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  1. Is the Bastila Female PC Untold Love Story mod compatible?
  2. So, I graduated college. Moved to NYC. Jobs are weird...

  3. This has been updated for increased compatibility with HH's H4M-D4M mod, and clearer installation instructions, along with some tweaks and bug fixes. I hope you all continue to enjoy it!
  4. Thanks for bringing that to our attention! We've uploaded a new version with some more bugfixes and tweaks, increased compatibility, and hopefully clearer instructions for installing if you have M4-78 installed. As to your question: Not sure, probably because it is LESS destroyed than when you visited before?
  5. I'll be active again in the Summer! Have fund peepes!

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      You were active?

    2. HK-47


      Eager Statement: I'll take some funds.

    3. milestails


      There you are! Welcome back.

  6. Extended Enclave allows you to fight all the masters at once.
  7. We fixed the force crush bug in the recent update(by fixing what was causing it). And yes, fully compatible with the alternate ending.
  8. This has been updated to 2.1, check the changelog. Do a clean install of the mod.
  9. Update has been submitted! Yes. When you arrive you have to follow a certain path in the dialog but you can fight all three. And probably be killed be because they are freaking tough.