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  1. Care to try this [and see if you can provide an in-game screenshot]? -- C_Seabeast01.tpc Anyway, it's not a fancy retexture -- was an 2K-upscale and few retouch to add more depth to some details, but that's it. Would go for 1K resolution but I think 2K's quite necessary for this one knowing its chunky size. Here's an SBS comparison versus the vanilla -- -- and let me know if you see [and what you think] about the specularity/reflection 'cause I utilize Manaan-underwater envmap to it. Can't tell on anything myself 'cause I haven't test it yet, hahah.
  2. About to wrap up some screenshots for an upcoming update of my mod, then the jab kicks in, lol.

    Yeah, just got my 1st dose this afternoon, all is well not until tonight. It's crazy it feels [yeah, the sensation] totally the same like when I was hit--unvacc--by it back few months ago.

    Let's see how tomorrow brings -- stay healthy you all!

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    2. ebmar


      That's quite an unusual case, I wonder if you were shot by plain water, hahah. Nah, of course JK.

      I mean, I'm not telling that it feels bad of course [different when you naturally get it] -- yeah, it's just like when you're drugged [well of course you are].

    3. Effix


      I'm 41, I also only had bit of a sore spot from the Pfizer shots. I've been getting the flu shot for years, it was pretty much like that.
      My girlfriend got AstraZeneca before I got my jabs, she did have a few days of tiredness.

    4. ebmar



      I've been getting the flu shot for years, it was pretty much like that.

      Thanks for sharing the news, I see. Flu shot is not really common thing here where I lived -- well, at least no one talked about it. But I'm gaining awareness now thanks to you.

