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    This was a cool and neat mod you made ebmar. Quite interesting for such a tiny detail. This would make it more interesting if you add other SFX depend upon if you gain a small, medium or large amount of light side or dark side points.
  1. I tested the fixed models and the models are still distorted. My theory is since i'm using a Xbox 360 to emulate the game, the emulator has complications with emulating certain new models or textures. I have a texture error when using Dark Hope's PMHA05 texture mod. So, maybe any new models or textures has to be the exact same or identical to its original model or texture. Also, I used CXBX-Reloaded emulator on PC to experiment the Xbox version with certain mods. And when using head mods like redrob41 Playable Enchani x6 mod, the faces appear black. I don't think these errors occur if someone was playing on a Softmod Original Xbox with these mods. This just my theory.
  2. I thank you for your assistance. I'll notify you as soon as I can.
  3. I tried to use Blender 2.93, however, I don't have a computer at home and I go to my local library to use their computers for my project and I received a error saying the computer doesn't have a supported drive or graphics card. Do you mind examining the models for me and see if the models can be fixed? Models in Xbox
  4. Thank you for your response. I might create a possible scenario where you meet Kreia in a secret place and she reveals your true identity early in the game since she's has the ability to foresee events that occur in the future. Also I might implement is if "Revan" recruits her after completing his/her Jedi training in Dantoonie and decide to return to Dantoonie for whatever reason before being attacked by Darth Malak's fleet, she informs Revan that see can't step foot on Dantoonie because of her exile. Need to develop more ideas for her in the future.
  5. Hello DarthParametic. I heeded what you said and I'm currently using the latest beta version of MDLedit and got results like this. I converted Fenharel's HK-47, ebmar's Janice Nall and Incomplete Droids, Selven, Rakghoul Fiend and VarsityPuppet's Ajunta Pall models and Rakghoul Fiend, Janice Nall, HK-47 and Incomplete Droids function just fine. But Selven and Ajunta Pall's models are having issues. Do you know if it's better to batch convert to ASCII first and then batch convert to binary or just save the .mdl as a binary? Also, do you know if MDLOps can export models to xbox binary?
  6. I like to ask you a question DarthParametric. I've been converting certain PC .mdl/.mdx files to xbox format and this HK-47 model got glitches like this. I'm currently using a RGH Xbox 360 on BC. Is this a model issue, emulation issue, or both?
  7. Greetings everyone. I like to ask everyone a question. I'm a newbie when it comes to KOTOR II: The Sith Lords. So I been watching videos about the character Kreia and I find her very intriguing about her wisdom and quotes. So I was thinking to add her in KotOR 1 as a secret companion in my KotOR (Reborn Edition mod). Is it a great idea to add her as a secret companion or no? I want people to give their critique on this idea.
  8. Greetings ladies and gentlemen. I want to share my dialogue lines for my KotOR (Reborn Edition) mod. Possible dialogue lines for Master Vandar when the Protagonist turns Kel Algwinn, Juhani and or Yuthura Ban to the Light Side Redeemed Kel Algwinn to join the Light Side and Juhani only Master Vandar: We give you our gratitude for convincing young Jedi Kel Algwinn to the Light Side Padawan. With Juhani and Kel to the light now, this gives us more hope of other Jedi or Sith see what the evil Sith and the Dark Side are truly are. Talk to Master Zhar. He has a reward for you. May the Force be with you. Redeemed Juhani, Kel Algwinn and Yuthura Ban Master Vandar: We're pleased that Juhani, Kel Algwinn and Yuthura Ban has been redeemed by you Padawan. You have shown us great progress of your training so far by conferring the wisdom of the Jedi Code to your peers and give people a second chance to right their wrongs Padawan. Talk to Master Zhar. He has a reward for you. May the Force be with you. Redeemed Kel Algwinn but slain Juhani Master Vandar: We're pleased that you redeemed and convinced Kel Algwinn to leave the Sith and potentially the Dark Side to join the Light Side Padawan. It's saddening that Juhani's fate had to be death and not be with us to educate her back to the light as well. But with that, keep sharing the wisdom of the Jedi Code and you will be a Jedi Master in no time. May the Force be with you. I'm going to attempt to add a reward depend on if you Redeemed Juhani and Kel Algwinn only or if you Redeemed Juhani, Kel Algwinn and Yuthura Ban too.
  9. Ok. Thanks for your response.
  10. Hello ladies and gentlemen. Does anybody know what the difference between saving a mdl file as a ascii or binary file and to batch convert a mdl file to a ascii or binary file?
  11. Hello bead-v. I like to ask you a question. So if I acquire all the models from that mod and convert them myself, should I click the format box from PC to Xbox, convert them to ascii first, and then batch convert them to binary xbox model or just batch convert the original PC model to binary xbox model and that's it?
  12. I tried loading Yavin IV, however, it crashed. But with Korriban Crystal Cave, it appears corrupt and you can't walk. But I figured out the problem. The modules uses certain .mdl/.mdx, vis, and lyt files in the models.bif, layouts.bif and lightmaps.bif archive in the PC version for their corresponding module. For instance, for Dantoonie Crystal Caves, they use m14ae_01a.mdl, mdx and m14ae_02a.mdl, mdx files in the models.bif for their module. However, in the Xbox version, they acquire it in danm14ae_a.rim and danm14ae_adx.rim in the rimsxbox folder since there are not in the models.bif or models2.bif. So what I had to do to make Korriban Crystal Cave function is I had to take assets from the danm14ae_a.rim and danm14ae_adx.rim like .mdl/mdx, lyt and vis files since the module is using an existing module from Dantoonie Crystal Caves but with minor changes. So I think to make Yavin IV or Ord Mantell to function is you have to obtain the assets you need from the rimsxbox folder since those are using existing module assets. Yes. It should be possible for the Original Xbox. It's not required to have a RGH/JTAG Xbox 360. However, I do recommend to upgrade an Original Xbox's Ram from 64MB to 128MB and or upgrade the CPU too.
  13. They still don't support large textures sizes due to memory limitations. What I did was resize some to 512x512 or 256x256 uncompressed, compress them using tga2tpc, Rename the tpc extension to txb, the standard texture format that the Xbox version uses, and then add them in like this. Hdd1\Compatibility\Xbox1\TDATA\4c410003\override. Same for other files. Yes that's my reddit post. I made another post if you want to check it out.
  14. These are the following mods that do work and I'm using for SWKotOR (Reborn Edition) mod. Fens - Juhani by Fenharel Impossible Mode Restored 1.0.0 by Zulkain VP's Canon Revan by Varsity Puppet & SeraphicCreed [K1] Form of "soldier HD "International Global mod" 1.0.0 by Dark Hope Agent Xim's Korriban Crystal Cave by JumpStationZ