground breaking. Speaking of which, and going off of the main topic for a moment, what's going on with K2 in K1? Feel free to DM me instead of replying to keep things clean in this forum post.
  4. Okay, yeah, I can understand where you're coming from, and how I might be wrong. But, making Revan the main character wasn't the only suggestion and it was just a suggestion. I did realize how it can't work, and how it's a bit of a hope more than a possibility. I mean, it would be cool to see someone mod a direct sequel rather than what we have right now, maybe use this mod to continue this journey. Kind of like, Kotor 2 and not TSL.
  5. A good use of the save port could be Revan having your chosen name and still being with whatever love interest you picked, this could include same sex relationships as well, if you had that as an option in the game through a mod. Another one could be to make Revan look the way you chose them to look along with them being unmasked or in different clothing from time to time. And finally, probably a really ridiculous one that would need to be fleshed out more, maybe even make it a sequel as if it were made by Bioware and not Obsidian. You would probably just be better off making it a separate mod altogether, kind of like the fan made kotor 3. The idea of making Revan, not Revan, at least not how he is in TSL, as bad and not a major part of the story. Revan could possibly still be playable in some way, either as a companion or as the main character depending on your decisions to go against or with the sith. Maybe this could be a direct sequel a few years after 1, probably 3-6 years depending on how you'd want to flesh out the story. I'm thinking that the last idea would also use some elements from your first save like the stuff previously mentioned above, and Revan could be fighting to either wipe out the Jedi, or the Sith depending on your decisions in the 1st game. Again, as if it were Bioware's sequel.
  6. So, I'm curious as to what the difference is as to the Standard and Revisited versions of installation.
  7. Would you please be able to add a vanilla version? Just because I really want to play this as vanilla as possible and don't want to be running into harder creatures so early on, too.
  8. Oh, okay. I'm sorry I didn't realize how difficult it would be. I just thought it would be as easy as up-scaling a .jpeg which even then, i don't know the ease of. do you have any suggestions for good replacements for the PC portraits? I don't really mind the NPC portraits, it's just noticable to me for the PC portraits and bugs me a lot.
  9. No, I was just hoping they can be more clear than they are in-game without really altering the original.
  10. I don't know if this already exists elsewhere, because I can't find it anywhere. But, I was wondering if somebody could upscale the vanilla PC portraits and only upscale the vanilla portraits, not add any new portraits. Thank you, if anybody does make it.
  11. Nevermind, I just had to re-download the .zip and re-unzip it.
  12. Okay, so I am still having my previous problem, even though I have not only manually checked all of the accessibility boxes in security to be checked so there's nothing that isn't allowed, but I have also moved my entire steam folder out of program files, and I have made sure to run that and kotor all once before installing it. I have also made sure to un-install and reinstall my kotor file except for my override which I add back before running the program but, I don't see a problem with that considering it wouldn't not allow the temp folders in the community patch 1.8 folder to be made. My override folder has files from the r/kotor mod build, I'm using the full build, and have installed everything but the TSLPatchHelper script that they recommend. Even with that installed, I was still getting errors. I am not using the cracked .exe because I have yet to get past getting this installed in order to fix widescreen. From the looks of it, it's denying me access to un-made temporary files and that doesn't make sense when they don't even exist meaning I can't change their accessibility. I would like it if somebody were to somehow help me to install this manually without needing to create the temporary files and in an order that won't end up breaking any mods. An example of the latest error: Unhandled exception: Cannot create file "C:\Users\Kayse\Desktop\KOTOR 1 Community Patch v1.8\tslpatchdata\danm14ab_tmp\and_mandtrig01.utt". Access is denied (0)
  13. I was planning to move kotor to another folder and set up a launch path, or at least a place where I can open the folder.
  14. Okay, so I click on the create folder, make a new folder, and then it pops up with what is in the screenshot when I press select or create new folder. I don't know what to do, and this really sucks.