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Song for the Cantina



This mod change the background music [BGM] played inside Javyar's Cantina.


For me who playthrough most of Taris' side-quests, spending ~80% of the time in the cantina is inevitable -- reporting to Zax about the bounties, hunting credits from dueling, and maybe just to crashes on the sofa while enjoying the view of all the hot chicks inside the cantina is always a routine.

But then at one moment I wanted to hear something new around the room, so I was thinking; why not make one?

Influenced by a mod which change the cantina music to the classic piece from "A New Hope" and a reddit user; RomMitney, whom made some really cool cantina style one, this mod was made then.


  • This mod change the background music [BGM] played inside Javyar's Cantina to a custom one I made. At the time I was heavily-influenced with Lo-Sci-Fi stuffs -- something like world of Cyberpunk with lesser fidelity
  • I wrote and created the song using FL Studio 12 PE. The song itself called "Tainted Love"
  • With this installed you will have every cantina [module] in the game their own unique BGM
  • Easter Egg: The song is included in "Lower City Movement #3", the third issues from a compilation of Lower City obscure artists which is released in 4001 BBY -- ;)

Included are two installation options; MP3 and WAV format that are needed depending on which version of the game. GOG/retail version should be good with the game's native WAV format -- however, there are also Steam and mobile-version of the game which--from what I recall--need it as an MP3.

-- provided as well a user-friendly uninstaller for best compatibility purpose.


N/A at the time it was tested -- let me know if you find some.


This mod work best with Sith Holocron's "Animated Cantina Sign for KotOR 1" installed, as the animated-broken-blipping-sign gives you that lively feeling inside the cantina so, I'd recommend you to use that mod in conjunction with this.

There's always room for improvements; reviews, critiques, comments, suggestions, questions and feedbacks are much appreciated. PM me here, write them on my feed or leave any on the mod's page as you please. And thank you! for downloading, and using this mod.


Hope you enjoy the mod as much as I do!



Run the installer, pick one of the available and suitable options then hit the [Install Mod ->] button!



  • Choose the UNINSTALL option in the installation menu
  • Read the instructions for further required actions!



Will be compatible with mostly anything. Unless with mods that force-overrides tar_m03ae.MOD and/or ambientmusic.2DA, also coincidentally file-name conflicted



I'd love to provide direct support to my work, which wouldn't be possible if they're scattered in the Unknown Regions -- so be considerate to not redistribute this mod or re-release it on any websites.

However, you can use the music for your school and/or mod project or anything that is non-commercial, though be kindly to ask for permission first -- that way I know what's up, and if it's interesting enough I might offer to be involved, hahah. Or at least we'll talk. Cheers!


  • The Almighty Force
  • BioWare and LucasArts for Knights of the Old Republic
  • Sith Holocron for "Animated Cantina Sign for KotOR 1", which assets being stand-out both in the screenshot and preview of this mod
  • DarthParametric for past-present knowledge, and his creation that I took learn from
  • Kexikus for "Different Music for Anchorhead and the Ebon Hawk" which at the first place inspire me on having this mod its modular installation for a guaranteed compatibility
  • JCarter426 for SithCodec --
  • -- and Inyri Forge for all their awesome work that I look up to. Had learned a lot from their mods and been practicing a lot using their method
  • Fred Tetra for KotOR Tool
  • stoffe for TSL Patcher and Fair Strides for the updates
  • VarsityPuppet for 2DA Editor Alpha
  • TK102 for K-GFF
  • Tool Makers wasn't mentioned -- can't make it without y'all! :respect:
  • Members of DeadlyStream
  • All active/inactive modders that direct/indirectly influenced me to get into modding
  • DS for being a home -- a place to hangout, to discuss and hosting my work
  • DS' staffs for tirelessly improving and maintaining the site
  • Snigaroo/Sniggles for hosting Discord/r/kotor


** Preview [earlier version than v1.0.3]


What's New in Version 1.0.3


  • Rebranding
  • Framework update
  • Additional option to choose one that use room FX [experimental]
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wonderful theme, softer than the original. dialogs are heard slightly better (higher) been the music softer IMO. 

rated 5.

Response from the author:

Thank you! That is a nice review from you; appreciate to where you point that the dialogue heard slightly better, as I heard that too to tell the truth [even the intention of this mod was not to fix that].

But to know that we share the same opinion on this one, is always a nice feeling. Again, thanks! :cheers:

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