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  1. What's changed? It's been 1.8.6 for a long time, so I'm guessing that it's been minor tweaks.
  2. Over two years late, but yes, in the Trayus Academy, TSLRCM placed the OG Dark Jedi pajamas on the students and alumni that previously had commoner appearances in vanilla K2.
  3. Given how you're using the Rodian head from SWTOR, I take it that you weren't able to get permission from @JCarter426 to use JC's Heads for K2 (a Modding Resource) - Knights of the Old Republic - The Movie Trilogy (
  4. For the Hi Poly Tin Cans option for JC's Extra Saber Colors for K1 - Mods - Deadly Stream, would this texture mod be compatible?
  5. Speaking of K1R, I haven't heard much of it in a long time.
  6. Also, the Taris non-hostile rakghoul glitch I reported a year and a half ago is still here.
  7. My friend Vaderplayer had an idea for a Sion boss battle in the Sith Academy after you killed Uthar. We find it odd that he just flees the Academy when everything goes to hell. Maybe when he senses a disturbance in the Force, he snaps on instinct, smelling blood in the water and going on a rampage. By the time you get back to the Academy, Sion has already killed several Sith, and it's a free for all clustercuss with every Dark Jedi for themselves. Your companions are presumably at Dreshdae during this incident waiting for you to return, so you'll have to do this alone. The good news is that the Sith students and alumni will be too busy killing each other that they won't gang up on you, but you can fight them if you choose. When you get to the center of the Academy, you get to fight and defeat Sion, setting him up as an antagonist in the next game.
  8. Kreia's Assorted Robe Collection - Mods - Deadly Stream I know this mod is not compatible with the mod, but I just want the robe textures from the default robes for Kreia. I don't care about the Dark Shroud that gives her Two-Weapon Fighting. Could I edit the "changes.ini" file to prevent the TSLPatcher from adding the side quest into my game?
  9. Is it possible to just install the robe changes for Kreia if I don't want the Dark Shroud?
  10. Would your previous Electromesh Armor mod work with the current TSLRCM build? And does the Liberator's/Oppressor's armor work without SLM?
  11. If I have the GOG version, will I need this to patch it to widescreen?
  12. If I'm using your melee sound mod along with Shem's Ultimate Sound Mod and this mod, which should I install first?
  13. Hey, you gave Visas Marr an assorted robe collection. That's definitely special.
  14. There was static in the lines where female pronouns were replaced by male ones, and I'm speaking of the ones where Sion informs Kreia of the Exile's arrival.
  15. What changes did you make on Monday? When I used this mod as part of the Reddit mod build, Sion's lines to Kreia about a male Exile didn't play properly.