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  1. You don't and won't find a dialogue file/DLG reference inside a GIT, ARE, and IFO [basically anything outside xyz_s.rim]. If in your case it's sc16_converse that you wanted to find, you'll need to browse for it through here - Vanilla: Kotor I \ RIMs \ Modules \ ebo_m40aa_s.rim \ Dialog \ sc16_converse.dlg Custom [if available]: Kotor I \ ERFs \ Modules \ ebo_m40aa.mod \ S \ sc16_converse.dlg I'd advise you to go against installing any templates stuff such as dialogue file/DLG to the Override, unless they're globals or something extracted from BIFs. Yes, you want that different name for the same files but you'll want them to have modular/MOD installation, using the updated TSLPatcher from K1CP setup and having something like this with the changes.ini - ;Name the physical DLG file/s to match with what's in the INI [GFFList] File0=sc16_converse_1.dlg File1=sc16_converse_2.dlg ;!Filename function will change the name's output [sc16_converse_1.dlg] !Destination=modules\ebo_m40aa.mod !Filename=sc16_converse.dlg [sc16_converse_2.dlg] !Destination=modules\STUNT_16.mod !Filename=sc16_converse.dlg Be advised, that the patched file/s should already existed in the relevant module. The said method won't work for a physical injection.
  2. Thank you for the heads-up! Nice and useful information to have there. I will surely take a considerate look on that, and see if I can make it works. Update: yup! Using local token #22 from stringtokens.2da proven to be working, @Salk. Therefore, I have this on the TLK string - I am no longer <him/her> now. Nice catch on that, and thanks again. It certainly does. It will prove useful in the long run [of modding journey].
  3. Ah! You're right. My logic was broken I thought the Script in the DLG fires soon as it was shown on screen, hahah. Again, thanks - as things are clear now. Much appreciated. Update: Eureka! @DarthParametric. The script works! I set the custom token value to 434, and do a search-and-find to the TLK for same instance. There are none apparently, though I hope there's no undetected LocalString 1 on my end that sneakily uses it, hahah.
  4. Thank you for the insight! Much appreciated. It is nice to know that there is a workaround for that, and looked to be very helpful in the long run. And a question follows; where the script should fires? Is it on the relevant node where the <customtoken> takes place?
  5. Greetings, fellow Jedi! Hope you all doing fine. We know there's a thing like <FullName> in the K1's TLK, which makes a conversation/DLG checks the [custom] name of our main character and I wonder; is there a similar function which checks our PC's gender preference? Let's say, if I play as a male character and make a string in the TLK that reads - I am no longer <XYZ> now. it would shown as - I am no longer him now. in-game. Is it possible to do that in K1? Many thanks for considering this, and may the Force be with you.
  6. That looks astonishing! I'm a fan of the said artwork, and is looking very forwards to this particular project you made. And yeah, that new haircut looks 🔥 on Juhani! Second what DP had pointed-out there, that's a good one. Apparently it does. There is a (dangly) Hair meshes with Juhani's head model/p_juhanih. Her hair does dangly in game, though further improvement may have been required. I like what I have seen so far, though you may as well have had aware of this that having her body texture a necklace collar [something slave Bastila/P_BastilaBAS01 has] seem to be a good idea to bridge the head with the torso. In addition to enhance the appearance [and to interpret CH's Juhani very closely] it would also cover the seam around her neck. Also having shadows and highlights on her pants would do nicely, but that is something for a closing-end.
  7. Thank you for brought the topics up! I have been fiddling with the sitting NPC placeables recently and stumbled to the exact problems as yours - I am thankful for this. Much thanks for the insight! They works for me. Anyway, about this - I've found the alternative that is as effective but with less effort as we don't have to inject or reconstruct the module's OnEnter. We can use the NPC placeables' OnHeartbeat to signal the sitting animation with something like this - //::////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //:: Sitting and Drinking Animation for NPC Placeables //::////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /* Fired by NPC placeables' *OnHeartbeat* for them to routinely does the *sitting and drinking* animation. */ //::////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //:: Constructed By: ebmar //:: Constructed On: November 12, 2019 //::////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void main() { // Play the looping *sitting and drinking* animation with the NPC placeables PlayAnimation(ANIMATION_PLACEABLE_ANIMLOOP02); } I have found no issue so far using that, as far as the sitting animation does looping forever - uninterrupted.
  8. Thank you for the insight. And woah - - that must be it! It must be the wandering creatures inside the room that triggers the conversation instead of the intended PC, because I didn't do the additional check with my initial attempt [and didn't thought of that possibility to be fair, lol]. Just realized it by now, thanks! Thanks for the input! Yeah, I did the latter which is destroying the trigger in a relevant node. Appreciate the elaboration of that two alternative options. Both are not something that I often practiced to, but I'll take a considerate look unto them.
  9. Entry #10: Trigger's ScriptOnEnter x GetEnteringObject Took two days for me to figure this out, lol - So, with a trigger's ScriptOnEnter that has ActionStartConversation, ones should always has GetEnteringObject with the script, something like - // Participants object oDLGOwner = GetObjectByTag("DLGOwner"); // Declared Functions object oEntering = GetEnteringObject(); // Checks if the player is entering the trigger if(GetIsPC(oEntering)) { // Starts the conversation AssignCommand(oDLGOwner, ActionStartConversation(GetFirstPC(), "DLGString")); } Otherwise, the conversation will sometimes triggered at random points of the area/module. Either it doesn't at all, the other chance it does as intended or most of the times it triggered like 100 meters away from the geometry. Thought at first that ScriptOnEnter does checks if something enters the trigger and appropriately calls the included commands, which apparently it doesn't.
  10. Greetings, Mod's Author! Does the K-X12a Battle Droid/jc2_loldroid.utc meant to have some conversation with it? 'Cause it looks like it as jc2droidcon is referred on its Conversation. The issue is the required DLG is nowhere to be found in the mod's package, either in the module/stronghold.mod or Override install directory. Much thanks for considering this.
  11. Thanks to DP for elaborating. Anyway, I use - envmaptexture mycube for the environment map. Therefore, to have a similar effects with what's in the mod that's the parameter you want in your TXI. Thank you for the heads-up! I'd greatly appreciate that, especially if your fellow friend could upscale the vanilla female version. It needed that the most, hahah.
  12. I see someone has been playing a lot with the mainmenu.gui lately, hahah.
  13. Darth Malak just got kicked out of the main menu with this awesome new-release mod by @DarthParametric - Though what I used as seen in the screenshot is the custom stripped-off 4:3 version of it [the Version D - Visor Glow option]. Conclusively, I loved the way Revan shown in the main menu, as I personally feels it blends really well with the surroundings. Another dreams come true!
  14. Midst playthrough I decided to work on something for Loremaster Gjarshi, at least to make him somehow bit of distinctive compared to the other [Black] Rakatans inside the Black Rakatans Settlement. I might release it as one of the Legends installment. The One will also have his appearance altered. The main reason to have them wearing white clothing is no other than for variation. As black in Black Rakatan refers to their skin color, as the Loremaster himself told us - - Appears also in the screenshot is DeadMan's Quarterstaff Replacement Pack.
  15. ebmar

