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  1. The model 201TEL14 has an object with no geometry. Forget quality assurance, I have no idea how it even exported.  

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    2. DarthParametric


      Ah, interesting.

      node trimesh Object33
        parent 201TEL14
        position 5.75107 10.0839 12.91
        orientation 1.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
        diffuse 1.0 1.0 1.0
        ambient 1.0 1.0 1.0
        transparencyhint 0
        animateuv 0
        uvdirectionx 0.0
        uvdirectiony 0.0
        uvjitter 0.0
        uvjitterspeed 0.0
        lightmapped 0
        rotatetexture 0
        m_bIsBackgroundGeometry 0
        shadow 1
        beaming 0
        render 1
        dirt_enabled 0
        dirt_texture 1
        dirt_worldspace 1
        hologram_donotdraw 0
        tangentspace 0
        inv_count 0
        bitmap TEL_HJk
        verts 0
        faces 0

      KMax refuses to export a trimesh with no faces, but interestingly MDLEdit will compile an ASCII with a trimesh with 0 verts/faces just fine.

    3. Hunters Run

      Hunters Run

      Kotorblender also throws an error which is how I found it.

    4. DarthParametric


      I guess that's down to both Max and Blender dealing with a mesh object that has some ancillary trimesh data, so a mesh with no geometry can't exist. Whereas the model format presumably has a trimesh as a data type in and of itself that contains mesh data, which can be zero values.

  2. If you do decide to keep the animated camera, try it with this(reanimated the camera to be less janky):
  3. Quick heads up. This overwrites the upper city cantina OnEnter script. So if you killed the sith interrogators in the apartments (the ones lookin for the uniforms) before you enter the cantina you are stuck. This is only an issue if you use k1r.
  4. Quick bug report: For some reason file searching throws an error instead of showing search results.
  5. I suspected as much. Either 610dan_31.wok (a tsl walkmesh) was shipped with a degenerate walkmesh, or I am experiencing a bug. Maybe both.
  6. Out of curiosity, what does it mean when a walkmesh is degenerate?
  7. This is shaping up quite nicely. Just one more feature request, then it should reach parity with kotor tools: The ability to search for a global rim file search (.mod would be useful to). Right now you need to select the module that contains an object. Hard to do when you don't know what module it is in. I would be happy with a simple search function but if you could add filters like kotor tool has it would make it easier to search.
  8. Looking very good. I have a feature request though: Kotor tool has an option to show the names of modules on the side. If possible maybe you can add this function.
  9. I believe that question is answered a couple of posts up. Edit: I just reopened an issue. I'd appreciate if you would look at it when you have the time.
  10. Cleaned up the sublevel on a model level. Tell me if the walkmesh gives you issues.
  11. I was experiencing a traceback error when trying to export an item model. After some research this is because the placeable classification did not exist. Instead there are two door classifications. I just want to check that this wasn't by design.
  12. Is there currently a way to only import animations without geometry? This is useful for adding animations to models without them.
  13. That did it thank you. I was already using 3.1.1 so no worries there.
  14. My problem may arise from the fact that I am using a completely custom model. To illustrate the problem: No Custom Split Normals and Export Custom Normals is unchecked: Custom Split Normals and Export Custom Normals is checked: same model in blender with Custom Split Normals: Same model with sharp edges shown: