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  1. I believe that question is answered a couple of posts up.
  2. Cleaned up the sublevel on a model level. Tell me if the walkmesh gives you issues.
  3. I was experiencing a traceback error when trying to export an item model. After some research this is because the placeable classification did not exist. Instead there are two door classifications. I just want to check that this wasn't by design.
  4. Is there currently a way to only import animations without geometry? This is useful for adding animations to models without them.
  5. That did it thank you. I was already using 3.1.1 so no worries there.
  6. My problem may arise from the fact that I am using a completely custom model. To illustrate the problem: No Custom Split Normals and Export Custom Normals is unchecked: Custom Split Normals and Export Custom Normals is checked: same model in blender with Custom Split Normals: Same model with sharp edges shown:
  7. Excellent work. Is there a way to auto smooth models in game?
  8. Currently the latest version is improperly packaged. You can fix this by going to the installation location and putting all of kotorblender's files in a folder named kotorblender.
  9. Correct. Either way in the end you should have two sith uniforms.
  10. Yep, Or you can do the party and get the interrogation uniforms after (you'll need to exit and enter the apartment building).
  11. Actually K1R has it set up so you can get both armor sets from both the party and the interrogation.
  12. Gimp can open PSD's (or at least this PSD). If you do not want to go that route just create a new layer for under the template layer. Add the image you are using as the loading screen to the new layer then scale the image you are using as the loading screen to match the overlay.
  13. Or in blender press Z and select material preview in the wheel.
  14. I found an issue with the way the 2.1.0 version was packed. To fix this just replace the files in the 2.0.0 version with the 2.1.0. You can copy-paste from one blender scene to another. Make sure to reapply the parent child relations. Also, you can increase the view by pressing N then the view tab and decreasing clip start and adding a 0 to end.