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  1. Domino5555

    HD PC Portraits

    Could you use the upscaled player heads in this mod?
  2. What changes were made to the latest update?
  3. But what if you just wanted a BIK with Kreia having both her hands? After all, this mod did cutscenes for the Dantooine battle sequences, Sion on Harbinger, and Visas Marr's introduction.
  4. What about M4-78EP? And there's a mod that gives Darth Traya both her hands in "Kreia's Fall":
  5. So your other small mods that you have uploaded prior are still separate, but that will no longer be the case for future mods, correct?
  6. Hey, pal. It's been awhile.
  7. I've activated the "following" function.
  8. I have chosen to beta test your mod pack.
  9. I take it that his Movie-Style Rakatan Holograms mod won't work either.
  10. I'm also planning on using several mods from DarthParametric. Most of these are mere visual fixes, but there are a few I am concerned about in regards to compatibility.
  11. What's the resolution for this BIK?
  12. DeadMan, if I were to have both your mod and Shem's Ultimate Sound Mod, which would you recommend I install first?
  13. What changes have you made to the endgame of KOTOR 1? I wanted to use
  14. It surprises me that the Exile lacks Dark Side transitions.