    Trask Ulgo

    That looks astonishing! It's going to be interesting to see an actual in-game footage of this re-texture in action. Though I'm not really a fan of PBR/photorealism implementation for KotOR series in particular, this work is greatly appreciated. There's something behind here...
  16. ebmar

    HD Kreia Upscale

    Wow, this really is an amazing work - as I've always been a fan for this style of texture. Judging from the screenshot it did looked awesome, and I wonder how it'd appear in-game. Well, looking very forwards to it! Edit: You might try with 7-Zip to open and/or extract the archive, @Dark Hope - it works for me and the included files are fine. Though upon extracting process there was a warning message like this - therefore you can just ignore it then close the program afterwards.
  17. Far as I can recall it does working with hex editor only if the characters are at the same length. I see LTS_Bwall01i with JTS_Bwall1ai are identical in characters so it should have work. Yes, it is possible to change the texture name directly using MDLedit [that unreleased version is safer to use with models that has tangentspace flag enabled like most area does]. Either you want to convert the model to ASCII and then changing the texture name via a text editor or directly change the name via the program itself both should be working. You can access the - Edit \ Textures ... tab on the program then double-click the relevant texture you want its name changed. Though I usually surf through the specific Mesh for the texture then right-click > Edit values and change the texture name/Texture 1 from there.
  18. With this version of MDLedit you can straight ticking the bumpmap flag for the relevant texture via the program [which the official released version fails to do so], without having to convert the model to ASCII first. As for MDLOps I think it could have work as it should - though in practice I rarely use it. Normal map wise - pretty much like DarthParametric explained earlier; though you may want to add the scaling for the normal map by having something like this - isbumpmap 1 bumpmapscaling 1.0 You can have more details of it by visiting CarthOnasty's thread.
  19. [Updated to v1.0.2: September 12, 2019] What's new? Included the model fix kindly provided by the infamous Dark Lord of the Sith, @DarthParametric. It's a fix for holes in the meshes of the hilt which causes artefacts with the shadow casting Using higher-resolution to improve details in the textures. It is now scaled twice the size of the former The texture now is in native in-game TPC format for better performance and efficiency, with zero-to-none quality differences to the former TGA * Restructure to the mod's figure and is using MOD/modular install for the appropriate GFF, and utilize patching for the Override install The blade model is using variation 37 now to match the module numbering [korr_m37aa] Tweaks to the model selfillumcolor, so it now illuminates 100% white glow color for the blade part, whilst the former was set for about ~75% green [left-over from the original green vibroblade used as basis] [Updated to v1.0.2b: September 12, 2019 - 07:11 PM] New! - * Restructure to the mod's figure and is using MOD/modular install as a whole New! - Added Compatibility Install and Uninstall option exclusively for VarsityPuppet's Spectral Ajunta Pall Canonical Appearance and Rece's Ajunta Pall's Swords Revamped users
  20. That test 3 looks amazing, DP! Everything feels great and flawless. Though my nitpick about the participant animation is having Mission a TALK_FORCEFUL with the initial node - that should show her emotion better, I think. And I'd definitely second this idea - - that'd be awesome!
  21. Thank you for the clarification. That does answer my curiosity. Looking forwards to the update, and your positive feedback is greatly appreciated. Update: got the full feature working now, @Tyvokka! Very nice - and thank you, for the recent update. May the Force be with you. 🙏
  22. That sounds pretty neat. The credits should be addressed both to - A Future Pilot as the writer of the instructive tutorial, and DarthParametric for the very useful tools that everyone's going to need in the long run Make sure to have the end-result as [in-game] WAV using the WAV converter that is provided in the tutorial. Avoid using MP3 extension with the game -either for BGM, voice-overs and/or SFX- as from recent studies it causes issue for the area music is not looping their audio as it should. Looking forwards for updates of the project! :cheers:
  23. It can read the WAV only if you change the extension to MP3 first, then drag-and-drop the file to the playlist section. You may visit this tutorial for that - Recreating The Sith Trooper Voice Effect - https://deadlystream.com/topic/6414-recreating-the-sith-trooper-voice-effect/ There you will find some very useful tools you'll need to properly decompress the fake-header WAV that the game uses originally.