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  1. djh269


    Very nice, those tree textures are such a contrast though haha!
  2. This may assist you, have you ever used Kotor Tool before?
  3. Orange is a great shout for Tatooine! And purple's a great colour it'd stand out in the ruins
  4. Manaan - Blue Kashyyk - Green Korriban - Red Tatooine - Yellow Dantooine - Silver
    Such a nifty little addition to my override, reminds me of other RPG elements I've found in other games. It's great you've used a Trandoshan as well, I always thought they were more suited to slaughtering bunnies than stitching / dying cloth haha. Permanent addition to my mod collection!
  5. Boom: TSL_Achilles Game Balance Mod.rar
  6. Actually I got the idea from this guy lol:
  7. You could also have Jedi Sand People with that mod running around the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine
  8. For immersion I edited this mod to have various Sand People wearing armor on Tatooine. Just an idea
  9. The only files the mod contains are: PMBBL01.tga PFBBL01.tga So it's most probably a conflict with another mod, it could either be from your appearance.2da file or from the clothing mdl/mdx files you have in your override folder
  10. The Rodian head goes with everything lol, it looks great with the Czerka uniform! Is that from JC's head resource? I can't remember
    Very nice reskin! Reminds me of the white sith trooper reskin
  11. I agree with the above comment, it's a thing that SpaceAlex's mod missed out on. As the altered gameplay caused all the bugs whereas the appearance changes / stat changes didn't. Also the gameplay changes are usually more subjective. Also, I notice there's 3 Rodians in one picture on Tatooine:
  12. New trailer is out now people!
  13. Thoughts guys? 


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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      No pre-orders!

      @djh269: I recommend posting the trailer into this thread rather just letting this post die here.  Status Updates are such temporary things...

    3. jc2


      I'm'a wait to see some gameplay and then I will evaluate the content, but I'm highly skeptical of it atm.

    4. djh269


      Thanks for the suggestion @Sith Holocron! Guys I've posted the link in the thread SH has recommended for further discussion :D