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  1. Hey, you gave Visas Marr an assorted robe collection. That's definitely special.
  2. There was static in the lines where female pronouns were replaced by male ones, and I'm speaking of the ones where Sion informs Kreia of the Exile's arrival.
  3. What changes did you make on Monday? When I used this mod as part of the Reddit mod build, Sion's lines to Kreia about a male Exile didn't play properly.
  4. If I'm using the Community Patch, should I install the Tariga fix?
  5. I'm reposting, because I desire an answer to what the conditions were.
  6. "I play-tested this mod with: a) unoptimized LS melee character made by fist-time novice player from the save I found on the net – on the "Normal" game difficulty, b) optimized DS force-focused character of mine – on the "Difficult" game difficulty. " What do you mean by "optimized", exactly?
  7. What ending of the Sandral-Matale quest line does the new patch account for?
  8. Not that you didn't already work hard enough on getting high resolution loading screens for KOTOR 2, but Kexikus dropped High Quality Skyboxes II over the weekend. Again, not asking you to do this, as I'm sure that others could follow your example and do so.
  9. In case if you're still active, Kexikus has released High Quality Skyboxes II for TSL.
  10. How do I access the mod resource for the cloaked party robes?
  11. Can you help provide further compatibility for PartySwap, as even though there's a compatibility patch, Mical's thoughts don't play when Handmaiden is in the party.
  12. I meant the definition of AC values.
  13. What are AC values again?