  3. It has that "Alien" vibes, sounds cool. Though I can't say about its implementation with Peragus 'cause honestly I haven't gotten myself out from there, lol. So I'm still going to give the vanilla a chance, and see about using your idea another time. I was only curious about your choosing for the music -- that's all, and honestly say that is quite an interesting one!
  4. I just checked and listen closely to the battle music and indeed, there is a delay from between the loop which comes from the track naturally, as we all know about it in general. If you're talking about seamless-loop tracks, I honestly have no idea on that application with KotOR engine as I thought you're talking about common music/songs that has intro/outro. Sorry I can't post a video about it 'cause I don't have time for that. If you're willing though, perhaps you can post or give the link to the custom music so we can inspect and look if it's feasible for the game.
  5. Hmm, I can't tell if MusicBattle use that node to define the delay as well, but far as I'm concerned they will always instantly loop as long as the battle round goes. I did have custom setup [which use ported TSL stuffs, mostly] that works fine. Oh, worth trying to remove every metadata with the track--like track/artist/album name and those extra bits, if there's any--preferably using Audacity. I always do that to follow the original setup, at least -- as there are known issue as well which the [area] music tend to cut at the middle and repeat often with metadata still intact.
  6. Hmm, quite surprising actually -- as the game use that setup on every cantina and it works on custom content as well, like this one did. Yeah, probably best to try again, and see how it goes this time. And make sure you got the GIT installation right by putting one into the MOD instead of dumping it to the Override. Also just a reminder to check for the track itself as it probably contain that long silence at the end of its play.
  7. It controlled by MusicDelay node on each module/MOD's GIT. From a source I found/discussions in the past [that I remember] it is defined in milliseconds, which often the game uses somewhere between 10000-30000, IIRC. To have the track loop instantly simply set the value to 0.
  8. Post a preview video or a link to the said tune -- I'd like to see/hear one!
  9. Here's a relevant answer from another similar thread -- Just let us know at what part you need help to understand, and -- Nope, you don't want that setup for background-music/BGM [unless you want to go back to 40/50's, hahah]. Mono channel at 22050Hz is only for sound-effects/SFX. With BGM you'll always want it as Stereo channel at 44100Hz. P.S. Be advised that all of this was written with GOG version in mind. I'm not sure about the others though.
  10. Greetings OP, Can you shed some light about !saveas= function? I know that it is not officially documented and not publicly known, but I happened to find it inside the EXE by looking up using HxD. Sorry if that comes as an unpleasant move but sometimes curiosity gets the better of me. Much thanks for considering this. Cheers!
  11. Wow, that's news for me! Much thanks for the heads-up. 👍 Always nice to know there are less to worry about from now, hahah. Also yeah, the parameters gave it away -- compresstexture 0, should've figured that out before hand.
  12. Alright, a bump to oneself thread but not without reasoning. No, we want to have lightmaps as TPC for compactness [as in filecounts], so we will not have extra amounts of TXIs scattering around the mod-archive [modders] and/or Override [end-users/both] by then. Nope, as long as you choose the Uncompressed settings with the converter, which we're talking about using tga2tpc here. Yes, the filesize will not even be reduced at this point--it will increased even, as it include the uncompressed TGA plus taking account of built-in TXI that I'm sure--, but anything from 1 to less than 100 KB doesn't matter much, really. That, if you're using low resolution lightmaps like the vanilla game did. Though I'm quite sure even with somewhere mid-to-high setup you don't want them compressed. I did use uncompressed-TPC's with the ongoing Lukkas' Hub, and all looked just fine. It's just -- the thing about compressed lightmaps is they produce seam to what supposed to be seamless result. Well, I came to realize that you don't want to ever put any models or textures to RIM/MOD -- ever. That could work at some cases like customs retaining original filename also TGA/TXI would be fine there, but still is a disastrous practice. You will always put [custom] lightmaps to Override folder -- no bargaining, lol. No, go with TPC as possible as you can while having these parameters with the TXI for each -- islightmap 1 #compresstexture 0 ** mipmap 0 #downsamplemax 0 ** #** is redundant as is not a TXI semantic other than for BW's internal image processor, as elaborated by DarthParametric -- those are from the original setup, and since they worked fine I think it's always good to retain them.
  13. Well, there are also UTCs and DLGs there but I see. 🤔 Hmm, alright -- you know your mod/setup better than I do obviously, hahah. I mean, must say I can't really follow what you're doing there because that's out of my usual practice -- which might be good, as well go the other way around though. We'll see about that. Edit: Ohh, I see -- yeah, you simply transfer the Tatooine setup to Taris'. Well, that looks fun, hahah. To be fair, you can always use custom name to optimized the compatibility -- but you do you. Granted, that takes more effort. Alright, good luck with that. 🍻
  14. Alright, just do a quick check and found some minor-nitpicky stuffs but overall looks fine, so cheers for that -- though this one looks critical -- Don't you think it's better for them to do hard-overwrite/replace? With what they're now they will simply be skipped -- assuming they're already in the module, that is. Granted, you might have your own logic and/or plan for that and I didn't see it for sure.
  15. You sure about that? Hmm, let's see... 😛
  16. I'd suggest [modders] to not ever inject files to RIM, only if -- It's a custom-made like djh269's "Jolee's Hut" The game can't read the MOD like that occasion in TSL, so the only way to make changes is through the RIM The reason is we may need default-unedited files that taken from vanilla RIM at a point, and if one--particularly end-users--hard-replace them they can't do any of that or a rollback as well as troubleshooting. Indeed there could be backup from an install using TSLPatcher, but still it isn't ideal as it will potentially cause unnecessary issues -- not presently by any chance, but in the future. The argument about game taking priority of MOD over RIM is a valid one, but isn't the basis for this understanding. If anything, by not doing that is the best practice that benefitting everyone.
  17. Phew, found it -- I suggest you to look at that post to learn more about armor classes [only that's relevant on your current attempt] -- it's just I can't explain it any better than JC to be fair [dang, better had that one bookmarked, really].
  18. Congrats! 🍻 Depends on what armor you use with the relevant NPC/UTC. Assuming that Lashowe's equipping a Dark Jedi Robe, yes -- "i" class' the one to be edited to make it worked. So if you make her equip Verpine Fiber Mesh that is--correct me if I'm wrong--"e" class [modele/texe] she'll have clothes changed to that then. Unless, you change what's in there to n_lashowebb -- she'll wear the robe instead. I suggest you to just keep what you're doing right now by having same looks with all class armor particularly for unique NPCs with dedicated appearance row. I believe that will save you from trouble going forwards, as I practiced that as well and all seem going fine so far. There are rare exceptions that'll want you to not doing that. For example, at a module you want her to equip the robe, and with the next one she wear Basic Clothing -- but that's another story to dig in.
  19. Try changing the texture name to n_lashowebb01, and see if that works. 🤔 Edit: texture name as in filename, not the one listed in the 2DA. Keep what's in the 2DA as n_lashowebb.
  20. That's why if anything KotOR-related I'm more excited on introduction of new characters as of now. Well, some times ago BioWare basically had done that with SWTOR, even better it comes with making the PC "anonymous" as in you can customize them as you want. Although, I'd be interested to see a new KotOR-themed single-player game with PC customization. But not to gone off-topics, I'm looking to see what Aspyr will do with this remake. It will not be an easy job undertaking this heavy franchise [unless they do lazy-ass this one...] -- will see about that. Edit: Well BW & Obsidian basically had done that with K1 & TSL, by calling the PC by their nickname [Revan/Exile] instead of real name. I think that's a tradition this series need to keep going forwards.
  21. Was excited about the remake the first time it announced -- I mean, a remake that means higher-fidelity and that stuff. Then I remember there's still the original that stand still even after all this time. Much better, we have the engine that is modding-friendly as well is the mods! Granted, that's coming more from modding standpoint.

