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  1. Love it but what are the files that deal with just the blade model texture and lighting while leaving the files for the hilt alone?
  2. Edit* Turns out just needed to restart the game and now looks wonderful. So using ShiningRedHD Ultimate HD pack for taris. installed this after it but having issues with the original two kolto tanks not vanishing. any thoughts on how i can get rid of it?
  3. Death4967

    Revan's Head

    Hey any chance you could make these higher res at least the portraits. running kotor at 3440x1440 everything looks great even the model but the portraits like bad at that high. would love to see this updated
  4. Yo so patcher doesnt work on steam in 2021. what Hex lines can i edit in a hex editor to make this work. i dont understand hex editing fully to find it myself