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  1. You can mod on something that ISN'T PC?!?!? WOW, wasn't expecting this.
  2. Thank you very much! This is thankfully a minor bug. Any way to fix it? Also, I was thinking of using Kaidon Jorn's KSR 2022 mod. N-Drew told me that it should work with his K1 Loot Overhaul mod, but if KSR is installed after the loot overhaul, it'll just replace the loot from that mod with it's own. I did use KOTOR Tool to edit some of the inventories. Also, Brejik initially attacks me unarmed but does pull out a vibroblade when Bastila attacks him. Also, if I move away from Brejik, he gets out the Mandalorian Blaster. Why is it that he pulls a blaster at the end of the cutscene when he's equipped with a standard pistol, but not with a Mandalorian Blaster Pistol?
  3. Here's my mod build: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jNwfIsnNDpSm-xYtRcepYK_YDqmBnrxbWI9PpNWEAi4/edit?usp=sharing tar_m03af.mod
  4. Here's the mods I'm using: KOTOR Mods And here's my tar_m02af.mod file: tar_m02af.mod
  5. The vision that plays when the player rescues Bastila plays again in the Taris apartment. According to the patch notes, it should only play once.
  6. Found this same issue with KSR 2022. Interestingly, I don't remember this glitch last time I used it. I installed KSR early in my mod installation the first time and I later did it towards the end. Looks like you need to install it towards the beginning. Wonder if there's a peremanent fix for this that doesn't require copying and substituting files every time you get to this part of the game.
  7. JasonRyder

    K1 Loot Overhaul

    Found something interesting. When I installed KSR 2022, Brejik's loot went back to default other than changing Bastila's lightsaber. And when I went into KOTOR Tool to give Brejik the Mandalorian Blaster, I noticed that in-game, he initially attacks you unarmed and then pulls out a vibroblade once Bastila attacks him. If you run from Brejik, then he'll get his Mandalorian Blaster out. This might be an issue with K1CP or RC-K1CP as one of those mods causes Brejik to get into a fighting stance when he says, "Vulkars, to me! Kill this woman! Kill the swoop rider! Kill them all!" He's supposed to pull a blaster on you during this dialogue but instead he gets into an unarmed stance.
  8. It doesn't have good stats, I've heard. So I've changed my mind and I don't think it's worth it.
  9. Looks great! Maybe in the mod itself you could make a version that looks more like Vanilla KOTOR and another that looks like Dark Hope's reskin.
  10. I forgot to mention the Iriaz on Dantooine, but I found a standalone mod for it: Iriaz on Dantooine Also, I found a mod that restores the Outcast Children, but it also adds things I don't care for: Taris Undercity and Gamorrean Stronghold Restoration
  11. Would this be compatible with NDrew's NPC Diversity Pack? The pack turns the Nikto Pazaak Jolan Aphett on Manaan into a Rodian since in vanilla, he uses the Rodian soundset.
  12. I also found that Calo Nord drops a Zabrak Tysteel Mark III blaster and an Arkanian Heavy Pistol instead of his two Mandalorian Heavy Blasters. Which mod is responsible?
  13. I'm using the KOTOR Widescreen Mods and the Ultimate Character Overhaul Mod, and I noticed that some versions use TPC files and others use TGAs. I tried using those mods with some other texture mods like Heyorange's Sith Uniform Reformations and some other texture mods that mostly use TGA files. I find that installing TGA-based texture mods AFTER UCO mods, the TPC files take priority. Should I install the entire KOTOR Ultimate Series with the TGA versions? They take longer to download and unzip. Also, do I install K1CP first or UCO first? The mod page for UCO says to install it first THEN K1CP, though most mods ask you to install K1CP first.
  14. Is it possible to use this without going through all the Widescreen fixes and mods?
  15. Could anyone make a portrait for Colja's Zaalbar Reskin Version 1? Link to the file is here.
  16. To make this mod compatible with the Ultimate Character Overhaul mod, delete the "PFBBL01.tpc" and "PMBBL01.tpc" from Override after installing both mods.
  17. Is this mod compatible with your NPC Diversity Pack and RC-K1CP mods? https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1426-k1-ported-alien-vo-replacements/?tab=comments
  18. I'm only using the armor reskins from now on.
  19. While it may not have been, it was implemented n K1R and I liked the feature.
  20. Going to do a re-install of KOTOR and not going to touch anything inside SpaceAlex's K1 Enhancement pack. Just going to use redrob41's Echani Mod for the Manaan NPCs. And I also found an Echani Merc in the Hrakert Rift station that was headless and wearing a Jedi robe for some reason! I found a "man28_merc" utc file in the mod, so I won't be using that one.
  21. Two other characters that could use unique appearances are Sunry, Jolee's old war hero friend on Manaan who's been accused of murder and Hulas, the Genoharadan agent you get their quests from.
  22. I'd like this, but I think you should prioritize other content restorations such as: -Having to get two disguises on Taris, requiring the player to both attend the party and stop the interrogation -Outcast Children in the Outcast Village on Taris. -The Echani Mercanary on Manaan that you can speak to about their ways. This Echani merc will also not speak to you if Canderous is in the party.
  23. I think I know what the problem might be. I installed a version of redrob41's Echani mod that was in SpaceAlex's unfinished K1 Enhancement Pack. It uses that man27_sithdip.utc file as well. Probably shouldn't use anything in there other than the skins for armors.
  24. Don't know what's causing him to be headless and wearing a different uniform, then. And sadly, I can't load another save since I've moved on from that part of the game. It's fundamentally incompatible with K1CP? I've had no issues with it other than Commander Gran wearing the wrong uniform inside and being headless inside the Sith Embassy. Also, is Commander Gran the same Sith Diplomat that's present at Sunry's trial?
  25. He looks fine outside the Sith Embassay, but he's headless inside it. Also, RC-K1CP is probably responsible because it does this: "Manaan: * Commander Grann replies to the Sith Security Officer.