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Keep in mind this is still a demo / early access for a project that is insanely oversized and may never be fully completed, so probably best for most users to avoid this project / mod for the time being until I have cleared things up a bit more. But feel free to check it out if you wish.


The goal of the Expanded Galaxy Project is to provide as much additional content for both games as possible.

NOTE : The current included readme is outdated, so the installation instructions are included below.


Installation steps for the project.

#0 Install KotOR2.

#1 Install Official 1.0b Patch ( Steam users don't need this )

#2 Install TSLRCM 2022

#3 Install M478EP 1.5

#4 Install Coruscant Jedi Temple

#5 Install Expanded Galaxy 1.1.8  ( Download included on this page )

This is all required for the project to work properly.


Also make sure to download and install the latest patches, I will upload everything in a single package eventually.




Credit to everybody that helped me along the way or contributed.

bead-v        - Upgradeable Swoop Bike Mod
        - Ebon Hawk Model Fixes
        - Kreias Vibrosword
        - Rocket Launcher Sounds
Ashton Scorpius    - Ebon Hawk Downloadable Map (No Longer Included) - Ebon Hawk Map Unlocks On Enter Instead
        - Jedi Malak Mouth Fix
        - Twilek Head Fixes Option A
Darth Insidious    - advice
DarthParametric    - advice
DarthRevan101    - advice
Darth_Sapiens    - Animated Logo ( TSLRCM / M478EP ) - I will update this to say the correct version numbers
JC        - advice
JCarter426    - K2 Loadscreen Template
        - Republic Soldier Fix for K2 v1.1
        - VO Fix for K2 v1.1
        - Zhug Attack Fix for TSLRCM v1.1
        - Minor Fixes for K2 v1.5
        - Shader Fixes for K2 v1.1
        - Feat Fixes for K2 v1.1 ( Not Included Yet )
        - Minor Fixes for K1 v1.1
        - Dense Aliens for K1 ( Not Included Yet )
        - Jedi Tailor for K1 v1.4 ( Not Included Yet )
        - Korriban - Back in Black for K1 v2.3 ( Not Included Yet )
        - Republic Soldier Fix for K1 v1.3( Not Included Yet )
Stoney        - Sleheyron Demo / Maps
        - Placeable Ebon Hawk Model ( Included in the Port )
ebmar        - advice
Effix        - advice for a fix
InSidious    - advice & TSL Lost Modules
deathdisco    - Coruscant / Jedi Temple Mod ( Not Included but required )
TimurD2003    - M4-78 Fog Fixes
Kexikus        - Updated Coruscant Texture & Planet Icon
        - Extended Jedi Council Meeting
VarsityPuppet    - Malachor V Sideways opening doors
        - Peragus Tweak ( removed due to a bug )
        - Trayus Rank Reform
danil-ch    - Extended Carth Meeting
        - Kreia's dialog on small kindnesses
        - Kreia's Fall In-Game Cutscene
        - Sensor Droid Appearance Change
Schizo        - Re-scaled Trandoshans
Alvar007    - Darth Malak Model Included From Playable Darth Malak Mod ( disguise optional )
lachjames    - KotOR Save Importer For TSL ( included and optional for now )
        - K2 Overlay Console ( included and optional, normaal and steam versions )
Marauder    - Mandalorian Chamber Mark III Fix ( any dialog fixes might have been broken since tslrcm 1.8.6 implementation )
        - Reduced Graphics Mod ( optional )
        - Robe Description Fix ( any dialog fixes might have been broken since tslrcm 1.8.6 implementation )
        - Droid Anatomy Description Fix ( any dialog fixes might have been broken since tslrcm 1.8.6 implementation )
jonathan7    - Bodies Stay Mod ( optional )
ndix UR        - PMHC06 TSL Head Fix
ZimmMaster    - TSL Walking & Running Animation Fix
Markus Ramikin    - Kill The Ithorian
LDR        - Terentatek Models
Darth Shan    - Extra Difficulty Options
seedhartha    - Advice on Importing/Exporting in Blender & Creating the latest KotOR Blender Plugin!
N-Drew25    - Selkath Xbox Voice Files
PapaZinos    - Various Level Model Fixes
SithHolocron    - Nar Shaddaa Docks' Computer and Monitor Upgrade and Animated Swoop Monitors
zbyl2        - Advice & Help finding files that do stuff in TSLRCM.
Cortisol    - PyKotOR itself.
th3w1zard1    - various updates to PyKotOR that helped with the installers for the project.

many more and a big shout out to everyone that has supported the project on the Discord channel.




Thanks to everybody that made this project possible, I will update the read-me and many more things in time.


Discord : https://discord.gg/g9cnEvr - For Testing & Story Discussion as well as the latest patches.


There is now an installer included.

What's New in Version 1.2.1   See changelog


Spark Effect v1.0 by PapaZinos Included
001ebo.mod is no longer overwritten but instead changes are made by the installer.
All KotOR2 module changes have now been transferred to the changes.ini file
Files for a manual install still exist in the GitHub repository for now
Launcher and installer updated

pykotorcli.exe updated
Launcher and installer updated

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