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    Bastila's robe file names?

    Is there a UTI file? What controls the overall shape of the clothing?
  2. I was wondering if anyone knows what all the file names are that make the skin/texture of Bastila's robes (clothing) are called and what they control? I know there is probably a tga file, but also txi, mdl, mdx files, and I don't know what else. Greatly appreciated!
  3. Aah. I feel like such a dope. Putting PMBI04/PFBI04 in the override folder works now. I don't know what I did that was causing it not to work. It could be I just was messing up renaming files on my phone which is easy to do. I think the files are basically the same between Android/PC, but the Android version has fewer robes. If I change PMBI01/PFBI01 it also changes the Qel Droma robe (even if I put in something for PMBI06/PFBI06 (tried 05 as well). So I think it's basically 01-04 and suspect 02 is the dark side gray/black robes. I had to state these obvious things to try to make this thread at all purposeful. Thanks for your help @ebmar - it eliminated uncertainty.
  4. Hello, I've been trying to replace the blue robe that is obtained in the Dantooine ruins (K1, Android). Its file names seemingly aren't: - PMBI01.tga/PFBI01.tga (brown one) - PMBI02.tga/PFBI02.tga - PMBI03.tga/PFBI03.tga ("red" one) - PMBI04.tga/PFBI04.tga - PMBI05.tga/PFBI05.tga - PMBI06.tga/PFBI06.tga Does anyone know what its tga files are named?
  5. Ahsana

    Female Twi'lek dancer as PC mod request

    Thank you so much! I am endlessly appreciative. <3
  6. Hello, I am playing KOTOR 1 for Android. I don't have it on PC and currently don't have a PC. I've been using mods to improve it and was really happy to find this one which makes it possible to play as a Twi'lek: https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic/file/playable-aliens In the description the mod author says people can alter the file as long as s/he is given credit. I was wondering if someone could alter it so each female Twi'lek is in her dancer outfit by default instead of the white outfit. I'd appreciate any help anyone can provide! Thanks!
  7. Ahsana

    Armor with underwear appearance