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  1. barachiel

    KSR 2022

    I got some feedback on this on the kotor subreddit, and one possible theory tossed out by JC, was that the tslpatcher executable is outdated and known for not doing something with modules correctly. We tried swapping it out with the one from the K1CP install and the at least one of the issues disappeared.
  2. barachiel

    KSR 2022

    This is a fantastic mod, but since installing it, I've had a couple quest bugs I've never experienced before. I don't know for certain this mod is the culprit, but the only other changes to my mod installation were some NPC reskins and ones that replace some item stats. This is the only one that actually touches the origina in-game content, so it makes sense it would be this. Both bugs have been the same: dialogue is not advancing with the appropriate quest stage. The first one was Rickard on Dantooine. I couldn't get the option to ask him about his relationshp with Calder Netter during the investigation quest. Next, I was on Tatooine, and I couldn't get the option to ask the Czerka Rep about Griff (and yes, Mission is asking me to talk to her, the journal has the appropriate update, and I've not been to the Sand People Enclave yet, so I've not trigged the OG Griff bug). This mod has a file called "tat_17_10czerk_01.dlg" which further reinforces my suspicion its the culprit. To get past the glitches, I had to temporarily revert to a module file from K1CP for Dantooine and Tatooine. There may be other quest glitches, as I go. Just want to keep the author udpated, as this is a fantastic mod, and I hope any kinks can be worked out because I want this to be a staple of my future playthroughs. EDIT: The modules that had to be temporarily swapped out were "dan14aa.mod" and "tat_m17aa.mod"
  3. barachiel

    KSR 2022

    This is probably a stupid question, but do i need to install Crazy34's new replacement blades mod separately, or is it included with this one?
  4. I can't get this to work. Or rather, it worked for one game sitting. I quit the game, came back, and it no longer works. I've re-installed it, and still the same. I have no idea WTF happened.
  5. barachiel

    Jolee Bindo HD

    Count me in on the requesting the head for Jolee, and Mission, as well.
  6. Okay, I have this weird issue where I go to the Rebult Enclave, the Jedi tell me I am too great a threat to let go, I get a cut scene of Kreia walking down a hall towards the room. And then I'm standing there, in font of the masters, in regular play mode. no cut scene. no nothing. I can't interact with them. I can wander the level. If I get too close to Kreia, the Dark Side version of the scene plays suddenly, but I'm playing a LS Jedi and have taken no hostile actions towards the Mastesr. I have no idea what to do, as I don't want to proceed with a DS confrontation.
  7. I'm getting this error trying to install this mod. Error: Unhandled exception: Access violation at address 00003134. Read of address 00003134 (0) Anyone know what i can do to fix this?
  8. Ah, okay, so i'v got the mod 100% working right then. Nevermind! Thanks for your help.
  9. Okay there's no neck issue. I took another gander at your screenshots, that was my bad. And the fresh install has given the PC visible hands, the NPCs still have gloves. Or missing hand textures. One of the two. Including screencap.
  10. I'm trying to get this mod working, and I'm having a weird time. Basically, no matter which version I install, I get gloves. And I'm also having the old K2 collar issue. *headscratch* What am I doing wrong?
  11. Mod works great, except T3-M4. For some reason, he's a staticy image.
  12. Same here. This is the third time TSL has broken on me in endgame. First time, was due to a hard drive failure. Second time was due to updating TSLRCM from 1.5 to 1.7. And now the USM compatability patch doesn't actually do its job. Three strikes, I'm out. Is there a Let's Play of Malachor V, TSLRCM style? I refuse to waste another 20 hours trying to replay this.
  13. Having the same problem. Trying to figure out what to remove to make it work again. USM doesn't seem to be the source, at least not the files i've removed so far. EDIT: I've removed USM but that breaks my game files. Does anyone know *which* files are specifically breaking this scene?
  14. And now I feel like a dummy. But I found it, so thanks!