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  1. Hmm, okay. Unfortunately it looks like most of the scripts I need are the module scripts. I can partially decompile them with DeNCS but not fully. And I'm not quite brave enough to try a command line Python decompiler. I suppose if I'm going to attempt to learn how the application code works, I can start with the Core scripts. I've been able to do some coding using nss scripts included in various mods but that's not always possible either. I'll check out the Discord though, it would be really great if we could get them.
  2. Unfortunately DeNCS is only partially decompiling the ncs code so I can't recompile it without errors. KotorTool at least has the nss files as well, but my installation is only picking up the files I already have in my directory which isn't helpful. I've since realized that if I try to 'open' a ncs from inside HolocronToolset that it triggers NCSDecomp (it would be good to document this somewhere), but it fails with an unspecified error (literally a blank popup) and al I get is the void main(). So I'm a bit at a loss at what to do. It would be amazing if we could get the decompiled scripts! Any idea on a timeline for that?
  3. As a fun experiment, I took out the trigger for a_partyplan after the team's initial conversation in the dlg file and the Exile ended up in the Trayus Core with nowhere to go haha. Anyway - I think that confirms my theory. If I could get a clean copy of a_partyplan.nss I should be able to tweak the code.
  4. Yeah, it's probably meant to happen in 907, my setup just has it in 920 for whatever reason. But the files should be the same I would think, since everything is executing in the order it's supposed to. And those files aren't in my override so they weren't changed, just moved.
  5. This is what HT gave me, since the plan/confrontation happens in the Core. 907Krepart triggers a_partyplan which has the code listed above. It's possible one of my mods added/restructured the modules (I only have historical backups of my override directory so I'm not sure), however the events play out as expected so the same fix should theoretically apply as long as those 2 files exist. It's possible it's meant to occur in 907 given the prefix? If the a_partyplan doesn't exist in any of the vanila modules then maybe I could just get it decompiled from the version I have? My full list of Malachor Trayus Core modules according to HT:
  6. As I predicted, the code to turn into the remote is at the bottom of a_partyplan (920MAL.mod - Thanks Holocron Toolset) which is triggered when the party is finished planning their attack on Kreia (907krepart.dlg). However, the DeNCS can only partially decompile the code which means I cannot edit->recompile it (I get an error). HT has a dencs tool it looks like included in the zip but it's throwing errors about missing dlls that I'm not sure what to do with, or even if it would be better than deNCS. Having the source files was the one thing that KotorTool had that was handy, but I still can't find anything with it except files I already have. Can someone please attach a clean version of a_partyplan.nss? Error message from compiler: Compiling: a_partyplan.nss a_partyplan.nss(48): Error: Undeclared identifier "GetScriptParameter" Compilation aborted with errors --- Partially decompiled code: // Prototypes void sub1(); void sub1() { object oNPC; int int1 = 0; int1; while ((int1 < 3)) { oNPC = GetPartyMemberByIndex(int1); if (GetIsObjectValid(oNPC)) { ApplyEffectToObject(0, EffectHeal(500), oNPC, 0.0); ApplyEffectToObject(0, EffectHealForcePoints(500), oNPC, 0.0); } (int1++); } } void main() { int nParam1 = GetScriptParameter(1); object oKreiaEvil = GetObjectByTag("KreiaEvil", 0); object oVisasMarr = GetObjectByTag("VisasMarr", 0); switch (nParam1) { case 0: SetGlobalFadeIn(2.0, 2.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0); sub1(); SetLockOrientationInDialog(oKreiaEvil, 1); AssignCommand(oKreiaEvil, SetFacing(315.0)); AssignCommand(oKreiaEvil, ActionPlayAnimation(35, 1.0, (-1.0))); break; case 1: SetGlobalFadeOut(0.1, 2.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0); SetGlobalBoolean("MAL_TURNINTO_REMOTE", 1); DelayCommand(0.8, SetFadeUntilScript()); DelayCommand(2.1, StartNewModule("901MAL", "wp_remote_start", "", "", "", "", "", "")); break; } }
  7. This is a really great tool! Absolutely brilliant for finding things in specific modules. I was wondering if you had any documentation for the tools in your 'ext' folder? One looks like a de-ncs tool and the other a compiler, both which would be amazing if I could get them to work! But the de-ncs throws a bunch of errors saying there are missing dlls (possibly connected with the C++ Framework?). I'm a little uncertain whether I should download them manually and put them in the ext folder? And the Help doesn't have any entries for those tools. ^-^
