Darth333's Easy Warping Armband 1.0.1

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Easy Warping Armband v.1.0.1



By Darth333 (08-17-2004)


v.1.0.1: loop in dialog preventing you to use the armband to travel on Manaan corrected.


This armband will allow you to easily warp to any area while playing the game and without having to use cheats and look for the area cheat codes.

See below on how to get the armband in the game.









This armband is primarily intended to be a tool for modders to test their mods.


If you intend to use this armband just for fun, you are free to do so but it is *AT YOUR OWN RISK*.

You could severely screw up your game in that many events could not trigger depending on where and when you use it. In the worst scenario, you could even be incapable of finishing a game.

If it is not for testing purposes, I strongly recommend that you do not use the armband, unless you are comfortable editing globals.


More specifically: if you want to use the armband to warp to the Leviathan before time and play the game as *you know who*, be advised that unless you edit the global for the Star Map, you won't be able

to finish the game.


If you decide to ignore the above notice and mess up with your game, then you can always try to repair the damages on your own by using TK102's KSE to edit globals.  His Global Variable Comparison tool can be useful for this too.



Installation and getting the armband in the game:



Extract the files to your override directory.


If you start a new game, it will be placed automatically in your inventory under the name

"d333 Warpband".


You can also get the armband by using the cheat code "giveitem d333_warpband" (without



Equip the d333_warpband and activate as any other armband. A screen will appear asking you to which planet you want to warp. Except for Yavin, the Rakatan Box and the Ebon Hawk to which you will be transported directly, a second screen will appear asking you the precise location where you want to go.





Delete the files from your override folder.






If you have other mods that use the spells.2da file, it could cause conflicts (mostly force power mods, tk102's armbands). Remove the existing spells.2da file from your override directory before

using this one or edit the spells.2da and the .uti for the armband.


A non-conflicting version will be released soon.


In any event, enjoy! (I hope)



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