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  1. Sithy_Kayse

    Juhani - Canon-like Cathar

    I understand, that it took you long to actually make this. But, I just don't see the resemblance between the comic image you present and the textured model in-game. If it's the screenshot that doesn't do it justice, then I suggest you make other screenshots. Because, it doesn't feel all that right, what with the comic book adaptation having MUCH paler skin, white hair, and much better defined nose and lip markings it's hard to tell that she isn't just another human, honestly.
  2. Sithy_Kayse

    Username change request.

    Thank you.
  3. Can a mod or please change my name to Sithy_Kayse? I've been meaning to request a use change, and did, but the mod/admin said they didn't have the ability to, anymore.
  4. Sithy_Kayse

    High Quality Ravager Backdrop

    is this for tsl or kotor1?
  5. Sithy_Kayse

    PANEL Overhaul animated (Mass Effect Edition)

    Can you wright up English instructions? Why i am asking this is because i can't understand the image instructions...
  6. my monitor is a 1366x768 and there are no options for this, how do i get it to fit my screen?