  8. I guess it makes sense enough to me. Like in Lord of the Rings, when Sauron is defeated, his tower crumbles because it was symbolic of his evil power. Nobody needed to run around setting explosives. I feel the same way about Malachor. Kreia is defeated, and the LS Exile has made peace with her past, so the power which kept Malachor from collapsing the first time is no longer present. There is no need to destroy it a second time. It's already destroyed, just unnaturally clinging onto life. In the DS ending, your own dark power and desire to keep the sith academy alive and well could explain why it's still around. If Frodo went darkside and still somehow defeated Sauron, his tower would probably remain. If you don't play the HK Factory it is moot however, the planet will not explode regardless. And if the remote's actions serve no purpose (Goto stops you - end) then you're left wondering what the point was and I found that unsatisfying. As for the Exile and Bao-Dur, personally I'm not sure how reactivating the Mass Shadow Generator actually serves to resolve either of their subplots except to re-do the thing that traumatized them in the first place, which in my opinion seems counter-intuitive to them recovering and putting the past behind them. But that's just me. It is interesting how different people perceive the game though. I also enjoy Peragus, but I will admit to skipping it if I want to just play out the story from time to time. I'll try the Holocron Toolset though. I've been having trouble with KotorTool, it's only picking up what I have in my folders from previous mods which isn't particularly helpful. ^-^
  9. Sorry, I got the planet and HK Factory confused. I don't wake up HK so I don't do the factory, which in the scheme of things is the only thing that makes the Remote sequence make any sense. And is not a requirement to complete the game. Goto stops the Remote and then... nothing happens. You just leave. It's essentially pointless and a distraction from the gameplay. As for the planet exploding - the big bad is dead, bye-bye evil zombie planet. Makes perfect sense to me. The mod was the Recruit Master Atris mod, which accomplishes this by skipping the entire 907krepart.dlg. This includes the party planning, confrontation, and Sion's fight with Atton. I'd rather not skip the whole sequence though, just the Remote. From what I can tell the Remote scene is triggered after the planning - a_partyplan maybe? My copy of KotorTool doesn't have it and I couldn't find it in any of my other mods to verify. Also - why does it have to make sense? Peragus is important for the story but people find it tedious so there is a mod to skip it. If someone could provide me with the code files, or a way to export them, I would be happy to do it myself. I'm not an expert in this game's language but I'm a programmer so I'll figure it out. ^-^
  10. Sorry, I got the droid planet and HK Factory mixed up. I don't wake up HK so I don't do that part, but I was curious when I didn't see Bao-Dur except by Remote's hologram and the general consensus on the internet is that he must have died getting HK into the factory (even Kreia cannot see his future). But the HK Factory is not required to complete the game so him just going poof is odd. So he and Mandalore are just 'missing' until Mandalore magically shows up with the rest. I can excuse Bao-Dur not being around when they land on Telos. But it just makes sense to me that all the Exile's loyal companions would be there for her at the end. This may be more complicated than I'm capable of, but if someone could provide me with a list of the code files that would need to be modified (I found a few), I would be happy to take a stab at it myself. I'm not an expert in this game's language but I'm a programmer so I'm always up for a challenge. ^-^
  11. It would be nice if Bao-Dur and Mandalore could join the party on Malachor. There is enough space in the atrium where they confront Kreia for two more people, and they could say their standard phrases like 'let's do this' or whatever if they needed to have lines, but just being there would be enough. Kreia wouldn't need to even acknowledge them, just incapacitate them. That would explain how Mandalore ended up in the prison cell. And Bao-Dur could be in one of the other empty cells when the Exile rescues her party. I just thought it might be something someone would be interested in doing, since Bao-Dur's absence at Malachor has always seemed a little strange and there's no real in-game explanation for it. Grenn makes a comment on Citadel Station (how do Grenn and Bao-Dur even know each other? I don't recall a conversation option between them. Anywho). it's presumed he died getting HK onto the droid planet but that's never confirmed. And if you don't activate HK, he's literally the only missing person. Apologies if there is already a mod like this, I couldn't find one. Thanks! ^-^
  12. Hi, I don't activate HK or visit the droid planet during my playthrough so the Remote side bit on Malachor is a little distracting. I found a mod that removes the entire sequence including the party confrontation, but I would like to skip just the Remote part if I could. Apologies if such a mod exists already, I couldn't find one. ^-^
  13. Thanks! Which robes would you like replaced specifically?
  14. That was an unexpectedly elegant solution. And it works! As a fellow programmer, I commend you, and I bow down to your modding genius. ^-^