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  1. After see these holocrons in game it's impossible do not remember the original ones without a benevolent but sarcastic smile. Nice work
  2. It has a little glitch that shows one (or two) small black square inside the Atris' mouth. It seems a black tooth (that make me think more in the new witch aspect of Atris. Anyway, amazing and really nice, I love it!!!! (I see that in the screenshot of this page can be seen as well)
  3. --------------------------------------- Installed BEFORE leave the Jedi Enclave. Order of installation --------------------------------------- 121 - Quarterstaff Replacement Pack By @DeadMan Statement: Yes, I know, a little late in the game, I had forgotten this MOD completely, sorry. I hope be in time to see the new quarterstaffs. --------------------------------------- NOTE: Leaving the Jedi Enclave starts a new automatic sequence that ends with the PC directly in the hangar of the Telos Secret Academy, that's the reason to install the next MODs before leave the enclave. 122 - Dark Robes for Atris 1.0 By @Darth_Delator It has a little glitch that shows one (or two) small black square inside the Atris' mouth. It seems a black tooth (that make me think more in the new witch aspect of Atris ). Anyway, amazing and really nice, I love it!!!! 123 - New Texture of Holocrons in the Telos Secret Academy 1.2 By @Sith Holocron Another great work. Very nice!!
  4. Dantooine - Jedi Council ------------------------------------------------ Installed BEFORE enter to the Jedi Enclave from Enclave Courtyard. Order of installation. ------------------------------------------------ 119 - Extended Enclave (TSLRCM add-on) 2.5 (plus 'M4-78 Compatibility Patch' included with the installer) By @danil-ch I liked a lot 120 - Darth Sapiens Presents HD Darth Nihilus 1.00 By @Darth_Sapiens Woa!!!! Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTE: This MOD must be installed before enter the Jedi Enclave because once the dialogs start it's a long sequence that includes the Ninilus scenes.
  5. Obi Wan Pere

    Terentateks in TSL

    NICE, NICE, NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the Terentateks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Clan Ordo forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Fantastic WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just one thing, the sky in Korriban has a remarcable issue but do not diminishes the experience (above all if you don't look too up...)
  8. I've combined it with 'K2 Exterior Textures, Part 1 Version 0.1' By @vurt and 'More Vibrant Skies 1.0' By @Malkior and the result is really AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Amazing work!! What a difference playing with or without these sounds.
  10. What can I say? I like a lot!!!!
  11. I like a lot see the Mandalorians with the helmets seen in the films and series. Before install it I had some doubts about this MOD but after see it in game I have to say that is a GREAT, GREAT and a very recommendable work.
  12. Really fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. ...and the plot of M4-78 is concluded BTW, Coming back to Telos Citadel Station for close the 'New Fuel Source' Side Quest from Lt. Grenn after ask for it to M4-78, the only dialog options with him are the related with Vogga the Hutt, whom on purpose, I didn't mention him anything about the fuel in Nar Shaddaa. (I only questioned G0-T0 about the Hutt, his business and the fuel). Anyway the quest is closed. ------------------------------------------------ Let's come back to Dantooine to see the Jedi Council -----------------------------------------
  14. With the MOD installed, what I did was to remove "401DXN.mod" file from my Modules folder and restore it from the backup folder but that didn't work. I found the same problems happening. After that, I thought that maybe I misunderstood the solution and I removed both ".mod" files from the tslpatchdata folder of the MOD. After restoring from backups the Modules and Override whole folders, I installed the MOD in that way, without the ".mod" files. It showed me errors (I already was guessing them) related with the ".mod" files but the installation was finished. Now the game runs normally (at least the first part of Dxun) but I assume I have lost the goods from the MOD in this zone (and probably in the Sith Academy of Korriban).
  15. I have combined this MOD with files from hi-res Ebon Hawk By @FF97 'The EbonHawk-HDTP R1' By @desmasic The result is FANTASTIC!!!!!
  16. I have combined this MOD with files from hi-res Ebon Hawk By @FF97 and 'Ebon Hawk Texture Enhancement 1.0' By @Fallen Guardian The result is FANTASTIC!!!!!
