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  1. Correct. Either way in the end you should have two sith uniforms.
  2. Yep, Or you can do the party and get the interrogation uniforms after (you'll need to exit and enter the apartment building).
  3. Actually K1R has it set up so you can get both armor sets from both the party and the interrogation.
  4. Gimp can open PSD's (or at least this PSD). If you do not want to go that route just create a new layer for under the template layer. Add the image you are using as the loading screen to the new layer then scale the image you are using as the loading screen to match the overlay.
  5. Or in blender press Z and select material preview in the wheel.
  6. I found an issue with the way the 2.1.0 version was packed. To fix this just replace the files in the 2.0.0 version with the 2.1.0. You can copy-paste from one blender scene to another. Make sure to reapply the parent child relations. Also, you can increase the view by pressing N then the view tab and decreasing clip start and adding a 0 to end.
  7. The latest version of kotorblender (2.1.0) lacks the folder kotorblender. So it puts the files directly into the plugins folder. Also, exporting txi properties throws a traceback error.
  8. TpcView On windows drag and drop while pressing alt. You will get the images in .tga format which you can then modify in photoshop or gimp.
  9. When you import a supermodel, some animations on the right arm rotate in a circle. To see what I mean import s_male02 (k1 or k2) and look at animation pausestl. Decompiled with both mdledit and mdlops. This also applies to s_female03.
  10. Try this: I left the ascii in there also so you can put custom textures on it. Just apply the custom textures and recompile. The object you want to apply the texture that was giving you trouble is named path, btw.
  11. When trying to export a mesh with a dangly mesh I get the following error: On line 1107 in RuntimeError: Error: Mesh "(insert danglymesh name here)" is outside of main database and cannot be removed from it.
  12. Got it, thanks for your help.
  13. Well, I would set the alpha in the principled bsdf of a texture to 0.3. Then export and check under the texture that I set the alpha. The alpha would still be 1.0.
  14. Nice to see it updated. Just three things. First: Blender 2.80+ makes meshes double-sided by default. So the code to turn the lightsaber blades double-sided is redundant and results in a trace back error when imported. Second: I imported a character model and exported. Some of the tangentspaces read as tangentspace false instead of tangentspace 0. This lead to a mdledit error. Changing all instances of tangentspace false to tangentspace 0 let the model go through and everything worked as intended. Third: Unsure if the next one is a bug or user error, but I had some trouble getting any alpha other than 1.0 to export.
  15. Operation kill Bastila remade is updated to 1.7. Due to the nature of this update you either have to start a new game or not  yet have gone to the Upper City North.