    From gaming experience PoV -- I believe true awesomeness of a journey only happened once -- and I'm glad I had enjoy it to the most, and not looking to replace/redo it with a copy.

    Probably I'll be truly excited about KotOR III... 😛

    P.S. To be fair I'm not going to like if in the end they change the direction of the original story and/or retcon things that's already there. If they want to do that why they don't go with a sequel in the first place?

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      ...will Aspyr allow us to port things in from their game to use for modding the original like ppl are doing with SWTOR 😉?

      I don't have any idea on that. Let alone if they can do it better than OG. I'm going to be fair that I'm a fan of KotOR/TSL art-pieces as well as SWTOR, and if that made me an old-BioWare bias I'm OK with that. It's just for me those are the game that made with passion, and one can feel it. Can Aspyr did that as well? We'll see about that.


      ...I was excited about the prospect of a remake until I got into modding where you can literally adjust the game to your liking on a large scale.

      You had a point, and I'm not gonna lie I enjoyed the OG with mods/bugfixes. Not sure if I can enjoy it without them just to be true.


      That alone makes the original game hard to replace, let alone all the work done over the years by the modding community.

      Yeah, and we ain't see nothing yet [much more to come]! Hahah. 😛

    3. TK-664


      The odyssey engine being mod friendly is too funny dude

    4. ebmar


      Well, compared to modding Saints Row and Mass Effect -- modding KotOR/TSL is way ~ easy, hahah.

  22. Is it really happening🤔

    Edit: Wow, well it does😮

    P.S. In case anyone wandering what's behind the hyperlink -- I didn't know that SWTOR is mod-able, and the link shows that.

    Edit2: Meh, although it's tempting for the possibility on fixing simple things there like facing points, invisible blaster on cutscenes etc. [though didn't know how to, but if someone start a fire guess one can learn from it], apparently modding original files can lead to a ban. I'm aware of that, but was still thinking of that viability. Oh well--

    1. DarthParametric


      TOR mods have been around since beta. There were even nude mods at one point, although I doubt anyone still maintains them. What you can change is pretty limited, mostly textures and some text-based stuff like VFX and such. And it's not particularly practical to deal with since you constantly have to be patching and unpatching archives before and after every update. Way too much hassle for no significant gain.

    2. ebmar



      TOR mods have been around since beta.

      Can't say that I'm not surprised knowing how quick some modders are working out there but not gonna lie I'm bit as well the fact that it's an MMO game.


      ...not particularly practical to deal with since you constantly have to be patching and unpatching archives...

      Yeah, I see. They surely did the packaging like Mass Effect that even if you want to replace a 1MB texture file you'll have to de/compress like gigs of its archive.

      And nah, if anything for me first thing to fix/mod probably some immersion oversight like facing points and invisible blasters on cutscenes, hahah.

      Well, I guess one can't really mod/fix contents, right? So for that we better leave it to the devs, really. But yeah, no need to sweat thinking of it as it's not practical at all.

  23. I believe DP mentioned it somewhere--but might as well reiterate it--to check for unk41_carth.DLG in your Override, and if it's there -- remove it then see what happens. I mean, I have checked the updated script which should fix the problem and it looks legit, as he apparently merged his function with the original and call it from different brackets [which don't think there should be any problem with that]. Just in case, the aforementioned file's not from LDR's mod. It's widely known to cause problems, though not yet sure that's on this one. Edit: Oh, you should also load a save from before entering the module. Doesn't matter if you have entered it previously, it's just the game needs to load the script as you enter it -- not from a saved game inside. Probably the one which where you're still in the Temple Exterior will do.
  24. Is it working for K1 at its current state? I set it as preferred game via Aurora Preferences but when the game's loaded from Instance Editor nothing happens after period time of loading, and there was an error message on the console mentioned about "missing root" amongst other things. I believe have followed every instructions carefully, though not sure why it didn't worked for me. Granted, didn't check for TSL at time this was written just in case the error's on my end as it's mentioned that K1's not fully supported currently. Also, if anyone can provide a quick-simple step on loading an existing module to the program that'd be awesome and be much appreciated. Many thanks for considering this. Cheers.
  25. Well, removing broken script to fix things isn't similar with removing broken texture. It may cost you more trouble than what it is now -- perhaps not at the moment, but at later part of the game since they often flagging things that'll be required by future event. If you don't mind can you attach the script here for any of us to inspect? So at least we know what it does that caused this trouble.