Obi-Wan ANH Lightsaber 3D Printed Part 09

Balance pipe (emitter) printed in 4 separate pieces, two of which had to be glued together. I had to split one piece into two because of issues with bed adhesion.

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Those detailed lines on the middle thing there; is that a result of your CAD work or was the material doing it?

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There's a chamfer that runs through the middle of the ring of holes. The marks are from the way the printer handled the top layer on the inside half of that chamfer. On the outside, the filament was laid down in a series of nice, neat concentric circles in parallel with the outside diameter of the part. On the inside it looks like it has mushed in some infill in various criss-cross patterns rather than doing a neat top layer. The part probably needs some custom settings for those layers, to force it to use solid infill (although it should have handled that automatically).

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I am very sorry as you already typed a long detailed-explanation there, but it seems I still can't follow 100%; so those lines supposed to be a neat-slick surface in the first place? 🤔 Seriously DP, I thought those lines were intended and I am very impressed by them details. Good luck with how the thing's going anyways, as we're curious with how the end-result are :cheers:

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I can't really explain it any better, but yes, the general idea is the outer section that is smooth and uniform is how the whole thing is supposed to look.

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