Dantooine Additional NPC Overhaul 2.0

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Changes key NPCs (not related to the Sandrals or Matales) to have unique -- or at least unique-adjacent -- heads and appearances.

For Dantooine this means the following:

Various ambient Jedi get their heads swapped from primary to secondary commoners--no more duplicates who won't talk to you. This includes one Courtyard Jedi who is now an orange Twi'lek--call it a diversity win.

Crattis is made orange to help set him apart from Karl.

Sol'aa has his green Xbox appearance restored so nobody can call me prejudiced against Twi'leks or the colour green.

Elise (the droid kriffer) gets blonde hair and red lipstick. She's lonely and deserves nice things maybe.

Lur Arka gets a unique red Twi'lek head based off of Xor's unique Twi'lek head. He also will be wearing a darker clothing variant just to make him stand out a bit more.

For the quests proper:

Nemo gets a new head based off a mix between Vrook and the Old Commoner head he had before. Corpse changed to match.

Jon the farmer gets a new (blond) head with facial hair, based off PMHC03.

Sherruk gets a unique red Mandalorian appearance where Mandalorian symbols are featured prominently on his chestplate as well as his back.

Rickard Lusoff gets a unique head based off PMHA05, as well as a skintone-on-glove-appropriate smuggler's outfit, to give him that hunter-loanshark look he was always meant to have. (For best results, pair with DarthParamedic's TOR Ports: Handon's Enhanced Waistline).


Big ups to the modding community who love the game as much for what it is as what it could be.


All work is mine and may only be used with permission. I didn't spend hours bouncing between Kotor Tool, GIMP, various image upscaling websites, and a new override folder just to have the credit stolen.


What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


Changed texture names, rejiggered some model files to avoid overlap as much as possible with any mods adding Twi'lek and/or Mandalorian heads/species textures to the game.

Fixed error in model file causing Elise to be headless.


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As much as I wanted this to work, this mod had problems for me. It loads in K1R fine, but I already had some textural mods installed before it--Better Twi'Lek head, Three-Tier Robes, Distinctive Jedi on Dantooine/Star Forge, Shen and Rahasia: Starcrossed Lovers, and even the TOR Fat-Man mod this was recommended with-- and it conflicted with all of them. It would load wrong character files, load in multiples (something I'm trying to fix now), or flat-out won't load them at all (Lur Arka and my Dantooine captive jedi are two issues I'm also trying to work on currently). It even couldn't load the Elise mod this had in its own files; I had a headless corpse for Elise when testing it out. 

It's either this mod or none at all (barring K1R), in my case.

Response from the author:

I hear you. Although it worked when I tested it out, this and my Taris mod seem to have been published with errors still attached. I intend to go through it from scratch and figure it out.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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