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    When I asked about this in mod requests I wasn't expecting it to be made at all let alone look this good!
  1. Yeah by "official" I mean if someone was planning to release it as a mod. Thank you for the info That looks amazing! If you ever need any extra help with play testing or anything I'd be glad to help!
  2. Oh ok I see, thank you very much! Do we know if anyone is planning on making an "official" version though?
  3. I have a question about a SWGOH Model Robes in KOTOR 1, was a mod ever made for it or is there any mod with the star forge robes hood up and helmet on? I am still new to this website and if there's a mod for it or if someone could make it, it would be very appreciated.
  4. Is it possible to put the hood up and helmet on?
  5. Does anyone have the files that include the helmet and hood
  6. I'm looking for the best mods for Darth Revan's Robes and the Starforge Robes. What are the best mods for them with the helmet and hood and such?
  7. I apologize for my very delayed response, I got it all fixed and working. Thank you for your help though
  8. So my game runs very poorly and I thought it was because the widescreen mods but I disabled all of them and made a fresh install of the game and the game still runs very poorly. I don't know how to fix it I've looked online and couldn't find anything so I am coming here to ask for help. Any help on getting it to run smoothly with widescreen fixes would be greatly appreciated.