  17. ----------------------------------- NOTE: For all those of you that talking with the Black Market droid in the Central Zone crash your game there is an effective trick for avoid the crashes. It consists in rename the folder where are located the voice over dialogs of the droid. I haven't checked if the crash is due a particular file(s), there are 49 (in that case I assume would be enough rename the particular file(s)). The path of the folder is "...\SWKotOR2\StreamVoice\802" and the folder is called "blackmark". I've renamed it as "(NO) blackmark" and works fine. Now you can talk with the Black Market droid without problems, you'll not hear his voice but you'll see the text dialog. There is an interesting thread about this problem: ----------------------------------- Installed BEFORE enter in the Central Zone. Order of installation ----------------------------------- 117 - Console M4-2K 1.0 By @ndix UR Much better aspect than the original. 118 - M4-78 Industrial Zone Radiation Fog Fix 1.0 By @timurD2003 Small and simple but necessary improvement.
  18. There's a program called 'dxwnd' that allows you to (almost always) see any program in a window. Useful above all with programs that doesn't have this option or, whatever reason, you need "ALT - TAB" a program that can become problematic if you do it, or simply do not let you do ALT - TAB. In other way I still use a 4:3 format monitor and dxwind helped me to not "lose" nothing by the sides in games designed with 16:10 format as 'Broken Sword 5 The Serpent's Curse' or the 'Dead Space' saga, although you see some of your desktop which you can use a "Black" wallpaper and/or hide the still seen icons for game immersion reasons. It's not perfect but it works.
  19. Hi DB I have the retail 4 cd's version and there are TWO options about "Full Screen 1/0" in the '.ini' file. One in the section [Display Options] and another a little below in the section [Graphics Options]. Maybe that's what you're looking for?
  20. ---------------------------------- Let's start M4-78 --------------------------------- Installed BEFORE travel to M4-78 (in my case before leave Korriban) --------------------------------- 114 - M4-78 Movies Remade 3.0 By @tjsase Much better now and more in line with the rest of the videos --------------------------------- Installed BEFORE disembark from the Ebon Hawk to the M4-78 Landing Arm. Order of installation --------------------------------- 115 - M4-78 Alternate Skybox Pack 1.0 By @N-DReW25 and @Sith Holocron In general a good and nice job but with some graphic issues. Anyway worthy to have it installed instead to see the original view 116 - M4-78 New Building Texture 1.0.0 By @Sith Holocron Nice job again -------------------------------------- Nice TEAM!!!!!!!!!!! isn't it? Sorry T3, the only one way for take the picture is talk with HK-47... Ahh, these jealousies...
  21. ------------------------------------------------ Next stop ...M4-78!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. -------------------------------------- Installed BEFORE enter in the Secret Tomb of the Shyrack Cave -------------------------------------- 112 - Dustil Restoration By @Fallen Guardian ------------------------------------ 113 - Workbench Crystal Attunement 1.2 By @Markus Ramikin (temporary installation, see below) ------------------------------------ @jc2 Finally I could check the MOD 'Workbench Crystal Attunement 1.2' and it works fine. As I guessed it cancels the dialog options of 'Holowan Duplisaber Beta .215b' in the workbench. After tune my Crystal I've saved the game, quit and restored the original "workbnch.dlg" in the Override folder. Again in game, the dialog options from H.D.B. are there and I can built hilts again without problems ...and my Crystal is tunned!! I've checked it in two ways (using the workbench of the Ebon Hawk with H.D.B. working): 1- game saved OUTSIDE the EH, quit game, exchange the file, load, enter the EH and check the workbench, the attunement option works. Go outside the Hawk, save again, quit game and exchange again the file, load, enter the Hawk, check and H.D.B works again. 2- Saving INSIDE the Ebon Hawk, quit game, exchange file, load game, check, TUNE the crystal, save again, quit, exchange again the file, load, check and Holowan Duplisaber works again. The trick works even without be needed use a Save made in a different game module where the workbench is located. ----------------------------------- ...and Korriban is finished... -----------------------------------