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    The big one. Based on Keanu Reeves, it looks unique compared to all the other mullet man reskins I've seen. That alone makes it worth the download. I still wish you went a bit more overboard with dark side corruption, though. Solid head.
    Very nice. It could use a bit more dark side corruption on the final dark side transition, but otherwise great.
    A much needed improvement upon the original, while staying faithful to the uniqueness of the face shape and haircut. Well done, though the final dark side transition could be a bit more severe. EDIT: Actually, I feel like I've been unfair in this review. After playing around with it a bit, I realize this is one of the most severe final dark sides you've done so far, plus the eyes look perfect. It definitely deserves the full 5 stars and I hope to see you implement these eyes and this dark side severity in all your future heads.
  1. VanityFiend

    PMHA04 HD

    Hmm, not the one I was looking forward to, but this definitely is a good improvement on the original. Hope to see more from you soon, Hope. Namely, the light hair asian head and mullet man.
  2. VanityFiend


    This one looks quite promising. Is it planned for release soon?
    A very nice HD reskin from Dark Hope. The scar looks super good and the aging she put on the skin around the eyes and on the forehead is very well done. However, the final dark side transition leaves much to be desired. You can do a lot better there, Hope.
    Phenomenal work. One of the best final dark side transitions I've seen from you. Best Asian head you've done so far, imo. Keep it up, Hope.
    The eyes look very weird in the screenshots here, like the eyelids are very hooded. However, after downloading this and testing it out for myself, I can safely say this is my favorite head I've downloaded in a while. It just looks so unique compared to the rest I've downloaded from Dark Hope. I'm hoping you keep up this level of quality in the future, Hope.
  3. VanityFiend


    This is looking excellent. I hope you can make it look even more corrupted by the time it releases.
    I should've downloaded this sooner, as the pictures don't quite do it justice. Dark Hope, once again, does an excellent reskin of an often neglected male head. I never actually noticed this head was supposed to have a pompadour haircut, until Dark Hope's HD reskin did it justice. It's a sick looking head and as a dark side player, I can say that this time she did not disappoint me, as the final dark side transition looks the best I've seen from her so far. Up to this point, this is my favorite reskin of hers. Keep up the good work, Hope. You deserve the 5 stars this time.
    After seeing what this looks like in game, I had to write this review. The head is just a massive improvement on the original in every conceivable way. This is one of the heads I've never used before in a playthrough due to it looking quite bad, but I always was taken with the battle wounds on it. To keep this brief, Dark Hope's reskin breathes life into one of the shittiest male heads in the original KOTOR. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars and not 5 is due to the final dark side transition looking a bit too clean for my liking (and I am a biased dark side player). Specifically, the whites of the eyes are way too clean (the one thing the original got right was making the blood vessels in the eyes very prominent), it could also use a few more veins on the face. The irises are quite well done, so it's encouraging that the creator listens to feedback and works on improving. Personal bias aside, an excellent reskin.
  4. VanityFiend


    An intriguing take, I think you're the first to try it. Very nice, considering the limitations for the hair. I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with the dark side for it.
  5. VanityFiend


    Impressive. I always thought this head looked silly, but he doesn't look as retarded anymore. I'm anxious to see what you'll do with the "mullet man" head, Hope.
  6. VanityFiend


    Great job, Hope! I'm glad you started making the dark side more veiny and sickly looking. I personally think the eyes could use some work to look like actual sith eyes, but maybe that's asking a lot.
  7. VanityFiend

    HD PFHA05

    You do good work, Hope. I hope the rest of the heads are soon to follow. 👍 My only gripe with these heads is that the final dark side transition doesn't look severe enough (or even really noticeable apart from the eyes). Maybe some extra pallor, more prominent veins, etc. for future heads?