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  1. Strange it works for me. Make sure your new lightsaber is in double quotes e.g. "w_dblsbr_002". What error do you get when you recompile?
  2. I asked because k1r has a bug that k_pas_morph++ was missing the ++. You may want to check that it is correct in the module. Adding it back gave me the tack dialog every single time. At least I think it did, as the first tack I selected had the dialog fire and the second tack was rulan. So, small sample size, but... Also to answer a question you asked in another thread, I did not have HK in my party yet rulan turned into HK.
  3. That flame pillar is an emitter. It does have a texture assigned to it (fx_smoke01), but the only way to modify it is in a 3d modeling program, I believe. What are you trying to do to the flame pillar?
  4. The textures your looking for are PER_tube and PER_tubespec. Both have a blending additive on them. Also, PER_tubespec has an envmaptexture CM_tube.
  5. I was going to put this on the other thread, but to avoid a double post I'll put it here. Do note this is only valid if you're still hex editing models. It should have occurred to me before, but you can get the same benefits of a 3d modeling program without actually using the program. Just edit the models ascii after it was decompiled. All you need is mdledit and notepad++.
  6. In mdlops 1.0 you no longer use the replacer. Instead you do a straight up conversion.
  7. Operation kill Bastila remade has been updated to 1.6. Unfortunately due to the nature of the changes, you need to have a save from before you entered upper city Taris for the first time. However, if you are almost done Taris simply do not take off Bastila's disguise while in the upper city streets.

    On another note I am surprised it got to 1.6. I thought I would release it and be done,  tbh. Ah well.. the best laid plans.



  8. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough. I had to set the path manually in the registry itself. Before you do that read this thread: Setting it manually should be a last resort.
  9. I had the same problem. It turns out that the path to the game wasn't set correctly in my registry. In the end I had to set it manually.
  10. But when is it comin- *dodges thrown projectiles*.
  11. Shot in the dark here, but does anyone know of someone who can update kotorblender? 

  12. Each animation is stored in it's own scene.
  13. I actually have a tutorial in mind if you want to recruit someone else to do it for you.
  14. @Jorak Uln I believe the best practice is to import it into a modeling program and change it there if you want individual textures.
  15. Operation kill Bastila remade updated to version 1.5. Apologies to those who already started their playthroughs. 

  16. With 0.1.5 underscores are deleted: for example line 32 should read unique_malak_jedi. edit: This one is bigger than I thought. All underscores are removed, resulting in any models that contain underscores becoming invisible.
  17. Sorry, I missed this post until now. Make sure you have p_bastila.utc in your override. It may also have been replaced by another mod. When I have time I may change the mod to increase compatibility.
  18. Just Updated Operation kill Bastila remade. Fixed K1R incompatibility among other things.

    1. jc2


      Very nice!

  19. I actually as a side project modified the enhancement pack to be compatible with k1r ( along with some other changes). I am unsure of the protocol of releasing it as it is someone else's work- modders resource not withstanding.
  20. The best I can tell you is that neverblender is outdated for kotor and that you should try this instead: Kotor Blender
  21. In the latest news nexus removed all gamefront mods from their site(or at least hid them). Check nexus's news feed . It is an interesting situation (but it won't restore your faith in humanity).
  22. After some fumbling I just updated Operation kill Bastila remade. I actually updated it before, but neglected to inform anyone. My apologies for that.


    1. ebmar


      Just in time! :cheers:

      P.S. I'm in a playthrough and still on Taris [not yet meet with Bastila]; I shouldn't have to restart a new game for the update to work am I?

      Edit: Ah it contains UTC. Pretty much explains the situation I'm facing here. Nevertheless, thanks for the update!

  23. Just one correction. I believe you meant /* */. Apologies if I am wrong. Unlike // this is a multi-line comment. For example: //This is a single line comment //This is a multi-line comment that is split into a another line.<--this is run as part of the script. /* This is a multi<--not run as part of script. line comment */<--not run as part of script.
  24. Bumping slightly with a PSA about the jolee issue(the one where it soft locks). An installation with only k1r installed did not have this issue. In fact, everything worked. It was only when I installed another mod that it had issues. So check in your override folder for p_jolee001.utc. If it is there delete is as the k1r team added a script to one of it's event nodes.