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  1. djh269

    N-DReW's K1 Gameplay Improvement DEMO

    The Rodian head goes with everything lol, it looks great with the Czerka uniform! Is that from JC's head resource? I can't remember
  2. djh269

    Effixian's Carth's Black and White Clothing

    Very nice reskin! Reminds me of the white sith trooper reskin
  3. djh269

    N-DReW's K1 Gameplay Improvement DEMO

    I agree with the above comment, it's a thing that SpaceAlex's mod missed out on. As the altered gameplay caused all the bugs whereas the appearance changes / stat changes didn't. Also the gameplay changes are usually more subjective. Also, I notice there's 3 Rodians in one picture on Tatooine:
  4. djh269

    Star Wars jedi: Fallen Order

    New trailer is out now people!
  5. Thoughts guys? 


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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      No pre-orders!

      @djh269: I recommend posting the trailer into this thread rather just letting this post die here.  Status Updates are such temporary things...

    3. jc2


      I'm'a wait to see some gameplay and then I will evaluate the content, but I'm highly skeptical of it atm.

    4. djh269


      Thanks for the suggestion @Sith Holocron! Guys I've posted the link in the thread SH has recommended for further discussion :D


  6. djh269

    Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

    We all know no matter how much we hated the previous installments we'll still force ourselves to watch this movie in December, one way or the other I'm a little bit optimistic about the film after how much TLJ was slated, they can't make the entire trilogy bad. I'm hoping it's like the prequels where EP III was pretty good. I don't get the same need to watch it as the other films though, my enthusiasm has died for Disney's involvement.
  7. djh269

    DP's Droid Foundry v2.0

    It speaks to his work that it's that good he's worried people might mistake it for porting models from a game that's a decade older than K1!
  8. djh269

    K1 Community Patch

    This is amazing work guys, incredible!
  9. Thanks for the assistance @Kainzorus Prime and @DarthParametric I may just try porting the remote model to use instead, I still don't know if it'll work though haha.
  10. Apologies I should have elaborated, I want to use that droid model as a training droid, akin to Episode IVs training droid scene with Luke Skywalker, so I spawn him in the Ebon Hawk from a panel for lightsaber practice I already edited the UTC to have him hostile rather than neutral, and provided him with a pistol and a flamethrower, unfortunately nothing happens when he attacks. I believe he was just a placeholder droid for the Dantooine module.
  11. There's a floating droid in the Dantooine enclave module that I've tried to get to shoot at me either with blasters or a flamethrower, but nothing happens when the droid attacks. Does anybody know what would need to be done to get the droid to be able to shoot with a blaster? This is the model / texture name: l_astro02.mdl l_astro02.mdx N_astro02.tga The droid is pictured below:
  12. You need either K1 or TSLs nwscript.nss file within the DENCS folder.
  13. djh269

    N-DReW's K1 Gameplay Improvement DEMO

    I played this mod early on in it's design and liked your ideas, I'm looking forward to further additions you implement! I'm interested in your take on the Saul Karath Leviathan battle and the Sith Master on Manaan. Have you made Calo Nord / Darth Bandon's encounters tougher?
  14. djh269

    Name idea for a small mod

    I'll still use your mod though, I loved Anakin using a blue saber in EPIII, and it's more plausible for her to use a blue saber.
  15. djh269

    Name idea for a small mod

    Reminds me of this thread: Love the divide in opinion of whether she should have a blue / red saber crystal haha. IF she were to somehow get the red saber crystal she could of used her stealth abilities to get them from the Kinrath Cave, just my two cents