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  1. HelloD I'd like you to know that it is indeed possible to flawlessly mod NewbieModder's Korriban Expansion, together with Tomb of Azgath N'Dul, Curse of the Sith and Dustil Restoration, though some work is needed to get it working.

    I do think that we should wait until Korriban Expansion 2.0 comes out, though... Much better voice acting.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      KE 2.0 isn't likely to ever come out. 

    2. Mamita


      Gahh. I should hope UnusualCharacter's work wasn't in vain. Ah well.

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      You could always ask @newbiemodder about it but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

  2. Hello I see you made a mod build with story mods, I wanted to ask ifyou installed and played with extended enclave, partyswap, genoharadan legacy, Azgath N'Dul's Tomb im looking to do these for my next run. 


    Appreciate it.

    1. Mamita


      Uhh. YES.

      It'll work. Assuming you use TSLRCM and that you're not using Coruscant. You can also throw in the Korriban Expansion- I promise it's entertaining!


      Have fun.


      I have kittens crawling on me.


    2. Mamita


      It'll work with M4-78 as well.


      Buncha stuff about making it work with Coruscant



      And if you want, you can have Coruscant if you're willing to add mods mid-playthrough. Add Partyswap and the Extended Enclave patch in after you beat Coruscant, before you first enter Dantooine. It'll disable reaching Coruscant by Map Travel, but you'll still have your swanky loot from the Jedi Temple.


      However, if you do this, you will be restricted in your playthrough due to Planet Travel Order constraints.

      Dantooine must first be visited after completing Coruscant, because you need to install Partyswap after Coruscant.

    3. MAQS


      Thank you, so after tslrcm and m4-78, partyswap extended enclave the pacth for them and the others on my list, excellent, I already played coruscant, korriban expansion, the 2 sith tombs on korriban and dustil restoraton on a previous run, I want this one to be a more or less what the developers would have wanted to add to the game run. so im skipping coruscant, curse of the sith and korriban expansion because they are very amateurish in a way, I remember what I had to do for korriban expansion to work with all those mods lol, thank you again for your reply.

  3. Do not install Partyswap with Coruscant. It breaks the planet's ebon hawk level.
  4. Alright. I've made it through Korriban. Everything looks perfect so far! Is there a method of installing Tomb of Azgath D'nul and Curse of the Sith on top of this? I'll be installing Genoharadan Legacy now.
  5. EDIT: The locations for the three keys are All in the sith ruins. EDIT: There are two glitches. 1: I can't seem to kill Jolee Bindo. Is this possible? I heard you can do it. 2: Kreia joins your party in the sith ruins.
  6. Just tried it and the game crashes to desktop upon reaching korriban and trying to exit the ship. Can anyone else test this? Edit: NVM I'm a dummy. It's working!
  7. Edit: Have made it to Korriban. Followed compatibility instructions and now am about to see just how well this works.
  8. I've followed all of your instructions. I've started my playthrough and made my way to Telos.
  9. You people are amazing! I've followed all the instructions. I hope this works. I'm going to do something similar to Obi Wan Pere: A partial let's play where I add one mod at a time and add them as I play. It will end when I'm out of mods.
  10. Seriously though, is there any way to make Korriban Expansion, and other mods that modify Korriban work together?
  11. I'm running the GOG version. I actually appreciate you showing me that thread! It showcases many good mods. I do love M4-78! I've already played through it once. I actually really wanted that again this time, but I also want Korriban Expansion, and I've heard that the two conflict in some pretty bad ways. Unless there's a way I could fix that. I don't care how convoluted it is as long as it works. I want Coruscant, but what is Coruscant 3.0? I can't seem to find any information on this, but Obi-Wan Pere's thread mentions that. I also want Extended Enclave and Partyswap if that's possible. And now I want Genoharadan Legacy too.
  12. As the title says. I'm going to start another playthrough of TSL and I need some good mods for a dark-side run. I'm aiming for mods that add story and content or alternatively just plain fun, like Curse of the Sith, Korriban Expansion and Tomb of Azgath D'nul. Perhaps anything that adds more force powers. I also want to include TSLRCM in this list if it's at all possible. I'm also aware that a lot of TSL mods don't tend to play nicely with each other, so if you guys have any suggestions on patches I should get or special installation orders, please fill me in! Thank you!
  13. This is true. Without any of the lead devs absolutely nothing is going to happen. So until then all we can do is wait. My apologies for the disturbance.
  14. Alright everyone. For those of us who've anxiously awaited a status update... Here's what's up as far as I can tell. Everything is done except lip-syncing. SithHolocron left only after he had done everything he could to help, so don't worry. Source In order to lip-sync lines in KoTOR and TSL, we need a tool called CLUS, developed by the university of Oregon to generate phonemes based on audio files. (Basically if you have a text file with the written dlg and a spoken audio file it'll match the two up and lip-sync the dialogue.) The university of Oregon's servers went down a while back, which prevents anyone else from installing the mod. However, a user here by the name of Jenko managed to get in contact with the people at the University of Oregon. They sent him the installer and have given him permission to redistribute it. Source So at this point it seems that there are no more roadblocks and there's no need to worry. I hope by posting this I haven't violated any rules. If so, please alert me immediately and I'll take it down.