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  1. Ok, that's quite disturbing... and hilarious xD
  2. Happy to help, have fun
  3. Alright. Effixians_PFHC07_Brunette.zip
  4. See if you like this. Unzip to your override folder. I haven't changed the darkside transitions because the changes would be barely noticeable. Effixians_PFHC07_Brunette.zip
  5. You're welcome, happy gaming
  6. Yeah, still had to do the portraits. See the attachment below, just put the files in your override folder. The dark side transitions are quite subtle. I'm unable to properly test them because I don't really have a save with a dark side Mira and changing things with the save editor doesn't work that well. There might be a slight mismatch there between body and head skin tone. Also because there's a head texture for half way to dark and fully dark, but only one dark side body texture. Effixians_Black_Mira.zip
  7. I'll see what I can come up with. Edit: Would this interest you? Her skin is actually darker than the black player characters, but her head model doesn't really make you think of a black woman. Perhaps swapping her head would be a better approach. I do like this look better than vanilla Mira.
  8. I use HxD, but I'm sure anything else will do. https://mh-nexus.de/en/
  9. I don't know about the order; I did not look at the approach that BoS: SR takes, but it's worth a try. If BoS: SR takes a more sophisticated approach, then you might be able to combine these 2 in that order.
  10. I've looked at the files for a bit, setting up Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge is a bit too much work, but I think I have a theory: Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge adds a bunch of entries to heads and/or appearance.2da to add new unique characters. Then the Mando mod adds rows, adding is good*, but it puts armors on characters that use the disguise property. Those disguise properties might not be so flexible, they might just point to a row number, a row that the first mod added. I'm not sure if the TSLPatcher can even take that into account, disguises are tricky in general. * The Mando mod does use the TSLPatcher but it does not use its memory capabilities. Add row to 2da file X -> store that row number in memory -> add row to 2da file Y, reference to row number stored in memory, etc. That's how you can keep things compatible (again, not sure you can take care of the disguise thing). Possible conclusion: mixing these 2 mods might be a bridge too far (in theory you could fix things manually, but that's a lot of work). I suggest taking the mando mod out, there should be backups of the 2da files in the mando mod's install folder. If you cleaned all that up then it might be in your recycle bin.
  11. Sorry you had to compromise. I think this is the same issue: I have seen the same thing myself at some point with another head, but I didn't see it in my last test with this Atton head.
  12. Try adding these files to your override, let me know if it makes a difference. Effixians_Atton_from_K2_to_K1-txi-fix.zip
  13. I did quite a bit of searching for that one a while back, found signs of that it existed once, but no downloads. I hope someone kept it.
  14. Did you reuse the same vfd? Steamcmd adds a line to the vfd after you publish a mod, "publishedfileid" "1234". Perhaps that line was in your vfd, Steamcmd couldn't find the mod because you manually deleted it -> can't update item with that number. You can reuse the file to publish a new mod, just remove the line with "publishedfileid".
  15. Aw, annoying. I don't need to use it, I guess because I started publishing mods before they added that. Anyway, good to hear that you figured it out.
  16. I also like green but not this green and yellow https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Corellian_Jedi?file=Green_jedi.png I always pretended the Matukai robes could be a precursor to the Corellian robes. There's no signs of anything green on the Matukai wiki, but yet they are in this game like they are. I've played SWTOR for years. Before that, from what I know, the Green Jedi had fairly common robes like the Mutakai robes, just dark green instead of brown. I do like this look: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Corellian_Jedi?file=CorranHorn-NEGTC2.jpg But yeah, that's fairly close to the Matukai robes. As you may know, I also don't do new 3D models. Feel free to throw in any retexturing ideas.
