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  1. Excellent idea!
  2. I played 2.0. I enjoyed it, but there were a lot of bugs.
  3. I played this mod many years ago as an adolescent, and I was wondering if this upload is an updated version of the mod or just a reupload.
  4. It was the Pazaak player that couldn't be talked to.
  5. Basil Bonehead did an analysis about a year and a half ago:
  6. There are also a few other glitches: the rakghouls who kill the Vulkar scout aren't hostile, the Zeltron bounty hunter's girlfriend doesn't have her body textured, and some other bugs that I forgot.
  7. Tanis's droid quest is bugged. I can't fix the other droids.
  8. I can't access the Sith Base, even with the ID Card.
  9. I haven't seen anything from the Weapons of the Old Republic mod for awhile. Is there a way we could make that portion compatible with High Quality Blasters? Uh, I don't think Carth's blaster is properly textured. I'm in the Endar Spire. I installed the mod, but I still got the Sith Armor. I went to the party, but I haven't tested for the interrogation.
  10. Any similar update in the works for K2?
  11. When can we expect HD portraits for KOTOR II?
  12. Domino5555

    HD PC Portraits

    Could you use the upscaled player heads in this mod?
  13. What changes were made to the latest update?
  14. But what if you just wanted a BIK with Kreia having both her hands? After all, this mod did cutscenes for the Dantooine battle sequences, Sion on Harbinger, and Visas Marr's introduction.