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    Probably my favorite character overhaul ever (well, second favorite after Fen's Mission) and it works like a charm. the head shape and eye change were most welcome. and the outfit just pops. sleek and deadly, like a cathar
  1. daewrythe

    Suits K1

    Sleek and fancy! Thank you
  2. I'd vibe with this a lot more if the eyes were sliiiightly closer together. But considering it's a full on remodel I appreciate it for what it is
  3. excellent work. it's a pity the endar spire only comprises like...10 minutes of game time though.
  4. daewrythe

    Suits K1

    we love a new combat suit
  5. yo, these rakghouls looking kinda menacing
  6. daewrythe


    AHHHHH, this face looks amazing any idea on if or when it would be released?
  7. is there any reason the non-abridged version was pulled from nexus?