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  1. I found your Balance Tweak Pack on the Reddit KOTOR 2 mod build: kotor2modbuildfull - kotor ( I was wondering if the AC Bonus Fix would be compatible with the mods in this build. Would you know anything about this? I'd ask on the Reddit, but the thread on the mod build to ask questions was blocked to me for some reason.
  2. Domino5555

    Combat Arena

    This mod is definitely underrated, as it provides challenging combat for the player without being blatantly unfair.
  3. Suppose that I wanted new icons for the standard sabers to match the new hilts...
  4. Could you please tell me about the lore additions of this mod?
  5. Are you familiar with the KOTOR mod build on Reddit? kotormodbuildfull - kotor ( I came asking when in the mod order I should install this mod.
  6. I always thought that the lightsaber hilt was the default short lightsaber.
  7. Hey, don't discredit Kyle like that. If he cloned Palpatine, it would still be a better story than what we got in 2019.
  8. Kyle invented the Sith so he wouldn't get bored with a peaceful galaxy.
  9. You're damn right! His only request is for us to keep talking about him.
  10. Kyle Katarn unleashed 2020 on us as our punishment for not talking about his greatness.
  11. Ah, who else remembers this dialogue pack?
  12. What's the difference between Atton's beta appearance and his final appearance? Also, where can I find some AI upscaling software? I was thinking this trailer could get that treatment.
  13. Domino5555

    Exile's Saber Fix

    Is it possible for the Exile to have used dual lightsabers in the Mandalorian Wars?
  14. Oh. I thought the upscaling revealed the insignia.