  17. BTW you can contact Steam through the Help menu item -> Steam support, just ask them what's up.
  18. Ah ok, I forgot that you asking for my permission was for this mod, been a while. There's no moderation as far as I know, but it's been a while since I uploaded my first mod, maybe it's a one time thing. I haven't heard others asking about it on the guide page though. Visibility in the vdf gets ignored, I always leave it on "0", so that shouldn't be an issue. I don't really know why the "Public" option is not in your list, strange. A mod becomes visible in the overview of files you've posted right away, but it takes a bit (an hour or something, not too long) before it's visible in the "Most recent" tab. I don't have Steam Guard, had to look up what that is. Possibly related: https://steamcommunity.com/app/255710/discussions/0/611704730322374875/
  19. Your screenshot of Steamcmd looks good. However, I don't see your mod on Steam. On Steam you go to the workshop tab then next to your avatar you have "Your Files" -> "Files you've posted". The Steam website is just a mirror of the program, you can ignore it.
  20. Yes, exclude that line entirely. Steamcmd adds it (will add the line to your vfd file), like last mod number+1. You can reuse your vfd and the publishedfileid will tell Steam which mod to update.
  21. publishedfileid only gets added after your initial publishing, it's to identify a mod that you try to apply an update to. I've never included "changenote" (you can manage it in Steam), try leaving that out. I don't know about the contents of those folders but I don't see anything obviously incorrect. Edit: btw I'd love to help, feel free to zip your files and I'll take a look. PS: Yeah, Steam... just know its limitations. The TSL Patcher is obviously a superiour approach, which is not an option on Steam.
  22. Yes, you extract an item template and change some values and names so that it will become a new unique item. You won't destroy your game with experimenting with these files. I never tried it but I don't think using a K2 item file (.uti file) for K1 is a good plan, you might get away with it, don't know, it's mostly the 3D models that really need converting/porting. Just in case, keep the zip file(s) to know which files to remove from your override folder. Looking at file dates also helps to identify groups of files, or that combined with file names. Worst case: remove all the files you recently added and/or modified. If the stuff below is a bit too much then I understand, if not.. here we go: As said, swapping textures is easiest, but if you really want to add unique items then you start by extracting a robe template as your basis with KotOR Tool. Kotor I -> BIFs -> templates.bif -> Blueprint, Item -> g_a_jedirobe0X, g_a_kghtrobe0X, g_a_mstrrobe0X Avoid using g_a_mstrrobe06 & g_a_mstrrobe07 as your basis, they use another model (Revan Armor/Star Forge Robes). Extract to your override folder with a different name than the vanilla items, or do and rename after extraction. For example extract g_a_mstrrobe05 to g_a_mstrrobe99.uti. I like to use a more random number than the last vanilla one +1, because it's less likely that another mod uses it (you can also name it thisismyawesomerobe.uti or whatever). The 3D model for these are all the same and if you've got JC's mod then it will be different than vanilla but still all (apprentice, jedi, knight, master) the same. They do have different stats, but if you make your own new item you can review all that, change stats, the description etc. Some of the stats trickle through from the base item, item properties can add to those. With KotOR Tool you can tweak the .uti file before extracting or open it, make changes and save. After opening the uti file I would make the Template ResRef and Tag values (General tab) the same as the file name (minus the .uti extension), this will also be what you use in your giveitem cheat code (again, you can use thisismyawesomerobe, just keep them all the same). On to more important things, also in the general tab you have Texture variation, this will determine the filename of the texture and also the icon name. The icon name is a combination of the item's Base Item and the Texture variation value. The first part of the texture's filename comes from appearance.2da, but things are getting pretty lengthy already so I'll just tell you, it's PFBI (female) and FMBI (male), now you add the texture variation value in a 2 digit form. If you use texture variation 99 then your texture will have to be PFBI99.tga & PMBI99.tga, if you've used a master robe as a basis then the icon will be ia_mstrRobe_099.tga (3 digits here).
  23. You can get JC's robes to get the right model: Then simply replace one (or multiple if you like) of the .tga files. If you don't have a program to view tga files then there's free image viewers like XnView that can do that. Similarly you can mix in my Electromesh Battle Robe.
  24. See if you like these. OssusKeepersReskins.zip