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  1. ElvenLace

    KSR 2022

    Okay, thank you for letting me know, and thank you for testing something like that.
  2. Is this compatible with the K1CP, and the mod that ConansHair asked about above?
  3. Do you know if Dark Hope's twi'lek texture mod changes the same NPCs, or is that safe to use along with your own mod?
  4. Should this be installed before, or after DarthParametric's mod?
  5. Yeah, I probably should from now on. Thank you for the answers, tho.
  6. ElvenLace

    KSR 2022

    So, should this be installed before or after crazy34's mod, or does it not matter?
  7. Is this in any way compatible with the differentiated dialogue mod? or does your mod do something similar? And possibly Leviathan interrogation clothes?
  8. ElvenLace

    K1 Even EXP

    Could you please set up TSLPatcher for this, so that way there is more compatibility? Just because this seems like such an awesome mod, but also seems like it could break other mods I use.
  9. Would it be possible for these to be used with JC's hybrid robes?
  10. Okay uhm, what does this mod do?? The description is too little and makes no sense. Could you please add more to the description, as I cannot tell what this mod even tries to do?
  11. Is this mod compatible with Kaidon Jorn's KSR 2022 mod? I'm asking because of what's said in the quote. Does your mod have that? @Marius Fett
  12. ElvenLace

    KSR 2022

    Hmm, okay well, I just figured I could install the other mod over your mod without consequences?
  13. ElvenLace

    KSR 2022

    I completely agree! Crazy34 did absolutely amazing and made such a god-send of a mod. I'm just not all that picky because, I'm used to whatever and don't worry too much about stuff.
  14. ElvenLace

    KSR 2022

    Ah okay, that is excellent to hear. Thank you for letting me know. I'm also not too picky on which blades are used but, I will happily wait with patience for a better quality blade.
  15. ElvenLace

    KSR 2022

    Okay, thank you. Would I be able to install this mod https://deadlystream.com/files/file/2054-sherruks-lightsaber-collection after your mod in order to have it function?