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  1. That was amazing! Can't watch that and not have a big smile on my face. You made it looks so cool. I miss Carths toothy grin though hah
    Awesome and all the lines fit really well. Can't go wrong with adding David Hayter to K1
  2. I actually recently just started IA story. Its cool so far feels different to the others. Male voice actor is great too. Yep I haven't started any of those classes either haha. Dam you a subscriber?? You have really cool gear and loads of different races so they all look diverse and cool. I'm a f2p peasant 😄 Ah yeah definitely do that! That'd be great. I wanna do them all so would be good to see the stories ranked to decide on the next one. I'd love to hear you thoughts on all companions too
  3. How did you find it? Sith Warrior is one of my favourite class stories
  4. Haha its ok mate no worries. Thank you for uploading another file. I'm really looking forward to trying this
  5. Hi Ndrew maybe I'm being stupid but where is the dialog.tlk file?? I cant find it in the latest version. Thank you for the mod
  6. Very nice... You're on a roll with these
  7. Thats awesome to hear! Good luck man, looking forward to it
  8. Hahaha yeah I can never use enbs either. They confuse me and my poor pc can never take them. Even on old games haha Ah I see! Yes yours looks much more natural than the original. Looks good! I'd do the same if I had the skill hahaha
  9. Ahhh ok! Haha no its cool I'm not unsatisfied. Good job on the photo shop man! You had me believing it was some sort of enb How did you get that head to look like that then?? Because whenever I use it in-game the skin looks all grey whereas your guys head looks normal. But yeah anyways thanks again!
  10. No problem buddy Dam... I really gotta hurry up and finish GOW 2 and 3 now hahah. But yeah I actually like that idea that he'd have tattoos, I think that as he's the main character he should look unique compared to all the other characters too. I love any mod that makes Revan stand out more as he's supposedly this charismatic and unique guy. Plus it just seems fitting for someone who created a sort of Jedi cult of warrior crusaders to have tattoos too. Ahhhh I see. Well I really hope he gets back to you and gives you permission! I'd use this mod on every playthrough tbh.
  11. Haha yeah sorry for not specifying, I did mean the body texture. Yes I recognise the head and underwear mod. I have used both of them before. But man that tattoo texture is awesome! I haven't played the new GOW yet but I have seen Baldur and he looked cool. Looked a bit like Conor Mcgregor too actually. But anyway are you gonna release that texture as a mod?? Its badass Also are you using a reshade mod or something? The graphics on all your screenshots look enhanced. Sorry for all the questions and thanks for replying so quick