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  1. Pretty much what the title says. Just wondering if its possible to do this since it would save a lot time when dealing with large mods which require you to run it several times to install all the different options ex. [TSL] NPC Overhaul.
  2. Not working for me. Only one file in the "For override" folder, the class6007.uti and nothing else. Armor doesn't appear in the workbench.
  3. well I actually started a new game to play it safe and Carths Blaster is still using the model and icon from HQ Blasters so I haven't been able to check any of the other weapons yet
  4. Basically what the title says. I've run into a problem where some of the WotOR models are being overridden by the other two mods (despite installing them before WotOR) so I was wondering if their was a way to combine these three mods with the Wotor models not being overridden? I simply don't know how to fix this issue on my own and its driving me crazy since I love these three mods.
  5. Actually yeah, thats exactly when this started happening now that you mention it. I did lose once but beat them afterwords, and thats when Bao-Dur stopped following me and when i was no longer able to talk to him or kreia. So basically I'm gonna have to start a new game if i want to be able to fix this aren't I? oh well, no biggie. Thanks for the help, I would never have figured that out
  6. For some reason I am unable to initiate any kind of conversation with Kreia or Bao-Dur, whether it's on board the Ebon Hawk or on any planet. this started as soon as I left the Telos Academy. I can click on them as much as I want but all they do is turn around to face me. All other party members work perfectly normal. Also, Bao-Dur won't follow me around at all. He just stands there and does nothing.