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  1. Attempting to merge the upper body of the Female Republic Officer with the legs, boots, arms, and gauntlets of the Female Republic Soldier to create Mandalorian Wars Republic armor.

  2. Most weapons are fully upgradable. Some may not work. If this happens, I will upload corrected .uti files.
  3. View File KotOR Items in TSL It always bothered me that TSL changes textures and stats of weapons from KotOR. I have restored most ranged weapons and some armors. I will try to change more. Put the .uti files in your Override folder to have these items back. Submitter Neville Submitted 05/04/2021 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
  4. For some reason, in the cutscene after Brianna asks to learn to be a Jedi, with this mod, in my game, there is only a black screen.
  5. Party member portraits are in portraits.2da, but three images are required. Party selection, party equip, and another portrait for selecting other party members in normal gameplay. Character models are in appearance.2da In appearance.2da, a body and clothing are assigned, and a head must be assigned by a number. A name assigned in appearance.2da becomes a selectable character appearance model in .utc files.
  6. I added to line 1 of appearance.2da. While I hope to create new armor, Sarna in standard Republic armor is a selectable appearance. I tested it. I am able to change base clothing with the file and add weapons with the .utc file. This post includes a .2da file that creates Sarna in a Republic Officer uniform, though most portraits are intended for three possible classes. Sarna's dialogue includes plans to leave the Sith, so I was considering a portrait in standard clothing or showing the upper portion of a Republic Officer uniform. The neck and shoulder pads of the Republic Officer uniform may be the closest. I am including the .utc file for Sarna. This should give Sarna the appearance specified in the .2da files I sent (Republic Soldier/Republic Officer), and give her a Mandalorian Blaster. appearance.2da.ZIP Sarna.utc.ZIP
  7. I joined in 2015. Porting rules were the biggest problem. I have created mods of my own in the past. In KotOR, I modified .uti files, .utc files,.utm files, .utp files, and .2da files. For TSL, I modified many .uti files to restore KotOR weapons and added to itemcreate.2da files. I modified textures, SithSpecter helped me create a new helmet, and I added properties. I have had difficulty with dialogue, but I know the script to assign to a node.
  8. On LucasForums, SithSpecter stated his mods were free to use if given credit. Most portraits display characters in generic clothing. I am able to give Sarna new clothing and an equipped weapon. I can notify you when I have everything ready.
  9. I sent you a message with a save attached.
  10. For a recruit mod, I am trying to create character portraits for Sarna, but the largest image of her face I can get might be 320 x 320. Can someone help?
  11. Neville

    KotOR Items in TSL

    Version 1.0.0


    It always bothered me that TSL changes textures and stats of weapons from KotOR. I have restored most ranged weapons and some armors. I will try to change more. Put the .uti files in your Override folder to have these items back.
  12. Can you help create portrait images?
  13. Having difficulty creating portrait images.

  14. If I finish my mod, I can use some game voice files for Sarna. Would anyone be able to voice lines I cannot find a suitable sound file for?
  15. Neville

    Mabari Armorweave

    Helmet seems to be low on the head of a male character.
    Nice, but the helmet can cover the eyes on male characters.
  16. I made a similar request. I worked on the character, the weapon, and the armor, but it did not get much attention for help.
  17. Testing methods of spawning a new character.

  18. I posted about this. I am having much difficulty in placing a script to spawn a replacement character. There are six versions of the regular "p_bastila" encountered on the Rakatan Temple. There is a final "unk44_evilbast". I do not know how the replacement character, 0, "p_sarna", in the party would be affected, or affect Bastila, but I always play a Light Side character.
  19. I have been trying to create a mod that would give the party a new soldier after Bastila is captured aboard the Leviathan, but Bastila can be brought back with cheats or the spawn armband after her capture. Is it necessary to add the function to remove her from the available party members prior to recruiting a replacement?
  20. I wonder if InyriForge would mind my use of observations from Recruitable Kay: void main() { float x=-11.17f; float y=-37.85f; float z=0.00f; float r=1.0f; vector vecnpc=vector(-11.17,-37.85,0.00) location locNPC=loc(vecNPC, r); object oNPC=CreateObject(ObjectTypeCreature,"n_Sarna",locNPC); object oPC=GetFirstPC(); AssignCommand(oNPC,ActionMoveToObject(oPC)); AssignCommand(oNPC,ActionStartConversation(oPC,"Sarna_Recruit")) }
  21. Worked when I tested the change. Thank you!
  22. This is the page SithSpecter referred me to:
  23. The tutorial seems to have become a video I cannot access.
  24. I hope I can find the vectors. I thought, as Sarna has the COMM W F head model, texture comm_w_f01, if I changed the clothes she wears, every female character using the head model would appear with the military clothing I intend to give her.