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  1. I didn't made a K1 version, but if someone will want to convert this mod to K1 - be my guest. @djh269 I see you have a K1 version. Release it!
  2. Hi! IMO the best version for modding is the one from GOG.
  3. There is a K1 version:
  4. Armors which are already in your inventory will glitch. However, if you'll give yourself new ones (via cheats or KSE) they will work like intended.
  5. No. Malak is separate model and will need his own fix.
  6. You'll need to edit itemcreate.2da and itemcreatemira.2da. Just edit level column for pikesabers (dm_pikesb01 - dm_pikesb04).
  7. AFAIK, it's not possible.
  8. You must wear some clothes/robes/armor yourself when you ask her.
  9. I did not changed stats of vanilla robes. Armored robes are quite balanced IMO. Movie robes are overpowered, it's their original design from DKs' mod.
  10. Norris robe is not altered by this mod, it uses padawan-style model. Check your other mods.
  11. Nobody forces you to buy and use them. Or you can delete dk_windu.uti, dk_skywalker.uti, dk_anakin.uti and dk_kenobi.uti and they will not even appear in the store. I hate this term when it comes to mods. Especially for games which are this old.
  12. Restore backuped *.2da files (there should be a backup folder in same directory where you extracted mod installer), then delete *.wav files.
  13. I can confirm that replacing *.TPC with *.TGA without *.TXI works. I've got the impression that if you don't provide *.TXI the game will read that information from corresponding *.TPC. You can check it yourself with mods like this one. It has only *.tga files for saber blades, but *.txi instructions (blending additive and decal 1) are applied to them anyway.
  14. View File Darth Nihilus Animation Fix Update Darth Nihilus Animation Fix Update A long time ago, Ӄhrizby released Darth Nihilus Animation Fix 2.0. It was good, but had some problems - like saber swing sound were not playing, clipping in his running/walking animations, etc... I decided to try to fix it, and Ӄhrizby allowed me to release this as new mod. Features: Fixed sound issues Fixed clipping in walking and running animations Restored his unique walk and run animations for single saber Fixed some other problems (like his lower jaw was terribly deformed in some animations) Added camerahook, so your screen will not shake in combat BONUS: reverted model structure back to original. It means, that if you have old Avol's Darth Vader mod installed - Vader will have fixed animations too! I hope I fixed everything, but if I've missed something - let me know in support thread. Installation. Just drop all files to your Override folder. Permissions and credits. Huge thanks to Ӄhrizby for making original mod and allowing me to release this update. If you want to use it in your mods - ask permission from Ӄhrizby. If you get one - no need to ask me, use it like you want. Submitter DeadMan Submitted 12/24/2019 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes