JC's Cloaked Jedi Robes & Supermodel Port for K1 1.4

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This is a mod resource of my various cloaked robe ports, including Cloaked Jedi Robes, Cloaked Hybrid Robes, and Cloaked Party Robes.

I've included all the textures I made for these mod releases as well as the Photoshop Document (PSD) files I used to make them. The PSDs have different layers for the overlays, masks, and each robe variant. Anyone who wants to make new textures for this model or do anything else with it may do so and is strongly encouraged to.

You'll need to use the Supermodel Port (also included) for the robes to animate properly in K1.


The Supermodel Port is super cripplingly incompatible with any other mods that alter the game's supermodels (the S_Female and S_Male files) unless the other mods utilize my Supermodel Port assets. These edits are necessary to give the player supermodels the bones required for the cloaks to animate.

This mod's supermodels include my Supermodel Fixes for K1. So you don't have to worry about using that, or if these files are overwriting those. Use this mod's files.

These supermodel edits somewhat alter some animations in the game. These adjustments were necessary to prevent the old stuff from clipping with the new stuff. It's essentially what Obsidian did when they added the new bones to the supermodel, but I've reversed the changes a bit to bring the animations closer to the original K1 style.

Some models aren't so happy with the new rig. I've made some hotfixes for such cases where I can, but they won't be compatible with other mods that alter these models.


KOTOR Tool – Fred Tetra
NWMax – Joco
KOTORMax & MDLEdit – bead-v
waifu2x – nagadomi


JC's Supermodel Port for K1

Mod Author

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Source of Ported Assets
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords by Obsidian Entertainment

Attribution Preference
"Supermodel Port by JCarter426" or "uses JC's Supermodel Port" or some other reasonable phrasing.

This mod resource is released under the following licenses:

  • Attribution Only License
  • Ported Content License

Attribution Only License (AOL)

* You've got mods! *

  • The creator of this mod has authorized the contents of this mod for public use. Other modders are free to use and edit materials from this mod and include them in other mods. This license applies to everyone equally and no further explicit permission from the original mod creator is required, provided the terms of this license are permission is not required provided the terms of this license are followed.
  • The user must provide clear attribution for the source and creator(s) of these materials, following the specified attribution preference. The file that contains this attribution must be included along with all the other mod contents.
    (For example, crediting the original mod creator in your mod's description on a website, but not in any file someone would actually download, would be a violation.)
  • The user must include any additional credits as indicated.
  • This license applies only for the use of these materials in other mods (i.e. a form of software accessed within a video game). This license does not grant the user unlimited power to distribute these contents, edited or unedited, even if attribution is granted. These materials are being offered to encourage the creation of new mods that alter the game experience.
    (For example, distributing these materials as a mod resource on another website, or uploading the entirety of the mod as a "new" mod without really changing anything, would not be in the spirit of this license.)
  • Where appropriate, it would be nice to provide a link to the original mod and/ or tag the original mod creator. However, this is not mandated. This is just a polite suggestion.

Ported Content License (PCL)

  • This mod contains ported assets. The original source of these assets must be attributed in the same manner as the mod creator is. (For example, "This mod contains assets ported from Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic II - The Sith Lords by Obsidian Entertainment.")

Final notes

Any edits to these files are going to be fundamentally incompatible with any other edits. While I'm releasing this as Attribution Only, I do ask that you don't release edited versions of the supermodels unless needed. The supermodels are fragile and difficult to troubleshoot, and even I don't entirely know or remember how these work, so it would make things a lot easier if you don't make any further edits unnecessarily; that way we know the source of any problem and there is less to troubleshoot.

Ideally, you'll only need to include the supermodels for animation support, and only edit using the Modular Supermodels to add any extra animations.

I'll stand by as maintainer of the sacred ported supermodels to apply any fixes or other updates.

In the event that I lapse in ability to perform this task, I authorize the transfer of power to another candidate following one year and one day of non-response on my part. Whosoever is willing to take up the role may do so if the community wills it. Should there be multiple contenders, they shall duel for the right to succeed me in a manner of their choosing (possibly to the death).


If you enjoy my mods and would like to show your support in a monetary manner, you may do so via PayPal with this donation link.

For various legal and ethical reasons, this is entirely optional and is not a requirement to downloading or using any of my mods. I also do not create specific mods for hire.

I make mods as a hobby and will most likely do so regardless of any donations or lack thereof, but modding does take up a lot of my time and every bit helps.

What's New in Version 1.4   See changelog


  • Fixed head turning issue on S_Female03.
  • Reduced arm clipping for female models.
  • Added Cloaked Party Robes to mod resource.
  • Added Cloaked Hybrid robes to mod resource.
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