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  1. I have several questions. You mentioned that the player can define content restored in TSLRCM; does that include M4-78EP since that's often considered to go hand-in-hand with TSLRCM? Since Handmaiden is returning, will there be Disciple for female Exiles? Or will that also be a choice? Lastly, will anything to reference Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge be included as well? Even a small cameo from Sera Degana (also known as Channa Mae, Matilda and Shadow of Revan) would be incredibly awesome. If I remember correctly, she left to wander the galaxy with Kobayashi after fighting her former master, Solomon.
  2. I've been going this route: Peragus (duh) Telos (handmaiden and sometimes dustil) Coruscant (lightsaber parts) Nar Shaddaa (mira, sometimes hk, and iacen/goto) Cathalan (warp codes for the sole reason of xp and items) Korriban (gotta love that expansion) M4-78 (duh again) Dxun/Onderon (always get called back immediately after) Dantooine (most convenient) Then it's back to Telos and on to Malachor V.
  3. I'm fine with that; she does still level up, though, like other NPCs do when they first join, right? I don't mind relevelling her but I do mind having to go get her a bunch of XP to relevel. But anyway, that'd be great to know how you did it; thanks in advance for the help.
  4. Well, here's what I've found on the file I had before making this thread (installed expansion then M4, going to try M4 then expansion later); Vash's corpse is there and Visas' dialog about her death plays, but I still get her datapad added to my inventory and can talk to T3 to head to M478 after escaping Sion. There's nothing else new in the Academy. I can't get to the Valley Floor (couldn't trigger it in the Academy). I can warp to the Valley Floor but can't progress, Jolee is invisible and can't be talked to but I see his name if I put the cursor over where he should be. M478 progresses as normal. My little hypothesis for when I try installing the expansion over M4 is: Vash will be dead, I will get no datapad, the expansion will be perfectly normal and I will be able to access M478 via console warp, but not by galaxy map. I'll post my results when I'm able to test this; I hope this goes well, these mods are both significant as, if successfully combined they build on both Korriban and the fate of Vash, as well as restore more of what TSL was meant to be, and add some as well.
  5. Title explains my question. I searched this and found one topic, but a definitive yes/no wasn't given. Does the expansion work with M4-78EP? If not, is there a way to tweak it to do so?
  6. Two questions; Does this also work with M4-78EP? Will there be a version to include Iacen Konn from HOTOR? I absolutely loved having him in my party, between him and Visas I could have one of each prestige class in my party at one time.